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Dante Gameplay Guide - Ability & Weapon Tips
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Dante Gameplay Guide - Ability & Weapon Tips

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Read this Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) guide about Dante - including info on Dante's voice actor, gameplay, weapon, ability, Devil Arm, and Devil Trigger tips and techniques, combo moves, character controls, and more!

Devil May Cry 5 Dante - Voice Actor & Known Roles

Character Gameplay Guide

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Table of Contents

Dante - Character Overview

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Character Overview
English VA Reuben Langdon
Character Debut Devil May Cry (2001)

Dante first appeared in 2001's Devil May Cry - the first of the series. Dante is half-man & half-demon, born from powerful demon Sparda & human woman Eva. Dante is known to wield many Devil Arms & using style changes in his fight against demons.

Recommended Abilities For Dante

Ability Criteria For Usage
Speed · Unlocks faster movement
· Allows you to search for items and collectibles more efficiently
Air Hike · Allows you to double jump
· Air combos become easier
Trigger Heart · Devil Trigger form is prolonged

Extended Time of Devil Trigger With Trigger Heart

If you acquire the Trigger Heart skill, you can extend the time of Dante's Devil Trigger form. Health recovery also occurs during Devil Trigger, so health recovery efficiency is improved as well with Trigger Heart.

Learn All Style Skills

You can upgrade the abilities of each of Dante's styles. If there's enough Red Orbs to upgrade Style Skills, prioritize getting these.

Recommended Skills

Ability Details
Stinger【Weapons】Rebellion · Devil Sword Sparda · Devil Sword Dante
· A rushing attack that pierces enemies through the middle
· During Devil Trigger, DT Gauge is spent when using this attack
Million Stab【Weapons】Rebellion · Devil Sword Sparda · Devil Sword Dante
· A follow up to Stinger
· Can be used to finish combos
· Strong against enemies in the air
Cross Line【Weapon】Cavaliere
· Use twin Cavaliere to cause higher damage
· Activates Gear Wheel
· Can chain into Cavaliere Combo A or 2nd step of Cavaliere Combo B
· Has an enhanced version that extends movement distance
Revolver【Weapon】King Cerberus
· Spins for a mid-air attack
· Hits multiple times
Ice Age【Weapon】King Cerberus
· Protect yourself with a skin of rock-hard ice
· Defends against enemy attacks
Hat Trick【Weapon】Dr. Faust
· Inflict damage on enemies hit by Set Hat while absorbing red orbs.
Sin Stinger【Mode】Sin Devil Trigger
· Charge into the enemy with a whirlwind of swords.
· Enhanced version of the regular Stinger
The Luce【Mode】Sin Devil Trigger
· Powerful long range attack
· Range is wide and easy to use

Stinger Is Highly Recommended

Stinger is easy to use even for beginners. It's combo follow up Million Stab is very versatile and is used to finish combos.

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Dante Exclusive Techniques

Dante's Exclusive Combat Style & Moves

Dante is known to exclusively change his combat style in the midst of battle. He also has various unique techniques that set him apart from Nero or V. Be sure to understand his different actions to use them in fights effectively.

Dante's Unique Battle Techniques

Technique Details
Style Change - Changes weapon actions
- Use directional keypad to change styles
Devil Arm - Devil weapons used to make special attacks
Devil Trigger - Recovers Vitality bar
- Boosts attack power & other stats

Master Dante's Style Change

Master Dante

Dante is most known for his capacity to "style change" while in combat. This changes the way he wields his weapons, allowing him to make longer combos and increase the Stylish points he earns.

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Change Styles During Combo For More Stylish Points

Though a bit difficult to pull off due to the need of good timing, changing Dante's style in the middle of a combat will earn him more Stylish points. Do this when you want to collect more red orbs to unlock moves & abilities.

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Avoid Style Change If It's Too Difficult

If you're not used to doing style changes in the midst of battle, then it's better to avoid using it altogether. You can still use a variety of Dante's Devil Arms and other weapons to rack up Stylish points in battle.

Deal Bigger Damage With Devil Arms

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Weapon Arsenal - Balrog

Dante has an arsenal of Devil Arms that he uses in battle. This includes the Cavaliere, Balrog, even the Devil Sword Sparda - powerful weapons that make it easier to defeat enemies.

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Power Up By Activating Devil Trigger

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Devil Trigger

Dante can change into a demon form when he uses his Devil Trigger. This recharges his Vitality bar and boosts his attack powers. Activate this form when in a boss fight or in a dangerous situation with low health.

Taunt Enemies To Maintain Stylish Points

You can taunt your enemies to maintain your Stylish points in the middle of the battle. When your foes are in the distance, make Dante Taunt them to make them move towards you.

Dante's Recommended Combo Flow

Best Combo Procedure For Dante

1 【Command】
Avoid enemy by using "Trickster" style
2 【Command】△
Attack using Rebellion
3 【Command】☐
Attack using Ebony & Ivory
4 【Command】◯
Finish combo with Rebellion

Avoid Enemy Attacks With "Trickster" Style

Dante's "Trickster" style is popularly used to start his combos. It makes it easy for you to avoid enemy attacks before you initiate battle with Rebellion.

Attack Using Rebellion

Use Rebellion to initiate Dante's combo. If possible, change to the "Gunslinger" style right when you attack to increase your Stylish points and make your combos easy to connect.

Continue Combo With Ebony & Ivory

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Weapon Arsenal - Ebony & Ivory

After changing to "Gunslinger" style, use Ebony & Ivory to shoot at your enemies. You can use this weapon to attack enemies in the air. Launch enemies into the air with Rebellion, then use Ebony & Ivory - jump and switch back to Rebellion to do a slash attack after.

Finish Combo With Rebellion

It's best to go back to Rebellion to finish Dante's combo. If you can do it, use your style changes and alternate with Ebony & Ivory to earn more Stylish points.

Dante's Combos Really Need Practice

It's best to keep practicing Dante's moves and combos. He is a very flexible character with different styles and timing his moves can be difficult. However, if you're able to pull them off, you'll earn a lot of Stylish points plus learn how to play better!

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At least mention Royal Guard when talking about defense. Starting with style switching and using all options makes it easier to improve at them. ChaserTech is making some good tutorials.

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