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Prologue Story Recap - Lore & Terms Explained

Prologue Story Recap - Lore & Terms Explained

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Prologue Story Recap of Wuthering Waves (WuWa). Learn about the Lore, Prologue: Utterance of Marvels explained, Characters, Locations, events recap, terms and explanations.

Table of Contents

Wuthering Waves World View

Adventure on Planet Solaris

Wuthering Waves Prologue Start Solaris WuWa Image

The story of Wuthering Waves follows Rover's journey on the Solaris planet. Having lost all memory, Rover has no recollection of their past. As you take control of Rover, help them uncover the truths behind the mysterious incidents on Solaris, all of which are somehow linked to Rover.

Main Character Gender Difference

Planet Solaris

Wuthering Waves Rover Image
Game Description
Sol-III, the third planet from the sun. A world of chaos and change, where old conventions are discarded and disasters run rampant. Human civilization struggles in this new era of destruction and rebirth, facing uncharted challenges with unwavering determination.

Wuthering Waves Prologue Recap

Rover, the main character, awakens without recollection of the past. With no idea where to go, Rover is aided by Yangyang and Chixia as they embark on a journey towards Jinzhou.

  1. Encounter with a mysterious person
  2. Wake up in the Gorges of Spirits
  3. Rover meets Sentinel of Jinzhou
  4. Pass through the Gorges of Spirits
  5. Tacet Field appears
  6. Battle with the mysterious Tacet Discord
  7. Failed to retrieve the Reverberations
  8. Rover Absorbs Echo
  9. Holographic Message From Jinshi Appears
  10. Another attempt to absorb Echo but fails
  11. Reach Jinzhou
Encounter with a mysterious person
Wuthering Waves Prologue Mysterious Woman WuWa Image

Rover, the main character, awakens without recollection of the past and encounters an unknown character. We do not yet know who this is, but most certainly this person has a connection with Rover's past.

Wake up in the Gorges of Spirits
Wuthering Waves Yangyang and Chixia Gorges of Spirits WuWa Image

Rover, the main character, awakens without recollection of the past. Not knowing where they were, Rover is aided by Yangyang and Chixia as they embark on a journey towards Jinzhou.

Rover meets Sentinel of Jinzhou
Wuthering Waves Image

As Rover neared the Sentinel Statue in the Gorges of Spirits, a brief spiritual connection with Rover and Sentinel begins. It became apparent that Rover shared some form of connection with the dragon.

Pass through the Gorges of Spirits
Wuthering Waves Jinzhou View of Gorges of Spirits Image

After helping Rover to pass through the Gorges of Spirits, you can see Jinzhou at a distance.

Tacet Field Appears
Wuthering Waves Tacet Field in the beginning Image

Suddenly a Tacet Field appears. They continue on and meet up with Baizhi near the Tacet Field.

Battle with the mysterious Tacet Discord
Wuthering Waves  Tacet Discord Image

From the presumed safety of the Tacet Field, a mysterious Tacet Discord abruptly appeared, sparking an intense battle. However, victory was ultimately achieved.

Failure to Collect Reverberations
Wuthering Waves Collect Reverberations First Attempt Image

Using the gourd-shaped device called the Pangu Terminal, an attempt was made to retrieve the echo, but it ended in failure. They concluded that the data dog level of Rover was too low, making the retrieval impossible.

Rover Absorbs Echo
Wuthering Waves Image

As Rover was about to abandon the attempt to recover the echo and move on, a voice was heard from somewhere. Rover unknowingly absorbs the Echo. The sudden event left the others astonished.

Holographic Message From Jinshi Appears
Wuthering Waves Image

A holographic message appears to all of Jinzhou from the City Hall. Jinshi, the magistrate of Jinzhou, herself welcomed this unknown "Visitor" that might be arriving in time for the Moon-chasing Festival. It seems that Jinshi knows something about Rover.

Another attempt to absorb Echo but fails
Wuthering Waves Stonewall Bracers Echo Image

On the way to Jinzhou, the Rover attempts to absorb the Stonewall Bracer's Echo but fails. It seems that Rover is unable to absorb every echo.

Reach Jinzhou
Wuthering Waves Reach Jinzhou Image

The Resonators safely arrive in Jinzhou. It appeared as though they had reached their destination without any trouble, but from a distance, a figure was observing the group...

Main Quest Walkthrough

Wuthering Waves Characters


Wuthering Waves Image

The main character, who players control, wakes up without remembering anything about themselves. They're human and have a special Resonator Ability and are quite skilled in combat.

In the introductory section, a scene with a mysterious figure is depicted, suggesting that they were sent to Solaris by someone's will.

Can you Change Rover?


Wuthering Waves Yangyang Image

One of the first characters Rover meets upon waking up. She is a temporary investigator who works hard every day to protect the people.


Wuthering Waves Chixia Image

Chixia is a junior Jinzhou Patroller that roams Jinzhou City. While out with Yangyang, they came across the unconscious Rover.


Wuthering Waves Baizhi Image

Baizhi is a researcher studying Remnant Energy at Huaxu Academy. While on a mission with Yangyang and Chixia, they encountered Baizhi, who was conducting research of a Tacet Field. Baizhi provides various forms of support, such as physical inspections of Rover.


Wuthering Waves Jinshi Image

The current Magistrate of Jinzhou. She is also the appointed Resonator of the Sentinel in Jinzhou. It seems she knows something about Rover...


Wuthering Waves Sentinel of Jinzhou Image

The Sentinel in Jinzhou is know as "Jue" and is known to manifest itself in the form of a dragon. Only the Sentinel's Appointed Resonator is allowed in its proximity, which is currently the Magistrate of Jinzhou.

Wuthering Waves Locations


Wuthering Waves Solaris Image

The planet where the stage for Roaring Tides is set. Long ago, it suffered devastating damage from an event known as the Wail, but it has since been rebuilt. The planet appears to be composed of several countries, with the prologue taking place in one of them called Huanglong.


Wuthering Waves Huanglong Image

One of the countries in Solaris. It is a land that boasts a long history and rich civilization, and is also the place where there are the largest number of feudal lords.

Interactive Map of Huanglong


Wuthering Waves Jinzhou Image

One of the provinces within Huanglong. It borders Desorock Highland and the Northern Plains, serving as a checkpoint and fortress. This rugged land has acted as a frontline base for repelling the Tacet Discord tides.

Jinzhou (Palace)

Wuthering Waves Jinzhou Image

The central part of Jinzhou. After waking up, Rover, along with Yangyang, Chixia, and Baizhi, heads towards Jinzhou. The Resonance Nexus deploys a protective shield that covers the entire castle, making it said to be the safest place.

Gorges of Spirits

Wuthering Waves Gorges of Spirits Image

Where Rover woke up. It is located outside Jinzhou in Huanglong territory. It is called the key point of Huanglong.

Wuthering Waves Terminology


Wuthering Waves Image

Individuals with the ability to resonate with certain objects and manipulate their frequencies are known as "Resonators". These individuals exhibit unique "Resonance Abilities", also known as their "Fortes", through the "Tacet Mark" on their bodies. According to experts, a Resonator's abilities are often influenced by their past experiences and subconscious mind.


Tacet Discords may leave behind Reverberations when they are eliminated, which can then be transformed into Echoes through Pangu Terminal's Data Bank, providing a useful advantage in battle.

Old Master

A Sentinel exists in each region. There is one capital and six cities in Huanglong, with each city having its own Sentinel. In Huanglong, most of the Sentinels take the shape of a dragon in other regions, they manifest in various forms. There is also a record that they were originally one entity.

The Lament

The term "Lament" refers to the ongoing catastrophic events on Solaris-3. Since the first Lament, destruction has been nonstop and unyielding. The tide of devastation continues without pause, with no signs of slowing down.

Waveworn Phenomenon

Wuthering Waves Waveworn Phenomenon Image

The Lament's power causes destructive anomalies, such as the Tacet Fields, Tacet Discord Outbreaks", and the mysterious matter named "Tacetite". These are collectively known as the Waveworn Phenomena.


Wuthering Waves Remnant Image

In their studies of Waveworm Phenomena, scientist discovered "Tacetite" — a substance that can permanently hold Remnant energy. The Tacetite can be made into potent weapons for Resonators to combat Tacet Discords. Transdimensional spaces where Remnant Energy is abundant are known as Sonoro Spheres.

Tacet Discord

Wuthering Waves Tacet Discord Image

Tacet Discords, created by the Waveworn Phenomena, are dangerous entities with ever-changing, amorphous forms. They possess Tacet Cores and feed on other frequencies to maintain stability and evolve. These creatures mimic their prey's abilities, shapes, and behaviors, influenced by the types of frequency they consume.

Tacet Field

Wuthering Waves Tacet Field Image

The "Tacet Fields" are thought to be where all Tacet Discords originate. These locations feature a sky of inverted seas and a deep cross-shaped Tacet Mark on the ground. Reverberations fill the air, linking our world to an unknown space through a white Resonance Cord. These areas attract gatherings of Tacet Discords.

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