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DMC5 | V Gameplay Guide - Ability & Weapons Tips | Devil May Cry 5

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DMC5 | V Gameplay Guide - Ability & Weapons Tips | Devil May Cry 5 - GameWith

Check out Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) main character V! This gameplay guide includes weapons and abilities, combo tips, V's identity, & more!

V Gameplay Guide - Ability & Weapons Tips

Character Gameplay Guide

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Table Of Contents

V - Character Overview

V Image
Voice ActorLukas II
DebutDevil May Cry 5 (2019)

V first appears in Devil May Cry 5 as a mysterious slender man whose identity is unknown. He does not have much combative prowess, relying on demon familiars to fight enemies. He is looking for Dante through the information broker, Morrison.

Recommended Abilities For V

Ability Recommendation and Criteria

AbilityCriteria For Usage
Quick Play· Move faster
· Allows you to search for items and collectibles more efficiently
Trigger Heart· Reduce gauge consumption when summoning Nightmare
· Increase combat duration for Nightmare
White Gainer· Allows you to maintain Devil Trigger gauge with increased chance to get White Orbs
· Allows you to search for items and collectibles more efficiently
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Trigger Heart Is Recommended

Trigger Heart Is Recommended

Consumption of the Devil Trigger gauge is reduced with this upgrade, allowing you to use Nightmare much longer, making this a highly recommendable skill to acquire.

Maintain DT Gauge With White Gainer

White Gainer makes it easier for V to acquire White Orbs from enemies when Nightmare is summoned. You will be using Nightmare very frequently, thus this making this a valuable skill to learn.

Recommended Skills

Skill Details
Royal Fork【Weapon】Cane
· Deal a finishing blow on all enemies around you
Blockade 2【Familiar】Griffon
· Summon 3 pillars of lightning simultaneously.
· Required to unlock Blockade 3
Double Check【Familiar】Griffon
· Creates an electric shock that slams onto opponents
Griffon Vim【Familiar】Griffon
· Reduced time to return from stale mate state
Griffon Vigor【Familiar】Griffon
· Increases Griffon's defense, allowing him to take more hits
Shadow Combo C【Familiar】Shadow
· Follow up to Shadow's claw attack
· A spinning charge attack that transform's Shadow's body
Shadow Vim【Familiar】Shadow
· Reduced time to return from stale mate state
Shadow Vigor【Familiar】Shadow
· Increases Shadow's defense, allowing him to take more hits

Shadow and Griffon Vigor Is Essential

Since V does not have a normal attack and uses his familiars to strike, it is recommended to upgrade the defense of both Shadow and Griffon. This way, you can keep on attacking your enemies.

Obtain Royal Fork For Easy Style Points

The Royal Fork allows V to strike a finishing blow all around him, allowing him to easily get Style points if you can use it well.

V Exclusive Techniques

V's Fighting Style Differs Greatly From Dante & Nero

V Fighting Style Differs Greatly From Dante & Nero

Since V uses his summons to fight enemies, his play style is very different from both Dante and Nero.

V Combat Style Details

Summon Familiars- Summons demon Familiars: Shadow, Griffon, and Nightmare to aid him in batte
- Familiars consume Devil Trigger gauge when attacking
- Enemies must be finished off by V
Book- Recovers the Devil Trigger gauge
- Distance from enemies affects recovery speed
Finishing Move- V finishes off enemies using his cane

Fight Using Your Familiars

Fight Using Your Familiars

V fights enemies by summoning his familiars: Shadow, Griffon, and Nightmare. Despite not having much combative prowess, only V can finish off enemies. Make sure to put to rest enemies that are close to death using V.

Familiars Can Automatically Attack

When summoning familiars, you can choose to manually control them, or make them automatically attack. Keep in mind however that automatic attacks by your familiars consumes Devil Trigger.

List of V's Demon Familiars

Griffon- Takes the form of a bird
- Excellent for long-ranged attacks
- Recommended to Attack automatically
Shadow- Takes the form of a quadruped beast
- Can get up close and personal with enemies
Nightmare- Summons a giant familiar to fight by your side
- Consumes three Devil Trigger gauges when summoning

Defeated Familiars Will Spawn A Sphere

When one of your familiars is defeated, it will spawn a black sphere. You will not be able to summon the Familiar while the sphere is visible. If V is near the sphere, the time it takes to resummon a familiar will be shorter.

Recover Devil Trigger With The Book

You will be able to replenish your Devil Trigger gauge by reading V's book. However, the rate at which the gauge refills depends on how close you are to enemies. Reading the book is not recommended when in battle.

Taunt Enemies To Keep Stylish Rank Up

Taunting enemies will keep your stylish rank up, even when you are not combo-ing. When enemies are far away, it is recommended to taunt them to keep the combo going.

V's Recommended Combo Flow

Best Combo Procedure For V

1Summon familiars Griffon and Shadow
2Set Griffon to automatic attack while Shadow is manually controlled
3When familiars die, sphere appears
4Keep distance from enemies until they need to be finished off

Set Griffon To Automatic

Set Griffon To Automatic

It is a general rule of thumb to set Griffon to automatic. Since Griffon specializes in long range attacks, you can set him to automatic, and he will still attack in long range.

Control Shadow Manually

Control Shadow Manually

V is often left vulnerable when his familiars are all fighting in automatic. Try to control Shadow manually so that you can fend off enemies that are coming dangerously close to V.

Stay Away From Enemies When Familiars Die

Since V's usual attack uses his familiars, V will not be able to do anything when his familiars are knocked down. Try to stay away from enemies when this happens until you are able to summon a familiar again.

Approach The Sphere To Summon Demons Faster

As soon as your familiars are knocked down, they spawn spheres. Approaching the spheres will lower the time needed to wait until you can summon the familiars again. If it is dangerous to approach, stay away and wait it out.

Summon The Nightmare During Emergencies

Summon The Nightmare During Emergencies

Unlike the other familiars, the nightmare uses 3 devil trigger gauges when summoned. When Shadow and Griffon are knocked down, you can summon Nightmare to buy some time to summon the other 2 again.

Concentrate On One Enemy To Combo

Concentrate On One Enemy To Combo

When attempting to combo, concentrate on one enemy at a time. While the Griffon is attacking the target automatically, manually use Shadow to deal more damage. When the enemy is close to death, use V to finish them off.

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