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Best Way to Farm Echoes

Best Way to Farm Echoes

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Best Way to Farm Echo for Wuthering Waves (WuWa). See how to farm Echoes, farming and grinding Echoes, Echo Pity, guarantees, tuning, and more!

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▶︎ Best Echo Tier List

Why Farm Echoes?

Desired Abilities vary Depending on the Role

echo ability

Farm Echoes according to the role of the Character that will equip it or the ablities of the character. Basically you want abilities that enhance the Character's strengths.

What Can Be Rerolled

Sonata EffectYou get one for each Echo you obtain. Each Echo has a fixed Sonata Effect.
(1st one)
You can get 1 random Status when you get an Echo. The status you can get depends on the cost of the Echo.
TuningYou unlock 1 slot every time you level it up 5 levels. Random additional stats will be added by using a specific resource for each rarity.

There are 2 stats that you can reroll: Sonata Effect and Tuning. Find the best stats that match the abilities of the character that will be equipping it.

▶︎ How To Tune Echoes

How to Farm Echoes

  1. Increase Data Bank Level
  2. Check required Sonata Effect
  3. Farm Echoes
  4. Reroll the Sonata Effect and first stats
  5. Level Up for Tuning
Increase Data Bank Level
Increase Data Bank Level

First gather lots of Echoes to level up the Data Bank. By leveling up, it will increase the probability of obtaining Echoes and the rarity of the Echoes, so you will be able to reroll efficiently.

Aim For Level 15
Aim for Level 15

When you reach Level 15 in the Data Bank, the highest rarity of the Echo that you can get will increase to 5 stars.

▶Increase Data Bank Level 15 Guide
Cost 3 & 4 Echoes

If you defeat an Elite, Overload or Calamity Class enemy a certain number of times and no Echo appears, there is a mercy system that gives you a guaranteed Echo. The number of defeats is counted for each class, so always try to defeat the Echo you want when you reach the mercy limit.

Elite Class
(Cost 3)
If they don't appear after 1-3 defeats, then the 4th enemy you defeat will leave an Echo. Counted only as Elite Class.
Overlord Class
(Cost 4)
If they don't appear after the 1st one, then the next enemy will give you an Echo. Counted only as Overlord Class. If Enhanced Drop Rate count is still remaining, it will count towards that first.
Calamity Class
(Cost 4)
If they don't appear after the 1st one, then the next enemy will give you an Echo. Counted only as Calamity Class. If Enhanced Drop Rate count is still remaining, it will count towards that first.
Check Required Sonata Effect
Check for required sonata

Each Echo has 1 fixed Sonata Effect, and 1 character may need 2 or 5 to activate the set effect. The same Echo all have the same Sonata Effect, so you need to get the Echo that has the Sonata Effect you want.

Sonata Effect can be Rerolled with Tacet Field
Sonata effect

By using Waveplates to challenge the Tacet Field, you can narrow down the Echo that has the Sonata Effect.

Farm Echoes
Get Required Echo

Defeat enemies that appear on the field or in dungeons. At random, Echoes will appear after defeating which you can absorb which allows you to get the Echo.

Aim for Echo that has high Rarity

The maximum level will increase with the rarity of the Echo. With a high rarity you can unlock more slots so the rarity will make a huge difference to the stats.

Reroll the Sonata Effect and First Stats
echo comparison

The first part that can be rerolled is the Sonata Effect and the first main stat that comes with the Echo. The stat granted will change randomly according to the cost of the Echo, so reroll the status that best fits the character's abilities.

Level Up for Tuning
Get the Wanted Tuning

Every time you increase the Echo level by 5, you can perform Tuning and get an additional Status. The additional Status and values you get are random so you want to reroll while making sure you don't run out of Tuning materials.

▶︎ How To Tune Echoes

Tuning can not be Reset

Once you have done Tuning, you can not reset the random Status or values you got. If you did not get the Status that you want, you will have to gather Echoes again to repeat the process.

If You Are Not Satisfied with the Tuning Results, Salvage Them
ResourcesRefund Rate
Sealed TubeSealed Tube60 to 80%

It is recommended to salvage Echoes that did not reach the ideal status as a result of Tuning. You can salvage by: Terminal → Backpack → Echoes → Trash icon. Salvaging echoes will return some of the strengthening resources, so then it can be used for the next rerolling.

What to Farm For

Main Stats (1st one)

Cost 1- Attack
- Defense
- HP
Cost 3- Element Damage Bonus
- Energy Regen
Cost 4- Crit. Rate
- Crit. DMG
- Healing Bonus

Sub Stats (Consonant Attribute)

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • HP
  • Crit. Rate
  • Crit. DMG
  • Resonance Skill DMG Bonus
  • Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus
  • Heavy Attack DMG Bonus
  • Basic Attack DMG Bonus
  • Energy Regen

Sonata Effect

SonataSet Effect
Freezing FrostFreezing Frost[2 Set Effect]
Increase Glacio DMG 10%
[5 Set Effect]
Glacio DMG increases by 10% after using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack. This effect can stack a maximum of 3, lasts 15 seconds.
Molten RiftMolten Rift[2 Set Effect]
Increase Fusion DMG 10%
[5 Set Effect]
After using Resonance Skill, Fusion DMG increases by 30%, this effect lasts 15 seconds.
Void ThunderVoid Thunder[2 Set Effect]
Increase Electro DMG 10%
[5 Set Effect]
After using Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill, Electro DMG increases by 15%. This effect can stack a maximum of 2, lasts 15 seconds.(Reactivating does not reset duration.)
Sierra GaleSierra Gale[2 Set Effect]
Increase Aero DMG 10%
[5 Set Effect]
Aero DMG increases by 30% when entering with Intro Skill. This effect lasts 15 seconds.
Celestial LightCelestial Light[2 Set Effect]
Increase Spectro DMG 10%
[5 Set Effect]
Spectro DMG increases by 30% when entering with Intro Skill. This effect lasts 15 seconds.
Havoc EclipseHavoc Eclipse[2 Set Effect]
Increase Havoc DMG 10%
[5 Set Effect]
After using Basic Attack and Heavy Attack, Havoc DMG increases by 7.5%. This effect can stack maximum of 4, lasts 15 seconds.
Rejuvinating GlowRejuvinating Glow[2 Set Effect]
Increase Healing 10%
[5 Set Effect]
When you heal an ally, the attack power of all members of the team increases by 15%. This effect lasts 30 seconds.
Moonlit CloudsMoonlit Clouds[2 Set Effect]
Increase Energy Regen 10%
[5 Set Effect]
When Outro Skill is activated, the attack power of the next Resonator that enters increases by 22.5%. This lasts 15 seconds.
Endless ResonanceEndless Resonance[2 Set Effect]
Attack 10%
[5 Set Effect]
When in play, attack power increases by 5% every 1.5 seconds. This effect can stack a maximum of 4. Outro Skill damage increased by 60%

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