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Best 5 Star Character to Choose - 5 Star Selector Ticket Guide

Best 5 Star Character to Choose - 5 Star Selector Ticket Guide

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Wuthering Waves | Best 5 Star Character to Choose - 5 Star Selector Ticket Guide | WuWa - GameWith

5 Star Selector Ticket Guide & Best 5 Star To Choose For Wuthering Waves (WuWa). See the best 5 star for normal banner, Resonator Convene & Voucher Of Reciprocal Tides guide.

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Giveback Custom Convene Event Guide

Giveback Custom Convene

Giveback Custom Convene
Event Duration
2024/5/26 10:00-
2025/5/22 11:59
Eligibility*Complete either one:
1. Reach Union Level 8
2. Complete "First Resonance" trial and unlocked [Convene] Function
Characters AvailableVerinaVerinaEncoreEncoreCalcharoCalcharo

Get One 5 Star Character Of Choice

You can get one 5 star character of your choice through this event. This 5 star ticket will be given in-game on May 26, 2024 10:00 (UTC +8) onwards. To become eligible, you need to clear specific conditions that can be done within 30-40 minutes of gameplay.

Beginner's Guide

Survey: Who Would You Choose?

1st Choice: Calcharo

Overall Tier
DPSSub-DPSDMG SupportDEF Support

ElementWeaponVoice Actor
Best Calcharo Build

The Best Choice If You Want A Main DPS

After unleashing the Resonance Liberation of Calcharo, he will be in a special form for 10 seconds that will greatly increase his Basic Attack Damage. During the special form, you only need to use Basic Attacks to deal powerful combos making him an attacker that is great character for beginners.

Greatly Benefits From 1 Resonance Chain

At Resonance Chain 1, every hit from Resonance Skill will recover 10 Resonance Energy.. While it has a 20 second limit, it greatly decreases the needed time to activate Resonance Liberation which greatly increase the damage provided by Calcharo.

If You Plan On Getting Yinlin, Get Calcharo Now

If You Plan On Getting Yinlin, Get Calcharo Now

Yinlin, who is confirmed to be added in a future update, is a great match for Calchara because of the Electro buff and the ability to deal damage even when on standby. If you are aiming to get Yinlin, now is the best time to get Calcharo.

Yinlin Best Build

If You Have Jiyan, Calcharo's Priority Decreases

If you have the top class attacker, Jiyan, there will be an overlap in the Main DPS role. Because of this, Calcharo's priority will be lower. If you want to use Calcharo as a main DPS, selecting Calcharo will be no problem.

Exception If You Are Having Trouble With Enemy Resistance

The more enemies you can fight, the more you will struggle with type (Resonance Element) resistance. In such cases, it is difficult to only have one Main DPS, so it is ideal to have a variety of Main DPS to choose from.

Recommended Party

Basic Attack Party

Team Comp Points
- Main DPS Calcharo team.
- Sanhua's Outro Skill will increase Basic Attacks.
- Verina will be the healer and buffer.

Resonance Liberation Focused Party

Team Comp Points
- Team comp that focuses on Resonance Liberation
- Jianxin's Outro buffs Resonance Liberation.
- Baizhi heals and provides buff.

2nd Choice: Verina

Overall Tier
Main DPSSub DPSDMG SupportDEF Support


ElementWeaponVoice Actor
Verina Build - Best Echoes and Weapon

A Support That Can Heal & Give DMG Buffs

After using Resonance Liberation, the whole team's HP will be healed. Additionally, enemies hit will be marked. If an ally attacked a marked enemy, additional damage will occur and the character will be further healed. She is a support that can increase DMG and heal.

1 Resonance Chain Is Less Effective At Higher Difficulty Levels

Verina's 1 Resonance Chain provides more Healing means that are easier to activate. However, since Healing often cannot keep up at higher difficulty levels, her 1 Resonance Chain becomes less important than other characters.

Verina for Buffs, Jianxin for Durability

Difficult challenges like the Tactical Hologram can down your characters in just one hit. In which case, Jianxin's shield will be more useful because it can keep your team alive. Choose Verina if you want more firepower and Jianxin if you want more durability in high level challenges.

If You Enhanced Baizhi, The Priority Of Verina Will Be Lower

If you have a Baizhi that is already enhanced, Verina's priority will become a bit lower. This is when you look at the characters as healers only. If you are looking for Versatility, Verina who has a powerful buff will still be the better choice.

Recommended Party

Calcharo Hypercarry Team

Team Comp Points
- A team wherein Calcharo is the Main DPS.
- Verina is the healer and buffer.
- You can change the Main and Sub-DPS of this team comp.

3rd Choice: Jianxin

Overall Tier
Main DPSSub DPSDMG SupportDEF Support
ElementWeaponVoice Actor
Jianxin Build - Best Echoes and Weapon

A Sub-Attacker That Can Also Be A Main DPS

Jianxin is a character that can produce shields and self-heal. She is a one-man party. She isn't powerful enough to be the sole main DPS, but as a sub DPS she will suffice and can deal with most situations by herself.

1 Resonance Chain Makes It Easier To Use

Although Jianxin's 1 Resonance Chain improves its usability, it is difficult to feels its benefits, making its priority low. However, if you unlock all her Resonance Chains, she becomes similar in strength with a Main DPS, so it is worth unlocking the 1 Resonance Chain if you plan to use her for a long time.

If You Are Looking For Stability, Get Jianxin

Jianxin offers both healing and shields at a high level. However, since her buffing ability is not as strong, Verina is a better choice for a damage buffer. If you want the versatility to be able to play different roles or the stability from shields, choose Jianxin.

Recommended Party

Main DPS Jianxin Party

Team Comp Points
- Jianxin offers shields and healing
- Jianxin can handle everything but the boss
- Jiyan can focus on damage against bosses

Danjin Support Team

Team Comp Points
- Danjin is a self damaging character so having shields helps in Survivability.
- If you have Resonance Chain 5 Baizhi, she can also revive.
- Jianxin is the sub-DPS in this comp.

4th Choice: Encore

Overall Tier
Main DPSSub DPSDMG SupportDEF Support

ElementWeaponVoice Actor
FusionRectifierCarina Reeves
Encore Build - Best Echoes and Weapon

A Character That Can Be A Main & Sub-DPS

Main DPS that buffs herself

Encore is a character that buffs herself to deal damage as a Main DPS. She is especially strong after using Resonance Liberation which transforms all of attacks into a buffed skill which gives powerful damage. If you reached Resonance Chain 4, using Resonance Liberation will also boost the ATK of the whole team by 20%.

1 Resonance Chain Is Highly Important

Encore's 1 Resonance Chain has the simple effect of increasing Fusion DMG every time a Basic Attack hits. This works well with Encore, whose main source of damage is her Basic Attacks, and a significant increase in damage can be felt just by 1 Resonance Chain.

Recommended Team

Resonance Liberation Focused Team

Points Of The Team Comp
-Encore is the Main DPS of this team.
- Yangyang is the sub-DPS and boost energy for Resonance Liberation
- Encore will deal undefendable damage to the enemies.
- Verina boost DMG and healing for the team.
- Verina's outro skill will buff the whole team.

Resonance Skill Party

Points Of Team Comp
- Encore is the main attacker in this team comp.
- Taoqi will provide shields and damage while Baizhi will give healing.
- After Taoqi's Outro Skill, the Resonance Skill DMG will increase
- Baizhi's Outro Skill will give healing and DMG buff.

5th Choice: Lingyang

Overall Tier
Main DPSSub DPSDMG SupportDEF Support

ElementWeaponVoice Actor
Lingyang Build - Best Echoes and Weapon

A Self-Buff Glacio Attacker

Glacio Attacker

Lingyang uses Lion Dance to increase his damage. He uses his Resonance Liberation to increase Glacio DMG to deal powerful damage. As of the current, there are no other Glacio Main DPS so if you want a Glacio Main DPS, Lingyan can be an option.

1 Resonance Chain Makes It Easier For Continuous Damage

Lingyan's 1 Resonance Chain allows him to attack after Resonance Liberation without worrying about attacks from the enemy. Although it matches the effect of the Resonance Liberation's ability to attack even once within the time limit, it has a low priority because you can cover for that if you practice controlling him.

Recommended Party

Resonance Attack Party

Points Of The Team
- Lingyang is the main DPS in this team.
- Verina and Taoqi give shield and heals HP for survivability.
- Verina's Outro Skill boosts Firepower.
- Taoqi's Outro Skill also increases Resonsance Skill DMG.

Basic Attack Focused Party

Points Of The Team
- Lingyang is the Main DPS in this Party.
- Sanhua increases Basic Attack DMG for Lingyang.
-Other than Lingyang, the characters can be obtained through story and logging in.
- Baizhi , with Resonance Chain can also resurrect and give DMG buff.

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