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Reroll Guide - Tier List and How to Reroll

Reroll Guide - Tier List and How to Reroll

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Best Character to Reroll in Wuthering Waves (WuWa). Learn how to reroll, character to reroll tier list, best character to reroll explanation, and more!

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List of All Characters

Reroll Tier List

Quick Reference For Top-Tier Characters

SS RankCalcharoYinlinVerina
S RankJianxinEncore
A RankLingyang
B RankMortefiTaoqiAalto
C RankDanjin

Yinlin, Calcharo, and Verina is Recommended

Top rated Characters for your Reroll is Yinlin, Calcharo and Verina. Yinlin is available limited time, so make sure to get Yinlin if possible.

Ticket For Fixed 5 Star Character!

Giveback Custom Convene

Until May 22, 2025, you will receive a ticket that will give you a 5 Star Character. Due to this, it will make it easier for you to reroll your favorite characters.

Best 5 Star Character to Choose

Evaluation Criteria For Reroll Ranking

Prioritize Comfort in Early Game
The reroll ranking is for beginners who are not used to the action games.
Therefore, characters and healers with high durability are considered high tier and completing high-difficulty challenges is not taken into account.
No Resonance Chains
The reroll ranking evaluates performance based on stats and abilities of the characters when they do not have any Resonance Chains unlocked.

Which Character Did You All Start With When Rerolling?

The voting results were reset on June 6.

See Past Voting Results
Voting Period: May 23 to June 5
Results of the first best reroll character vote

Character Evaluation for Reroll

Reroll SS Tier

CalcharoCalcharo[Element] Electro
[Weapon Type] Broadblade
- DPS that can enhance Basic ATK
- Resonance Skill can be used consecutively
- Resonance Liberation enhances Basic ATK
YinlinYinlin[Element] Electro
[Weapon Type] Rectifier
- Works both as Main DPS or Sub DPS
- Follow-up attack that activates with the Punishment Mark is powerful
- Works best in an Electro character party
- Limited Convene Character
VerinaVerina[Element] Spectro
[Weapon Type] Rectifier
- Great Healer from early game
- Has multiple skills to heal allies
- Outro Skill heals and buffs team ATK

Reroll S Tier

JianxinJianxin[Element] Aero
[Weapon Type] Gauntlet
- Great at both DPS and Support
- Strong against multiple enemies
- Tricky to control
EncoreEncore[Element] Fusion
[Weapon Type] Rectifier
- Close range DPS that mainly uses Basic Attack
- Resonance Liberation enhances all ATK
- Can decrease incoming damage

Reroll A Tier

LingyangLingyang[Element] Glacio
[Weapon Type] Gauntlet
- DPS good against single enemies
- Can use skill to enhance own ATK
- Outro skill can attack wide range

Reroll B Tier

MortefiMortefi[Element] Fusion
[Weapon Type] Pistol
- Can deal damage even when on standby, great Sub DPS
- Outro Skill enhances Heavy ATK
- Good choice as Sub DPS
TaoqiTaoqi[Element] Havoc
[Weapon Type] Broadblade
- Tank that can deploy a shield
- Can use counterattacks
- Outro Skill enhances Resonance Skill DMG
AaltoAalto[Element] Aero
[Weapon Type] Pistol
- Uses wind to move fast, great for exploring
- Creates decoy with Skill
- Outro Skill enhances ally's Aero DMG

Reroll C Tier

DanjinDanjin[Element] Havoc
[Weapon Type] Sword
- Strong DPS that is strong as a 5 star character
- Turns own HP into attacks, hard to use
- Outro Skill enhances Havoc DMG

When to End Rerolls

Finish Once You Draw A 5-Star Character

Wuthering Waves Image

Rerolling takes about 30 minutes each time, and there's also the hassle of creating a new account for each reroll. Since the probability of getting a 5-Star Character is low, it's recommended to stop rerolling once you pull a 5-Star Character that you like.

DateJiyan Convene
5/23 10:00 〜 6/13 9:59
Yinlin Convene
6/6 11:00 〜 6/26 9:59

Yinlin and Jiyan Convene are limited time, and can only be pulled 30 times after you unlock Convene. The chance is low but if you have time and perseverance rerolling for these limited time characters is an option.

Limited Time Character Related Articles
▶Should You Pull the Jiyan Convene (Gacha)?▶Jiyan Banner (Prevail the Lasting Night) Gacha Simulator
▶Should You Pull the Yinlin Convene (Gacha)?▶Yinlin Banner (When Thunder Pours) Gacha Simulator

Should I Do a Reroll?

Time of TutorialAbout 30 min
How Many Can You Pull- Novice Convene: 50 times
- Event Character: 32 times
- Event Weapon: 5 times
When You Can PullComplete Act 1 Tutorial

Now Is Your Chance! Pull Up to 80 Times

Currently with the additional Pre-Registration rewards , until June 28, you will be able to pull a maximum of 80 times. With the Beginner Convene and Voucher Of Reciprocal Tide you will be able to get two 5 star Characters. So if you pull Jiyan or Yinlin in the 30 pulls then you will have three 5 star characters.

New E-mail Address every Reroll

Wuthering Waves can not reset data, so every time you reroll, you must have a new e-mail address. Until you unlock Convene, it will take about 30 minutes into the game, so if you want to reroll then you will need lots of time.

You Can Choose Your Favorite 5 Star Character with Beginner's Choice Convene

Wuthering Waves Beginner Convene of Choice

After 50 Pulls in the Beginner's Choice Convene, you gain access to a Gacha called "Beginner's Select Convene". In this Gacha, you have the oppotunity to acquire a 5-star character of your choice from a pool of five characters. So you can still get a 5-star character in the permanent Gacha even if you don't go for a reroll.

5 Star Characters You Can Choose From

Best Novice Convene Guide

How to Reroll

Proceed to Complete the First Act

To unlock the Convene feature, you need to progress through the tutorial and story until the end of Act 1. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you don't get the character you want after unlocking the Gacha feature, you'll need to create a new account and progress through the story again.

▼Story Walkthrough Chart

Conversation Can Be Skipped With Top Left Button

Some cut scenes can be skipped by pressing the top left button. For the first run, you may want to watch the scenes to learn more about the game, but if you want to speed up the game then you can use the Skip button.

Receive Rewards From Email And Pull Gacha

Open Mail

Once the Convene has been unlocked, then you can open the Terminal and open your Email from the bottom right envelope icon. After you get your rewards then you can pull Gacha from "Convene". The Novice Convene can be pulled 10 times for the price of 8 so it is recommended.

Strategy Chart Up To The First Act (Unlock Gacha)

  1. Leave Gorges of Spirits while Learning the Basic Operations
  2. Jump Off the Cliff with Parachute
  3. Fight Crownless at Tacet Field
  4. Absorb Stonewall Bracer's Echo
  5. Follow the Quest Mark to Jinzhou
Leave Gorges of Spirits while Learning the Basic Operations
Wuthering Wave Pass Gorges of Spirits

While learning basic maneuvers like movement, evasion, and attacks during the tutorial, progress through the valley following the yellow quest markers.

There is a Treasure Chest on the Steel Frame on the Left Side of the Square
Wuthering Wave Get Treasure Chest

To the left of the square where the Resonance Liberation tutorial occurs, there is a building resembling ironwork with a treasure chest on top. There's also a Sonance Casket on top of the dragon's head, but you can't reach it during the tutorial, so you can collect it later.

Jump Off the Cliff with Parachute
Wuthering Waves Jump off the Cliff with Parachute
Controls (While in the Air or Jumping)
[Smartphone] Tap Jump button
[PC] SPACE key

After passing through the valley, a tutorial will appear in which you will descend from a cliff with a Parachute. The tutorial will advance even if you just jump off the cliff, so just take the plunge and move forward.

Fight Crownless at Tacet Field
Wuthering Waves Fight Crownless

A battle with your first boss will occur at Tacet Field. This section includes tutorials on important elements in battle, such as `Extreme Evasion and Parry Counterattack so be sure to memorize them.

Absorb Stonewall Bracer's Echo
Wuthering Waves Stonewall Bracer's Image

In Wuthering Waves, defeated enemies have a chance to transform into equipment called Echo (Echoing Resonance). You can equip up to five Echoes on one character, so while progressing through quests and exploration, it's recommended to actively defeat enemies on the field.

Collecting More Echo Increases the Drop Rate

Acquired Echoes are registered in the Data Bank of the Terminal menu, and the more varieties and rarities collected, the more bonuses are added. To obtain high-rarity Echoes, you need to increase the level of the Data Bank.

Follow the Quest Mark to Jinzhou
Wuthering Waves Image

Follow the quest markers and aim for the Jinzhou town that will be your base. When you reach the castle gate, 4 Star Resonator Chixia will join you.

  1. Open Resonance Nexus in Jinzhou
  2. Enter the building and talk to Sanhua
  3. Use the grapple to head to the Military Base.
    └ Unlock Utilities
  4. Clear Baizhi's battle test
    └ Unlock Convene (Gacha)
Open Resonance Nexus in Jinzhou
Wuthering Waves Nexus Image

When you arrive in Jinzhou, follow the quest marker and activate Resonance Nexus in the center of town. In addition to being used as fast travel, Resonance Nexus also has the ability to open surrounding maps and HP Healing functions.

Enter the building and Talk to Sanhua
Wuthering Waves Sanhua Image

Once you've unlocked the Resonance Nexus, head to the building in the center. A conversation with Sanhua will occur inside the building, and you will receive the next quest item.

Use the Grapple to head to the Military Base

When you move to the quest marker, Utilities will be unlocked, making exploration easier with the Grapple and Perception abilities. Follow the floating Grapple symbol to reach the destination.

Clear Baizhi's Battle Test

Progressing through the story and clearing Baizhi's combat test unlocks Convene (Gacha), where you can obtain a 4 Star Resonator Baizhi. Afterward, you can pull the Gacha anytime from the Terminal menu or the icon in the top right corner.

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