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Tower of Adversity: Stable Zone Guide

Tower of Adversity: Stable Zone Guide

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Tower of Adversity Stable Zone Guide in Wuthering Waves (Wuwa). Check for Stable Zone walkthrough, best Resonator Characters build, rewards and boss level.

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Stable Zone Best Characters

Recommended Team

- Fight mainly with Jiyan's Resonance Liberation
- Activate Mortefi's Resonance Liberation before activating Jiyan's Resonance Liberation
- At the start, gather the enemies in one place with Jianxin

With this team, start by using Jianxin to gather enemies and deploying a shield, then focus on attacking with Jiyan. Activate Mortefi's Resonance Liberation before Jiyan's to maximize damage.

4★ Resonator Team

- Fight with Danjin as the main DPS
- Yangyang is used when gathering enemies in one place
- If you don't need a Healer, replace Baizhi

With a 4-Star Resonators team, the high single-target damage attacker Danjin takes the lead, while using Yangyang as a Sub DPS to gather enemies. However, Danjin tends to go down due to factors like self-inflicted damage, so including Baizhi in the lineup can help with that.

Free Gacha Team

- Fight with Rover (Havoc) as the main DPS
- Until Rover can be enhanced during battle, Chixia can deal good burst damage
- If you don't need a Healer, replace Baizhi

In this team, Rover (Havoc) is the main DPS due to the exceptional firepower when enhanced. As the damage output is lower until Rover is enhanced, aim to consistently deal high damage using abilities like Chixia's Resonance Liberation.

1st Floor Strategy

- Change position to attack enemies altogether
- There are 2 incoming waves of enemies so don't let your guard down
- Make use of the Interference effect

▼ Stable Zone 1F Details

On the first floor of the Stable Zone, you can obtain buff effects depending on the HP percentage of the character you control. Therefore, having a shield or healer allows for smoother progression. Additionally, since the enemy level is 35, it becomes easier if your level is 35 or higher.

Best Way To Level Up Fast

Change Position to Attack Enemies Altogether

Pulling enemies together

Resonators that can Pull Enemies

In the Tower of Adversity, your goal is to eliminate all enemies before time runs out. To do this effectively, use characters capable of attacking multiple enemies simultaneously or have skills that can gather enemies in one location, streamlining the process of reducing their numbers.

Note!Whiff Whaff Echo can also trap enemies with its ability to create a Low-pressure Zone. Use it if you do not have the above characters or have not been able to strengthen them.

There are 2 Incoming Waves of Enemies

Defeating the initial 3 Exile Commoners that appear on the 1st floor will trigger an additional 3 Exile Commoners to appear. Even if you defeat the first wave of enemies, don't let your guard down and continue the battle until the end.

Take Advantage of the Interference Effect

Resonator Characters with Healing or Shield

On the first floor, you gain a buff effect HP if your HP is 75% or higher due to the Deeprealm's Interference effect. To make it easier to clear within the time limit, make sure to always have the effect activated by using healing and shields as much as possible.

Note!The Stonewall Bracer can grant a shield through its Echo Skill. Even if you haven't acquired the mentioned characters or haven't had the chance to develop them, you can still harness its benefits.

2nd Floor Strategy

▼ Stable Zone 2F Details

In Stable Zone:Resonant Tower 2F, the area has the same interference effect as the first floor. Since the strategy is the same, focus towards enhancing your team to complete it.

Fight the Baby Roseshroom

Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity Stable Zone 2 Roseshrooms Image Image

On the second floor of the Stable Zone, 2 Baby Roseshroom will attack from a distance. Positioning both creatures so they align in front of you will make it easier to handle long-range attacks and utilize the Interference effects to your advantage.

Note!At the start, you can move to the side of either and flank one Roseshroom, then start the battle at a location where both Roseshrooms are positioned in a straight line.

Note that Baby Roseshroom is Havoc Resistant

Roseshroom has resistance against Havoc DMG, making it challenging for Danjin or Rover (Havoc) to effectively deal damage. In cases where defeating it takes too much time, you may want to consider using another Sub DPS character.

3rd Floor Strategy

- Keep distance from Exile Commoner
- Attack the 2nd wave of Exile Commoners all at once
- You can also focus all attacks on the Exile Commoner

▼ Stable Zone 3F Details

On the 3rd floor, in the 1st wave, one Fractsidus Thruster and one Exile Commoner appear, while in the 2nd wave, one Fractsidus Thruster and two Exile Commoners appear. Given the limited number of enemies, you should keep some distance from the Exile Commoners.

Keep Distance from Exile Commoner

Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity Stable Zone 2 Exile Commoner Image

Before taking down the Fractsidus Thruster, try to fight each enemy one-on-one, keeping a distance from the Exile Commoners. Depending on your characters, it's possible to defeat them individually and still clear the stage within the time limit.

Attack the 2nd wave of Exile Commoners all at once

Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity Stable Zone 2 Image

In the 2nd wave, defeat the Fractsidus Thruster first, then attack the remaining two Exile Commoners together.

Note!Similarly, in the 1st wave, if you can attack the Fractsidus Thruster and the Exile Commoner together, you will have more time.

Focus Attacks on Exile Commoners

On the 3rd floor, enemies are easily disrupted by Basic Attacks. Using a character with AoE skills allows you to hit the Exile Commoners and stagger the Fractsidus Thrusters simultaneously. If possible, it's recommended to use this method to defeat them together.

4th Floor Strategy

It is important to use a Character that can gather enemies
Don't rush and take your time
Keep an eye out for the Rocksteady Guardian
Evade Rocksteady Guardian's attacks to the sides

▼ Stable Zone 4F Details

On the 4th floor, Rocksteady Guardian appears, along with one Electro Predator and one Glacio Predator. Rocksteady Guardian's attack motion is slow, but its attack range is wide. Depending on your level, you can be defeated in a single hit so exercise caution.

Important to Use a Character that can Gather Enemies

Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity Battle Image

Recommended Characters

On the 4th floor, defeating the Electro Predator and Glacio Predator first, then the Rocksteady Guardian. At this time, if you have a character who can gather enemies, it will be easier to defeat Electro Predator and Glacio Predator at once.

Note!If you can attack both the Electro Predator and Glacio Predator while parrying the Rocksteady Guardian's attacks at the same time, your chances of success will significantly increase.

Don't Rush and Take Your Time

On the 4th floor, you encounter formidable enemies. Trying to rush through with no strategy could actually cause losing time. However, the enemies' HP isn't particularly high, so it's crucial to think ahead and take your time.

Note!If you develop the habit of resetting your position during battles here, you'll be able to get through more high-difficulty content with ease.

Keep an eye out for the Rocksteady Guardian

Wuthering Waves Rocksteady Guardian Image

Rocksteady Guardian's attack motion is slow, so it's easy to avoid if you keep a close eye on it. However, since the attack range is very wide, you can avoid getting hit by always keeping an eye on the Rocksteady Guardian in your field of view.

Note!The Rocksteady Guardian unleashes a wide-range attack with a delay after its direct attack. Beware of its delayed attack, since you may still get hit if you let your guard down after evading.

Evade Rocksteady Guardian's Attacks to the sides

Rocksteady Guardian's attacks tend to be wide-ranging towards the front, and rarely towards the rear. Therefore, when attacking from the front, it is easier to avoid the attack by moving towards the enemy's side.

What is Tower of Adversity?

Highly Challenging Content

Tower of Adversity menu screen

To UnlockClear "Clashing Blades" Quest

Tower of Adversity is a highly difficult content where you fight against strong enemies in stages with a time limit. With enemies varying in type and strength with each level, this content demands both character enhancements and gameplay skills.

Proceed to Abyss of Solitude Milestone Missions once Requirements are met

Once you meet the requirements to unlock Tower of Adversity, proceed with the Milestone Missions "Abyss of Solitude" to start this content.

Main Quest Walkthrough

You can obtain Yuanwu by clearing the Stable Zone

Wuthering Waves Unlock Yuanwu Banner Image

Upon clearing the Stable Zone in the Tower of Adversity for the first time, you'll acquire the 4-star Resonator Yuanwu. Expanding your roster with new characters enhances your strategic options, so prioritize conquering the Stable Zone to secure Yuanwu

Best 4 Star Character Tier

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