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Aalto Best Build and Teams

Aalto Best Build and Teams

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Best Build and Echoes/Weapons for Aalto in Wuthering Waves (WuWa). Also see Resonance Chain, best team comp, and materials for enhancing Aalto.

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Aalto - Tier and Review

Voice ActorJames Day


Overall TierReroll Tier
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Main DPSSub DPSATK SupportDEF Support
B RankC RankB Rank-

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Sub DPS Great for Exploring

He can use his skill to speed up his movement. This makes him very useful when exploring the map.

Outro Skill can Buff Aero DMG

aalto skill details

His Outro Skill can buff Aero damage. Element damage buffs can enhance any attack that has the specific element, making it versatile.

How to Use Aalto

A Sub-DPS That Is Useful At Exploration

When Aalto pass through 'Gate Of Quandary' or 'Mist', he will turn into smoke. While in this form, his movements will be quicker making him really useful at exploration.

Make Attacks Pass By Mist

Make Attacks Pass By Mist

The 5th combo of Aalto's basic attack or resonance skill summons a mist.. When Basic Attack and Mid-air attack pass through this mist, Aalto will gain Forte Circuit gauge.

Resonance Skill also Acts as a Decoy

Resonance Skill of Aalto does not only act as a mist but also summons a decoy. This decoy gets the attention of the enemies which allows Aalto to support the main DPS deal damage safely.

Aalto - Best Team Comp

Aalto Sub DPS Team

AaltoAbyss Surges- Use Outro Skill to increase Aero DMG
- Great for exploring at R1
VerinaLustrous Razor- Healing and Buff Support
- Use Outro Skill, Resonance Liberation and Echo for support
JiyanVerdant Summit- Main DPS good at fighting both single or multiple enemies
- Use Aalto's Aero DMG buff
Main Echo/Sonata Effect
Impermanence Heron
Moonlit Clouds Moonlit Clouds (5 Echoes)
Best Main Stats
Cost 4
Crit Rate
Cost 3
Elmt DMG
Cost 3
Elmt DMG
Cost 1
Cost 1
Best Sub Stats
Crit Rate≒Crt Dmg>Energy Reg.>ATK>Res Skl Dmg
Aalto can activate buffs with the Outro Skill so Moonlit Clouds works well.
▶How to Farm Echoes

Free Gacha Team

AaltoNovaburst- Use Outro Skill to increase Aero DMG
- Great for exploring at R1
BaizhiVariation- Healing and Buff Support
- Use Echoes that increase Support skills
YangyangCommando of Conviction- Great attacker for fighting multiple enemies at once
- Switch between Aalto in battle
Main Echo/Sonata Effect
Feilian Beringal
Sierra Gale Sierra Gale (5 Echoes)
Best Main Stats
Cost 4
Crit Rate
Cost 3
Elmt DMG
Cost 3
Elmt DMG
Cost 1
Cost 1
Best Sub Stats
Crit Rate≒Crt Dmg>Energy Reg.>ATK>Res Skl Dmg
Use Sierra Gale for Aalto and Yangyang to increase DMG.
▶How to Farm Echoes

Aalto - Best Echoes and Weapons

Use 5-Set Moonlit Cloud

Moonlit CloudsMoonlit Clouds
Impermanence Heron
Bell-Borne Geochelone
Geohide Saurian
Stonewall Bracer
Zig Zag
Sabyr Boar
Fission Junrock
Glacio Prism
Whiff Whaff

If you are going to use Aalto as a support, Moonlit Clouds as Sonata effect is recommended. If you want to use Aalto as a Sub-DPS you can also use Sierra Gale set.

Best Weapons

Abyss SurgesAbyss Surges【Tier】★★★★★
- Energy Regen increase
- Increase Crit Rate
- Also great as Support role
- Gain Concerto Energy
- Great for Support role
- Easy to activate effects
- Increase ATK

Best to increase Resonance Energy

You want to use Resonance Liberation a lot so you should increase Energy Regen, or if you want to use the Outro Skill choose a weapon that gives you Concerto Energy.

Aalto - Best Resonance Chain

Get Resonance Chain 1

R1 will shorten the Resonance Skill cooldown time. Aalto is great for exploring so allowing him to use his skill more frequently will improve his movement even more.

Resonance Chain Effect

1The cooldown of Resonance Skill Shift Trick is reduced by 4s.
2"Mist Avatar" inherits 100% more HP from Aalto. When Aalto attacks targets taunted by the "Mist Avatar(s)", his ATK is increased by 15%.
3When Aalto's Basic Attack or Mid-Air Attack passes through the "Gate of Quandadry", 2 more bullets will be generated, dealing 50% of the DMG of Basic Attack or Mid-Air Attack.
4The damage of Resonance Skill Mist Bullets is increased by 30%; Aalto receives 30% less damage in his Forte Circuit Mistcloak Dash state.
5In the Forte Circuit Mistcloak Dash state, Aalto's Aero DMG Bonus is increased by 25% for 6s.
6Resonance Liberation Flower in the Mist now additionaly increases Crit. Rate by 8%. When Aalto's Heavy Attack passes through the "Gate of Quandary", the damage dealt is additionally increased by 50%.

Aalto - Skills Effect and Upgrade Priority

Basic Attack★★・・・
Resonance Skill★★★★★
Forte Circuit★★★★・
Resonance Liberation★★★・・
Intro Skill★★★・・

Half Truths (Basic Attack)

Basic AttackBasic Attack
Basic AttackBasic Attack
Basic AttackBasic Attack
Basic AttackBasic Attack
Basic AttackBasic Attack

Half Truths
Aalto fires up to 5 consecutive shots, dealing Aero DMG. Basic Attack 4 will spread the "Mist" foward, which lasts for 1.5s.
Basic AttackLong press Basic Attack
Aalto enters the aiming state for a more powerful shot. The aimed shot fired after charging finishes deals Aero DMG.
Basic AttackBasic Attack consecutively
Aalto consumes Stamina to perform consecutive shots at the target in mid-air, dealing Aero DMG.
Basic AttackBasic Attack
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Aero DMG.

Shift Trick (Resonance Skill)

Mist Avatar
Casts "Mist" and 1 "Mist Avatar(s)" to taunt the surrounding targets. The avatars inherit a portion of Aalto's HP and generate 6 Mist Bullets around them, dealing Aero DMG.
Mist Missiles
Deals Aero DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.

Misty Cover (Forte Circuit)

Resonance SkillResonance Skill
When Aalto passes through "Mist" or "Gate [Mistclock Dash].
[Mistcloak Dash]
Movement speed increased;
During this period, "Mist Drops" are continuously consumed, and for each 1 "Mist Drop" consumed, 1 Resonance Skill Mist Missle is generated.
Mis Drops
Aalto can hold up to 6 mist Drops. When Basic Attack or Mid-air Attack passes through "Mist" and hits the target, 1 "Mist Drop" is recovered.

Flower in the Mist (Resonance Liberation)

Generate a "Gate of Quandary" in front, dealing Aero DMG. When bullets pass through the "Gate of Quandary", ATK is increased. Gate of Quandary" lasts for 10s.

Feint Shot (Intro Skill)

Aalto shows up out of thin air to performs rapid continuous shooting, dealing Aero damage.

Dissolving Mist (Outro Skill)

The next character (or other characters on a nearby team that activates an Outro Skill) gains 23% Aero DMG Deepen for 14s or until they are switched off field.

Aalto - Ascension and Skill Upgrade Materials

Skill Upgrade Materials

Lvl. 2Lento HelixLento Helix ×2
LF Howler CoreLF Howler Core ×2
Lvl. 3Lento HelixLento Helix ×3
LF Howler CoreLF Howler Core ×3
Lvl. 4Adagio HelixAdagio Helix ×2
MF Howler CoreMF Howler Core ×2
Lvl. 5Adagio HelixAdagio Helix ×3
MF Howler CoreMF Howler Core ×3
Lvl. 6TBD
Lvl. 7TBD
Lvl. 8TBD
Lvl. 9TBD
Lvl. 10TBD

Forte Circuit Unlock Materials

Aalto - Character Profile


Voice ActorJames Day
NationNew Federation
FactionBlack Shores

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