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Best Character Tier List (Yinlin Added!)

Best Character Tier List (Yinlin Added!)

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Strongest Resonators tier list ranked in Wuthering Waves. Learn about the strongest Resonators, best characters ranking order, level evaluation comparisons, highest DPS!

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List of All Characters

Best Character Tier List

Strongest Resonators

S+ランクCalcharoRover (Havoc)VerinaDanjin
CランクRover (Spectro)Yuanwu
List of All Characters

The Strongest Characters are Jiyan and Yinlin

The strongest Resonators in Wuthering Waves are Jiyan and Yinlin, both are limited characters with high attack stats that excel as an attacker throughout the game, from the early stages until the late game. Both can take on the role of either a Main or Sub DPS, but Jiyan is best for a Main DPS while Yinlin is best for a Sub DPS.

Who do you think is the Strongest Character?

The voting results were reset on June 6.

See Past Voting Results
Voting Period: May 23 to June 5
Results of the first best character vote

Tier List Evaluation Criteria

  • DPS (Damage Output) is the Highest Priority
  • Versatile Characters
  • Characters with Less Need For Resonance Chains
  • Easy to Use and Control

DPS (Damage Output) is the Highest Priority

The most basic strategy in combat is to dodge attacks at the right time. The higher the firepower, the faster the combat ends, which means being able to deal lots of damage will give you a better chance. In addition, there are also challenges that have a time limit.

Increase The DMG Of Party

Characters like Jiyan can fight alone well enough, but others like Mortefi and Verina can enhance or deal additional damage for the whole team which is also an important advantage to consider.

Versatile Characters

Characters that can easily fit into any team or can take different roles in the team can also be valuable. Characters that rely on the Element type or are only good at specific roles may be difficult to use thus rated lower.

Characters with Less Need For Resonance Chains

Characters with the highest stats are basically all considered high tier, but if multiple characters have similar features the ones with less need for Resonance Chains are considered more valuable in this list.

Easy to Use and Control

This game requires some skill to control the characters in battle, so we also slightly considered whether or not the characters are easy to use. Characters that are easy to control and use have an advantage there.

Best Character per Role Tier List

S+ランクRover (Havoc)Danjin
CランクRover (Spectro)YangyangYuanwuMortefi
AランクJianxinRover (Havoc)EncoreTaoqiMortefi
CランクRover (Spectro)AaltoYangyang
CランクRover (Spectro)LingyangCalcharoRover (Havoc)EncoreChixiaDanjin
BランクRover (Spectro)TaoqiYuanwu

Role Details

[Main DPS]
Characters with the highest firepower and best for spending the longest time in battle.
[Sub DPS]
Characters with skills that allow them to deal damage even after they retreat from battle or are able to deal high burst damage in a short time at battle.
Does not apply if their attacks are not meant for high damage output.
[ATK Support]
Mainly chosen for ATK buff and DEF debuff effects of Outro Skills or Resonance Chains. Also considered abilities that can sabotage multiple enemies.
[DEF Support]
Characters that can support the team with healing, shields and DEF buffs. Characters with no support abilities do not apply.

Strengths of the Best Characters

SS Tier Characters

YinlinYinlin[Element] Electro
[Weapon] Rectifier
- DPS with both high firepower and wide attack range.
- Also can be a great Support role with follow up attacks and buffs.
- Works best in an Electro character party.
JiyanJiyan[Element] Aero
[Weapon] Broadblade
- Close range DPS with high burst damage
- Consecutive Heavy Attacks during Resonance Liberation
- Massive DMG boost at Resonance Chain 2

S+ Tier Characters

DanjinDanjin[Element] Havoc
[Weapon] Sword
- DPS that consumes HP to attack
- Attacks are strong as 5 star characters
- Recover HP with Forte Circuit
CalcharoCalcharo[Element] Electro
[Weapon] Broadblade
- DPS that enhances Basic Attack
- Resonance Skill can be used 3 times consecutively
- Enhances Basic Attack with Resonance Liberation
Rover (Havoc)Rover (Havoc)[Element] Havoc
[Weapon] Sword
- Uses Forte Circuit to enhance stats
- Self-heals and also high firepower when stats are enhanced
- Normal firepower is also pretty strong
VerinaVerina[Element] Spectro
[Weapon] Rectifier
- Rare 5 star Healer
- Increase unique gauge to heal with Heavy Attack
- Outro Skill heals HP and boosts team's attack power

S Tier Characters

MortefiMortefi[Element] Fusion
[Weapon] Pistol
- Great Sub DPS that can deal good damage
- Enhance Heavy ATK with Outro Skill
- Good match with Jiyan
JianxinJianxin[Element] Aero
[Weapon] Gauntlet
- Works as both DPS and Support
- Good at fighting multiple enemies
- Not great against higher difficulty enemies
LingyangLingyang[Element] Glacio
[Weapon] Gauntlet
- DPS that can enhance its own attack
- Uses fists to fight so best against single enemies
- Can attack a wide area with Outro Skill
EncoreEncore[Element] Fusion
[Weapon] Rectifier
- Close range DPS that mainly uses Basic Attack
- Resonance Liberation boosts all attacks
- Increase gauge to enhance Heavy Attack

A+ Tier Characters

BaizhiBaizhi[Element] Glacio
[Weapon] Rectifier
- Healer with multiple healing skills
Revives at Resonance Chain 5 and enhance Glacio DMG at Node 6
- Heals and enhances ATK with Outro Skill

A Tier Characters

ChixiaChixia[Element] Fusion
[Weapon] Pistol
- Fusion DPS that fights at long range
- Hold Skill button to attack repeatedly
- Holding Skill button gives high firepower
SanhuaSanhua[Element] Glacio
[Weapon] Sword
- Acts as both DPS and Support
- Deals additional DMG by creating and breaking Ice
- Attack greatly enhanced at Resonance Chain 5
- Enhance team's Basic ATK with Outro Skill
TaoqiTaoqi[Element] Havoc
[Weapon] Broadblade
- Tank that can deploy a shield
- Can counter attacks with Resonance Skill
- Enhance Resonance Skill DMG with Outro Skill

B Tier Characters

AaltoAalto[Element] Aero
[Weapon] Pistol
- Moves at high speed by using whirls
Enhance Aero DMG using Outro Skill
Good match with DPS character Jiyan
YangyangYangyang[Element] Aero
[Weapon] Sword
- Pulls multiple enemies using Skill
- Increase Forte Circuit gauge with Heavy ATK or 4th Basic ATK
Recover Resonance Liberation Energy with Outro Skill

C Tier Characters

YuanwuYuanwu[Element] Electro
[Weapon] Gauntlet
- Close range DPS that can attack rapidly
- Great at Parry with fast combo attacks
- Forte Circuit enhances attack even further
Rover (Spectro)Rover (Spectro)[Element] Spectro
[Weapon] Sword
- Can attack a wider area by increasing the unique gauge.
- Able to immobilize enemies.
- Can be used as a Healer at Resonance Chain 4

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Imo everything is right but sanhua deserves atleast a+

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SS, S+, and S. Followed by A+ and A.
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