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Tower of Adversity: Experiment Zone Guide

Tower of Adversity: Experiment Zone Guide

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Tower of Adversity Experiment Zone Walkthrough in Wuthering Waves (WuWa). Check Resonant Tower enemy, Echoing Tower battle strategy, Boss attack patterns, tips and more.

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Experiment Zone - Resonant Tower Best Characters

Recommended Characters for Resonant Tower
▼1st Floor▼2nd Floor▼3rd Floor▼4th Floor

1st Floor: Recommended to Use Characters with Pull Abilities

Resonant Tower Recommended Characters

On the first floor, two Diamondclaws and one each of Glacio Prism and Fusion Prism will appear. Positioning is important, and using characters with pulling abilities will make defeating multiple enemies easier.

Note!Better to use characters with Pulling abilities in Floors with many enemies to defeat them quickly!

Characters with a Wide Attack Range are also Recommended

Using attackers with wide attack ranges allows you to defeat multiple enemies at once. However, if they don't have pulling abilities, the enemies may get knocked back, making it difficult to stay in close range.

Avoid Using Fusion and Glacio

The Glacio Prism appearing on the first floor has Glacio resistance, while the Fusion Prism has Fusion resistance. If you want to progress efficiently, it's recommended to use characters who can deal damage other than the ones mentioned, such as Electro, Aero, Spectro, and Havoc.

2nd Floor: Need One Attacker with High Firepower

Recommended Main DPS (Example)
JiyanJiyanCalcharoCalcharoRover (Havoc)Rover (Havoc)ChixiaChixia

On the second floor, you'll have to fight two Spearbacks simultaneously, so you'll need a Main DPS with not only a wide attack range but also excellent firepower. Depending on how strong your Main DPS is, it's possible to clear it with just one character.

Yuanwu is also Recommended to Reduce Vibration Strength

It is also recommended to include Yuanwu, who is adept at reducing Vibration Strength as a Sub DPS character. If you can efficiently reduce the Vibration Strengt, you can immobilize the enemy and attack them unilaterally.

3rd Floor: Important to use Buffs

Characters that has Outro Skills with Buff Effects

From the 3rd floor, it becomes easier to activate Resonance Liberation and Outro Skill. Therefore, characters or Echoes capable of granting buffs when switching characters are highly recommended.

Echo that can Give Buffs when Switching

Recommended Echo
Impermanence HeronImpermanence Heron

With the Echo Skill and Sonata Effect (Moonlit Clouds 5-Set Bonus), Impermanence Heron can significantly enhance the next incoming character. Since it is a great match with the Interference effect, equip it on a character other than the Main DPS.

TipsEven if you don't have Impermanence Heron, it's easy to clear this floor just by having 5 Moonlit Clouds Echoes.
▶ Check List of Moonlit Clouds Echo

Aero Element is Not Recommended

The Cyan-Feathered Heron that appears on the 3rd floor has resistance to Aero DMG. Therefore, it is recommended to use characters that can deal Elemental damage other than Aero.

4th Floor: Use your Strongest Characters Available

The 4th floor involves a one-on-one fight with Thundering Mephis, who has high HP, making it a race against time. Enhance your characters as much as possible and challenge it with your strongest team.

TipsYou will also need your strongest attacker on the 4th floor of the Echoing Tower, so you need to manage their Vigor Cost by using other characters for floors 1 to 3.

Use Characters Strengthened by Resonance Liberation

Recommended Main DPS
JiyanJiyanCalcharoCalcharoRover (Havoc)Rover (Havoc)EncoreEncore

You can Parry most of Thundering Mephis' attacks, allowing you to immobilize it frequently. While the boss is immobilized, characters with high burst damage, especially if you can buff them using Resonance Liberation, can deal a lot of damage.

Electro Element is Not Recommended

Since Thundering Mephis has resistance against Electro DMG, it's difficult for Electro DMG characters like Calcharo and Yuanwu to deal damage. Therefore, for the Main DPS, choose from Fusion, Glacio, Aero, Havoc and Spectro.

Resonance Element Chart

Experiment Zone - Echoing Tower Best Characters

Recommended Characters for Echoing Tower
▼1st Floor▼2nd Floor▼3rd Floor▼4th Floor

1st Floor: Include Two Attackers

Examples of How to Use Attackers
Solo Attack
Jiyan Rover (Havoc) Calcharo Lingyang Encore
AoE Attack
Jiyan Chixia Yangyang Jianxin

*Jiyan can handle either roles.

Although multiple enemies appear on the first floor, both Roseshroom (Mature) and Stonewall Bracer are immune to getting pulled. Take down the enemies that can be pulled altogether but for the ones that can't be pulled, use strong characters to defeat them one by one.

Characters with a Wide Attack Range are also Recommended

By using wide-range attackers like Jiyan, it's possible to defeat multiple enemies at once. However, if you don't have any Resonator with a pulling ability, the enemies will get knocked back when you attack them which can cost you time.

Havoc Element is Not Recommended

On the first floor you'll encounter a Roseshroom (Mature) which is is resistant to Havoc DMG. So, when assembling a team with Havoc characters, consider including attackers with other Elements as well.

How to Check Elements

2nd Floor: Include Attackers with High Burst DPS

Recommended Main DPS (Example)
EncoreEncoreCalcharoCalcharoRover (Havoc)Rover (Havoc)ChixiaChixia

On the second floor, the troublesome Hoochief Cyclone performs attacks that restrict movement. While it can be avoided using the Grapple, it will be easier if you have a Main DPS with high burst damage.

Save Resonance Liberation for the 2nd Wave

On the second floor, you'll face 1 Hoochief Cyclone and 2 Melted Lizards in the first wave, followed by 2 Hoochief Cyclones and 2 Melted Lizards in the second wave. To handle the second wave, it's advisable to save the Resonance Liberation until then.

Resonance Liberation Guide

Aero and Fusion Elements are Not Recommended

The Hoochief Cyclone that appears on the second floor is resistant to Aero while the young Melting Lizard is resistant to Fusion. When forming a team with characters aligned with these Elements, it's more effective to include at least one character of a different Element.

3rd Floor: Include Characters that can Pull Enemies

Recommended Crowd Controllers

On the third floor, enemies with resistance to Electro, Glacio, Aero, or Havoc appear. However, since their HP isn't high, it's recommended to gather them in one place and eliminate them with high-damage attackers.

TipsUsing pulling abilities on Flautists and Tambourinists makes it easier to gather enemies in one place.

Fusion Element is Recommended for the Main DPS

The enemies appearing on the third floor do not have resistance to the Fusion and Spectro Elements. Therefore, it's best to make the Main DPS with either Fusion Element, such as Encore, or Spectro Element, such as Rover (Spectro).

4th Floor: Use your Strongest Characters

The fourth floor consists of two waves, with the second wave involving a battle with a Mourning Aix. Since it takes more time compared to the fourth floor of the Echoing Tower, having three well-enhanced characters is necessary.

NoteYou will also need your strongest attacker on the 4th floor of the Resonant Tower, so you need to manage their Vigor Cost by using other characters for floors 1 to 3.

Resonators who can Continuously Deal Damage

Recommended Main DPS
LingyangLingyangRover (Havoc)Rover (Havoc)DanjinDanjinChixiaChixia

Mourning Aix has many openings after its attacks, but it's not easy to immobilize it due to its limited parryable attacks. Thus, characters who can consistently deal damage are preferable over those focused on enhancing Resonance Liberation.

Experiment Zone Strategy Points

Use Strongest Characters on the Fourth Floor

Experiment Zone Vigor Cost Image

*Example of composition when there is only one main character

In the Experiment Zone, Vigor used in the Echoing Tower and the Resonating Tower are shared. You can use your favorite team, but it's advisable to use the strongest characters in the fourth floor of both the Echoing Tower and Resonant Tower.

Having Two Strong DPS Characters Makes it Easier

If you have two strong Main DPS characters, it's possible to clear the Echoing Tower with the first Main DPS and the Resonant Tower with the second Main DPS. The team build will depend on your stats and available characters, so consider that and also the Vigor Cost.

Use Crowd Controllers on Floors with Many Enemies

Optimal Floors for Engaging Enemies
Resonant Tower
1st Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
4th Floor
Echoing Tower
1st Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
4th Floor

*It is difficult to draw enemies on floors with “△”

In the Tower of Adversity, the most common key strategy is to draw enemies together on floors where multiple enemies appear. Especially on floors with many Common Class enemies (such as Electro Predators), it is easier to achieve a 3-star clear if you can attack all the enemies at once.

Take Note of Enemies that Cannot be Pulled

Enemies like Baby Roseshroom and Elite Class Flautists are resistant to Pulling effects. Keep in mind that even if there are many enemies, drawing them together isn't always effective. Plan your teams accordingly.

NoteIf there's one enemy that is immune whereas other multiple enemies can be drawn together, it's recommended to gather the enemies near the enemy that cannot be pulled.

Move Where You Can Attack All Enemies at Once

positioning is important

In Tower of Adversity, since the clear time is the challenge objective, it is important to be able to attack all enemies together. Given that enemies can be knocked back by attacks, try to strategically gather them all in one place.

NoteUnless they're against a wall, it's recommended to attack enemies from the outer perimeter of the stage! Sometimes, it's necessary to draw enemies closer without attacking them!

Be Careful of the Enemy's Element Resistance

*Eg. Glacio Prism: It has a Glacio icon that signifies its resistant to Glacio DMG.

When selecting the floor to take on the challenge, you can assess the enemies' types and levels. Additionally, you can also check their elemental resistances to help you strategize the characters of a party that may be unaffected by these enemy resistances.

Hoochief Cyclone's Attack Can be Avoided with Grapple

avoid with grapple

The tornado-like attack performed by the Hoochief Cyclone makes it difficult to escape once surrounded, as evasion or walking won't get you out of it. However, take note that you can escape using jumps or mid-air dodges.

NoteThere are two kinds of attacks that activate right where your character is. You can dodge both by moving around, so keep an eye on your character's feet!

Get Your Team Ready for the 4th Floor

This applies not just to the 4th floor, but to the entire Tower of Adversity: the higher your level compared to the enemies, the easier it is to succeed. You don't want to be more than 10 levels lower than the enemies. Match or exceed their level if the challenge is particularly difficult.

4th Floor: Thundering Mephis Strategy Points

The Attack Pattern Loops Through Seven Types

Thundering Mephis follows a sequence of attack patterns from 1 to 7, looping back to 1 after pattern 7. If you're hit by an attack, a 3-hit combo escalates to a 4-hit one, so stay calm and focus on parrying.

NoteBe careful if you immobilize the enemy during the second 3-hit combo or charge attacks, as they will resume the remaining attacks of the combo once the immobilization wears off.

▼Attack Patterns and Parry Timing

Attack when the Enemy is Immobilized

Thundering Mephis frequently launches consecutive attacks, and even if you manage to parry its attacks, it can quickly create distance through teleportation and such. However, since there are many attacks that can be parried to immobilize the enemy, aim for precise parries to increase the frequency of immobilization.

4th Floor: Mourning Aix Strategy Points

There are Seven Attack Patterns

Mourning Aix unleashes a total of seven attack patterns, including those exclusive to after the first immobilization. Beware of the tricky variable movement speed, as well as the highly accurate tracking of its laser attacks, which have a high chance of causing instant death.

▼Attack Patterns and Parry Timing

Parry Attack as much as Possible

Mourning Aix only has one attack that can be parried. Therefore, to immobilize it and inflict significant damage, aim to parry the few attacks that can be parried as much as possible.

Deal Damage Frequently with Attacks after Evading

Mourning Aix has few opportunities for parrying, making it difficult to immobilize it repeatedly. However, because there's an opening after every attack, try to evade and then launch attacks consistently to accumulate damage.

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