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Best Brawler Tier List

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Best Brawler Tier List

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Find Your Main Brawler in All Brawlers Stats List!

Want to know what Brawler is the best? Read this Brawl Stars guide for the best tiered Brawler list with ranking criteria including base statistics, Star Power capability, game mode effectivity, and more!

Best Brawler Tier & Criteria

Brawler Information

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Best Brawler Tier List

Brawler Tier List

S Rank Brawlers - Extremely Powerful & Versatile

Crow - Effectively Eliminate Brawlers With DoT

CROW Image

Crow shoots far-range poison daggers that have damage-over-time when a hit connects. Though not powerful on its own, a hit's damage increases over time, slowly but surely whittling down an opponent's health.

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DoT Cancels Enemy Self-Healing

An enemy Brawler inflicted with Crow's poison won't be able to self-heal for the time the poison is active. Crow can target & hit a mid-low health Brawler and watch s/he slowly die as they make their retreat.

Poison Damage Reveals Hiding Brawlers

When the poison inflicts damage on a Brawler hidden in grass, they are temporarily revealed. Crow can quickly swoop in and finish them off when this happens.

Great In Most Modes, Especially Indirect Damage Support

Crow's attacks are effective against any Brawler and he is useful in most, if not all, Events. He shines in Gem Grab, as he can simply hit an enemy Brawler, let its damage take its toll, then move on to picking up gems.

Leon - Burst Damage With Stealth Moves

LEON Image

One of the newest characters in Brawl Stars, Leon can move incredibly fast. His Super allows him to turn invisible, great for making sneaky plays against unsuspecting enemy Brawlers.

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Get Behind Brawler's Backs To Deal Most Damage

Leon's movement speed is quite high and he can turn invisible with his Super. It's a great tactic to hide in bushes, activate his Super, creep behind an unknowing enemy Brawler, and do burst damage on them to eliminate them.

Excellent At Racking Up Damage to Single Target

Leon's Super is what makes him excel at almost all of the Events in Brawl Stars. He can easily slip in and out of sight, dealing damage to the safe in Heist, doing sneak attacks to get kills in Bounty, and etc.

A Rank Brawlers - Effective In Specific Events / Roles

Barley - Denies Brawlers With AoE Attacks


Barley is a very versatile character and his attacks, though lacking in burst damage power, are extremely flexible! He can deal AoE damage, allowing him to control and/or deny enemy movement!

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AoE Attacks Can Control Enemy Movement

The liquid formed when Barley throws his bottles deal area-of-effect damage. This allows him to block an enemy Brawler's path and harass their front lines, denying their movement & controlling the direction they move.

Can Deal Ranged Damage Over Walls

Another one of Barley's advantages is that he can use an Event map's walls & obstacles to protect himself while lobbing his ranged attacks over them. This allows him to last longer in a match while still doing damage!

Best Used In Gem Grab & Heist

Barley can deny enemy Brawlers access to the gem mine in Gem Grab using his AoE attacks. His range can also easily reach the enemy safe in Heist.

Great As Support & Defense In Other Events

Barley may not excel in Solo Showdown but he can be effective in pushing in Duo mode. He can create paths in Brawl Ball and also work best as a line-backer in Bounty.

Pam - Tanky Healer With Wide-Range Damage

PAM Image

Pam deals damage in a large area, spreading shrapnel around her and hitting any enemy Brawlers in their way. Her Super allows her to create a healing turret that heals her & allies within the turret's range.

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Great Defensive Team Player

Pam is a great defensive Brawler to have in a team Event. Her normal attacks don't deal enough damage to eliminate enemies single-handedly, but they do spread far & wide, allowing her to provide cover fire for her allies.

Has High HP & Her Super Can Heal

Pam's high HP allows her to last longer in a match, making her a mid-tier tank. Plus, her Super supports this high HP with a healing turret that replenishes her & her allies' HP as long as they stay within its range.

Works Best In Team Events

Pam excels in Events that have her supporting a team. Her Super will charge quickly due to the wide-range of her shrapnel attacks & her healing turret helps her allies survive longer! With her Star Power, she will be able to heal herself and friends for each hit she makes, significantly boosting team survivability!

Poco - Ranged Support Attack & Healing

POCO Image

Poco strums his weapon to deal damage in a cone-shaped pattern in front of him. He can send healing sound waves, even through walls and obstacles, with his Super.

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Super's Heals Can Go Through Walls

Poco's Super lets him strum out healing sound waves, healing him and his teammates. These waves can also pass through walls, letting it reach allies at a distance. Proper use of his Super can turn the table in most multi-player confrontation.

Poco's Sound Waves Move Fast & Wide

Poco's normal attacks flies relatively fast and spread out extremely widely in front of him, making it effective as covering fire and making it extremely easy to charge up his Super. With his Star Power, he can use his attack to provide damage support while healing your allies in the AoE!

Does Well In Gem Grab & Bounty

Poco's wide-range sound waves make him a great damage dealer & support in both Gem Grab & Bounty. He can stay a safe distance away and support teammates with higher attack power with his Super. His wide attack range will also help your allies finish off their rivals even while moving.

Spike - Strong AoE With Super


Spike is a giant cactus Brawler that throws cacti grenades that sends spiky needles around in all directions. His Super creates a cactus field that deals area-on-effect damage. All his attacks slow enemies when hit!

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AoE Attack with Needle Grenade

Spike's normal attack fires a fast projectile which pops and fires 6 needles in all direction. Not only is this great for hitting multiple enemies to charge up Super relatively quickly, you can aim your shots to hit enemies even when they are hiding behind cover.

Super Slow Down Enemy Brawlers

Spike's attacks not only damages opponents but can also slow them down. His Super also slows Brawlers caught in its spiky trap. This allows him to chase them down and finish them off. This can also be used defensively to halt enemy charge while your allies can push back.

Great In Crowd Control Events

Spike's move set makes him a very powerful crowd-controller. He is most effective when enemy Brawlers are clumped together as his normal attack spreads out in all directions.

Check Special Offers in Shop for Brawlers

Brawl Stars Best Brawler Tier

Checking the shop will show you that at times there will be Special Offers for you to buy. These Special Offers are totally random, but will sometimes feature a high-tier ranking Brawler.

What You Can Buy in Shop? Find Out Here!

Special Offers Give Discounts To Items

The items featured in the Shop's Special Offer will get a discounted price for you to purchase! This will be the most Gem-efficient way of getting more Brawlers!

How To Efficiently Use & Earn Gems

Special Offers Are Random

Items & Brawlers will be given as Special Offers to you at random each day. Getting a good Special Offers is left up to chance. However, new merchandises will be available everyday at 12:00 (PST)!

Brawler Tier Criteria

Effectivity In All Game Modes

Brawlers that are effective in multiple game modes have a higher ranking. You can go into several game modes without worrying about damage output or effectiveness with these Brawlers.

Versatility & Ease Of Use

Brawlers that are easy to use and have uncomplicated skills are best to use. Their skills are versatile, making them effective in long-range or short-range combat with other Brawlers.

Star Power Strength & Capabilities

The strength and capability of a Brawler's Star Power and super attacks are important in any match. These have the capability to take down other players & can make or break the match.

Good Combination Of Base Statistics

Brawlers that have a good combination of base stats such as HP, attack power, speed, etc., can be more effective in multiple game modes.

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