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Beginner's Guide - Tutorial Walkthrough

Beginner's Guide - Tutorial Walkthrough

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Wuthering Waves | Beginner's Guide - Tutorial Walkthrough | WuWa - GameWith

Early Game guide for Wuthering Waves (WuWa). Learn about Main Story Quest, how to level up, unlock Guidebook, Utilities, Farm Resources, Map Exploration in this beginner's guide.

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Download Wuthering Waves

Reroll is Not Recommended

Reroll Requires Multiple Email Accounts

Wuthering Waves Log in Account Image
Estimated TimeApproximately 30 minutes
*Until Convene (Gacha) is unlocked

You'll need to provide an email address to create an account to play Wuthering Waves. Additionally, it takes roughly 30 minutes of game time to unlock the Convene or Gacha from the start, so rerolling is not recommended.

Draw 70 Pulls in the Convene

Wuthering Waves Reward Compensation Free Banner Pulls Image

Until July 2, 2024, you can perform up to 70 banner pulls in the Convene from the free rewards and compensations for the game release. Additionally, you can draw in the limited-time gacha event up to 20 times to potentially obtain Jiyan. Therefore, if obtaining Jiyan is a priority for you, it's worth considering rerolling to try and acquire him.

Reroll Tier List

Unlock Third Act Main Quest Story

Main Quest Act 1 to Act 3 Walkthrough

  1. Leave Gorges of Spirits while learning the basic controls
  2. Jump from Cliff and Use Glider
  3. Fight Crownless at Tacet Field
  4. Absorb Stonewall Bracer's Echo
  5. Follow the quest mark to Jinzhou
Leave Gorges of Spirits while learning the basic controls
Wuthering Waves Tutorial Leave Gorges of Spirits

During the tutorial, you can learn basic controls such as movement, dashing, and attack, while proceeding through the valley following the yellow quest markers.

There is a Supply Chest on the Steel Frame on the Left Side of the Plaza
Wuthering Waves Supply Chest in Tutorial Image

To the left of the Plaza where the Resonance Liberation tutorial occurs, there is a structure made of steel and a Supply Chest is placed on it. There is also a Sonance Casket above the Dragon's Head, but you won't be able to reach it during the tutorial, so collect it later.

Sonance Casket Map Locations
Jump from Cliff and Use Glider
Wuthering Waves Glider Tutorial Image
Glider Controls(in the air or while jumping)
Tap Jump Button
Space Key

After leaving the Gorges of Spirits, a tutorial will appear where you will descend from the cliff with a Glider. The tutorial will advance once you jump off the cliff and follow the directions towards the Tacet Field location.

Fight Crownless at Tacet Field
Image showing how to proceed efficiently in the early stages

A boss battle will occur at the Tacet Field. This section includes tutorials on important elements in battle, such as Extreme Evasion and Parry (Counterattack), so be sure to learn and use them.

Absorb Stonewall Bracer's Echo
Wuthering Waves Stone Bracer

In Wuthering Waves, when you defeat enemies, there's a chance they'll transform into equipment called Echoes. You can equip up to five Echoes on one character. So, it's a good idea to defeat enemies in the area while you're completing quests and exploring.

How to Get Echoes
Collecting more Echoes increases the Drop Rate

Echoes acquired are registered in the Data Bank of the Terminal menu, and the more types and rarities you collect, the more bonuses you receive. To obtain high-rarity Echoes, you need to increase the Data Bank level.

How to Level Up Data Bank
Follow the Quest Mark to Jinzhou
Wuthering Waves Jinzhou Image

Follow the quest marks and head for the Jinzhou which will be the base at the start. When you reach the gate, the ★4 Resonator, Chixia, will join your team.

Best 4 Star Character Tier
  1. Activate the Resonance Nexus in Jinzhou
  2. Head to the City Hall and Talk to Sanhua
  3. Use the Grapple to head to the Huaxu Academy
    └ Unlock Utilities
  4. Complete Baizhi's Simulation Training
    └ Unlock Convene
Activate the Resonance Nexus in Jinzhou
Wuthering Waves Resonance Nexus in Jinzhou Image

Once you arrive in Jinzhou, follow the quest markers and activate the Resonance Nexus located at the center of the city. The Resonance Nexus will reveal nearby hidden areas on the map and can later on be used as fast travel point. Additionally, it also restores your main character and Party's HP.

Resonance Nexus & Beacon Location
Head to the City Hall and Talk to Sanhua
Wuthering Waves Sanhua Jinzhou City Hall Image

After unlocking the Resonance Nexus in Jinzhou, take the elevator and head towards the City Hall. Head inside the building and talk to Sanhua to unlock the next quest.

Interactive Map of Jinzhou
Use Grapple to Head to the Huaxu Academy
Wuthering Waves Grapple Utility Unlock Image

When you move to the quest marker, Utilities will be unlocked, making exploration easier with tools like the Grapple and Perception. Follow the floating grappling hook marker to reach your destination, the Huaxu Academy.

How to Equip & Use Utilities
Clear Baizhi's Simulation Training
Wuthering Waves Baizhi's Battle Tutorial Image

If you advance through the story and complete Baizhi's Simulation Training, the Convene (Gacha) will become available, allowing you to obtain the ★4 Resonator Baizhi. Afterwards, you will be able to access the weapon and character gacha anytime from the Terminal menu or by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

Best Convene Banner to Pull
  1. Talk to Chixia at Panhua's Kitchen
    └ Unlock Event
  2. Leave Jinzhou and go to the Rearguard Base
  3. Repair the 2 Turrets on the way
  4. Head to Rearguard Base and defeat all Tacet Discord Boss using Jiyan
Talk to Chixia at Panhua's Kitchen
Wuthering Wave Chixia at Panhua's Kitchen at Image

After leaving the research institute and finishing the conversation with Chixia in front of Panhua's Kitchen, the Event function will be unlocked. You will receive a reward for your first login, so be sure to check out the event once it is available.

Echo Summon Event
Leave Jinzhou and go to the Rearguard Base
Wuthering Waves Rearguard Base Image

After speaking with Chixia, you will need to go to the Rearguard Base north of Jinzhou. It's a little far away, so we recommend defeating enemies along the way and collecting Echoes as you head towards it.

Repair the 2 Turrets on the way
Wuthering Waves Turret Image

To repair the two Turrets, connect all colors with a line without passing through the same square. You can also test out the Jiyan ★5 Resonator before starting the first repair.

Turret Puzzle Solution
Step 1
Wuthering Waves Turret  Step 1
Step 2
Wuthering Waves Turret  Step 2
Head to Rearguard Base and defeat all Tacet Discord bosses using Jiyan
Wuthering Waves Jiyan boss battle Image

In the Rearguard Base, you'll trigger an boss battle event where you will need to control Jiyan, a limited ★5 Resonator and a formidable attacker who is great at fighting multiple enemies at once.

Best 5 Star Resonator Characters
  1. Go to Qichi Village and clear the Tacet Field
  2. Investigate Anomalies in the Village using Perception
  3. Proceed through the Elysium and fight Scar
  4. Climb the cliff and collect the Right Wooden Plaque
  5. Enter the Cavern and collect the Old Diary
    └ Unlock Guidebook (Daily Missions)
Go to Qichi Village and Clear the Tacet Field
Wuthering Waves Tacet Discord Image

As you head towards the Tacet Field in Qichi Village, multiple Tacet Discords will appear. If you defeat them, you can get Astrite and EXP materials as rewards.

Best Way to EXP Farm
Investigate Anomalies in the Village using Perception
Wuthering Waves

After clearing Tacet Field, use the Perception utility to investigate anomalies in the village. You can switch modules by holding the icon (Tab key for PC).

Proceed through the Elysium and fight Scar
Wuthering Waves Sonoro Sphere Mephis Battle Image

In Scar's Elysium, use the Grapple to move between distant broken paths. You can escape by defeating the shadows that appear along the way and defeating Scar at the very end.

Climb the cliff and collect the Right Wooden Plaque
Wuthering Waves Wooden Plaque: Right

Follow the quest marker towards the direction that Yangyang had given and climb the cliff to collect the "Wooden Plaque: Right" item. Place the Wooden Plaque in the stone mechanism below to lower the water level in the pond to enter the cavern.

Enter the Cavern and Collect the Old Diary
Wuthering Waves Cavern Journal Image

After entering the caver, go deep into the cave and follow the mysterious Tacet Discord to find the location of the Old Diary near the large tree to complete the quest. This will unlock the Guidebook (Daily Missions), and from then on, increase the Union Level to unlock the next chapters.

What to Do Daily
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Increase Guidebook & Union Level

Union Level Level 14 is Required to Unlock the Fourth Act

Wuthering Waves Union Level 14

To continue the Main Story beyond Act 4, you need to increase your Union Level by exploring and doing repeated runs. Additionally, keep an eye on daily tasks and events to earn Resonance Experience Points.

How to Increase Union Level

Claim Data Bank Level Rewards Regularly

Data Bank levels up by collecting various types of Echoes. Level rewards need to be manually claimed, and as the drop rate and maximum rarity of Echoes increase, it's advisable to check frequently after obtaining new Echoes.

How to Level Up Data Bank

Don't Forget To Complete Daily Missions (Activity)

Wuthering Waves Daily Missions

In the guidebook, Activity Points allow you to earn rewards such as Astrites and Resonance Experience Points. The missions are easy to do, they also provide a significant amount of Experience Points, so make sure to complete them daily.

What to Do Daily

Drifting Inscription Allows You to Obtain EXP Materials for Resonators

Wuthering Waves Drifting Inscription Image

Drifting Inscription is where you can acquire Echo and EXP materials for Resonators while learning the basics of the game. There are many missions that can be cleared easily, so check the mission details and clear the ones that seem achievable.

Complete Equipment Mission by Equipping 3 Echoes

The mission in the Drifting Inscription, "Equip any Resonator with 3 any Echoes'' can be completed by equipping 3 types of Echo to a Character. Note that the tasks may be differ from the actual missions.

Use Waveplate in Simulation Fields

Wuthering Waves Simulation Field Image

Waveplates function like Stamina, which is needed to be able to take on challenges. Early on, there aren't many activities to do, so we recommend to use the Simulation Field at Jinzhou's entrance to collect EXP materials for characters and weapons.

How to Recover Waveplate Guide

Level Up Characters & Weapons

Collect EXP Materials in the Simulation Field

Wuthering Waves Simulation Field

You can efficiently gather EXP Materials for characters, weapons, and Echoes in the Simulation Field. While Stamina is required for other content as well, it's recommended to prioritize collecting EXP Materials in the early stages.

Best Way To Level Up Fast

Get Breakthrough Materials from Supply Chests and Enemies Drops

Wuthering Waves

Breakthrough Materials, which can unlock the level caps of Characters and Weapons, can be obtained as drops from enemies on the map, as well as from Supply Chests in various locations and mini-game rewards. Higher-rank materials are acquired from bosses, so make sure to balance your Waveplate stamina consumption accordingly.

Supply Chest Location Map

Buy Breakthrough Materials at Weapon Shop

Breakthrough of Weapon Shop

Low-grade Breakthrough Materials can be purchased at Uncle Wei's Weapon Shop in Jinzhou. However, the unit price for each item is high, so make use of it only when you needed one or two pieces.

Continue Main Story & Map Exploration

Prioritize the Main Quest when it is Unlocked

Wuthering Waves Main Quest Chapter 1 Huanglong 1 Act 4 Image

When your Union Level increases and the Main Story is unlocked, make it your top priority to progress through it. New content will be unlocked as you progress the Main Story, making it easier to develop and strengthen your characters.

How to Power Up Your Character

Open Supply Chests and Sonance Caskets during Map Exploration

Wuthering Waves Sonance Casket Image

Throughout the map, you'll find different kinds of Supply Chest and collectible items like Sonance Caskett aside from special mini-games. Supply Chests may contain high-rank materials, so make sure to collect them when you come across them.

Related Map Articles
Sonance Casket Map LocationSupply Chest Map Location

Nearby Quests are Displayed on the Map

Nearby Quests are Displayed

Subquests near the player are displayed in icons on the map. Since icons beyond a certain range won't show up, it's best to accept them as you find them during exploration.

More Challenging Content is also Available

Wuthering Waves Tactical Hologram: Calamity Image

Tactical Hologram: Calamity offers time-limited attack challenges against high-level bosses and can be found in different locations. This high difficulty mode demands precise combat skills, so give it a try once you've completed your Training.

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