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Gem Grab Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips
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Gem Grab Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Learn more about the Brawl Stars Event - Gem Grab! Check this guide on the game mode's rules and objectives, recommended Brawlers, gameplay tips, & more!

Gem Grab

Brawl Stars Events (Game Modes)

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Table of Contents

What is Gem Grab?

Hold 10 Crystals For 15 Seconds

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Guide & Tips

Gem Grab maps periodically spawn crystals at the center of the map. The main objective is to collect crystals / gems as a team, and hold at least 10 of these for 15 seconds to win.

Dying Spills Crystals On The Floor

Brawl Stars Game Mode List Guide Tips

The crystals you collect will stay with you until the game ends or you die. If you die, the crystals you have on you will fall to the floor, and anyone will be able to pick it up!

No Time Limit

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode Guide

Currently, there is no time limit during the game. The countdown timer will be 15 seconds, and will only start once either team has at least 10 gems, or more.

Adjust Your Playstyle Accdg. To Situation

When the countdown timer starts, if you are winning, play it safe so that the enemy team will not be able to get your gems. If you are on the opposing side, it would be better to start getting aggressive, and force a turnover of gems!

Best Brawlers For Gem Grab

Best Tier Brawler List for Gem Grab Mode

S Tier Brawlers for Gem Grab Mode

PAM ImagePAM - Can heal herself & allies with Super
- Attacks cover wide area, allowing her to protect general gem mine area

A+ Tier Brawlers for Gem Grab Mode

BARLEY ImageBARLEY - Can deny enemies gem mine area using normal AoE attacks.
- Can deal damage while hiding behind walls.
DARRYL ImageDARRYL - Super makes you super agile. You can pop in and out of the mine area, or use to engage enemies
PENNY ImagePENNY- Super can be placed behind walls, and be used to patrol the gem area
ROSA ImageROSA- Super makes you almost invulnerable, allowing you to stay in the mine area for longer
RICO ImageRICO- Normal attacks bounce of walls, allowing you to engage enemies at different angles
SPIKE ImageSPIKE - Normal attacks can do AoE damage to protect gem mine
- Super can slow and prohibit enemy movement
LEON ImageLEON - Spinning blades deal more damage the closer it is to the target
- Special allows him to disappear, great for backing away or ambushing enemies
GENE ImageGENE- Normal covers a long and wide range
- Super can pull an enemy holding a lot of gems

A Tier Brawlers for Gem Grab Mode

BROCK ImageBROCK - Rockets are great for area denials and deterring enemy movement
- Special can easily take out grouped enemies at the mine
JESSIE ImageJESSIE- Can summon turret to help defend the gem mine area from enemies.
- Normal attack can bounce of multiple enemies.
BO ImageBO- Can place Super around Gem Mine Area
- Has a long range normal attack which can be used to engage enemies from afar
CARL ImageCARL - Normal attack has a wide range which goes through and damages clusters of enemies
- Super can burst down enemies that get too greedy
CROW ImageCROW- Highly mobile which allows to get in and out of gem mine area quickly
- Poison attacks can be a nuisance to enemies
NITA ImageNITA- Bear can be used to deter enemies from entering the Gem Mine Area
DYNAMIKE ImageDYNAMIKE- Strong AoE attacks can be used to push back enemies attempting to dive the Gem Mine Area.
- Can defend the mid area behind walls since normal and super attacks can be thrown over obstacles.
MORTIS ImageMORTIS- Normal attacks let you swoop in and out of the mine area
- Normal attacks make you mobile when moving around the map
COLT ImageCOLT- Long range Brawler that can be used to pick off enemies with a ton of Gems from a distance.
- Super can be used to destroy obstacles and expose enemy Brawlers hiding behind cover!

B Tier Brawlers for Showdown Mode

SHELLY ImageSHELLY- Deals high burst damage up close, best for ambushing gem carrying Brawlers
- Wide attacks can hit single or multiple Brawlers
TICK ImageTICK- Can defend Gem Mine area due to normal attacks being thrown over walls.
- If timed and aimed correctly, Super can be used to eliminate enemy with a high number of Gems.

Pam - High Damage Healer

PAM Image

Pam's normal attack has a wide area of effect, great for denying enemies with access to the Gem Mine. Place her Special, the healing turret, near the mine to continuously heal your team while taking control of the mine.

Check Out How to Play PAM Here

Tips For Playing Gem Grab

Gain Control Of Gem Mine Early

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode Guide

If you are able to gain control of the gem mine early, you'll be able to dictate the flow of the match. You can keep enemy Brawlers a distance away from the mine while being able to collect gems for your team.

Push Frontline to Dominate Mine

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode Guide

Controlling the mine is an advantage you need to aim for! Push your frontline to the edge of the mine to get control it, then start to defend through all the sides of the battlefield.

Group Up with Allies When Being Pursued

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode Guide

Use your numbers to your advantage when fighting enemies! When being pursued, head near your allies to receive backup. Zip through obstacles and grass when running to stay out of enemy fire.

When Winning, Retreat When Countdown Starts

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode Guide

When your team is winning, it's better to play on the safe side and keep near your team & side of the map. These will prevent you from getting eliminated and losing the gems you have in your hold.

When Losing, Attack Enemy With Most Gems

Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode Guide

If you're on the losing side of the match, work with your team to take down the enemy Brawler who is holding the most gems. Eliminating them automatically resets the countdown, allowing you time to turn the match to your favor.

Gem Grab Event Map List

Cell Division

Cell Division

Cell Division Features & Tips

This map's central area is open and lacks any obstacles for you to use as cover. However, its sides are covered in bushes and walls which you can use to ambush unsuspecting enemies. Launch yourself to the enemy side using the jump pads.

Cross Cut

Cross Cut

Cross Cut Features & Tips

With minimal obstacles and grassy areas, this map is perfect for long range brawlers. Use the open area to easily locate enemies and shoot from afar! Remember to lead your shots to hit moving targets.

Crystal Cavern

Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Game Mode Guide, Crystal Cavern

Crystal Cavern Features & Tips

There is quite an open space surrounding the gem spawn point. Your best bet is to weave in and out of the grass when collecting gems. This will make you an elusive target for enemies!

Deathcap Cave

Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Game Mode Guide, Deathcap Cave

Deathcap Cave Features & Tips

Deathcap Cave's gem spawn point is surrounded by an open area. Use a tanky Brawler like Bull or El Primo to be able to get to the center and collect gems! Long range Brawlers like Colt and Bo will be able to sniper enemies from far away!

Deep Siege

Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Game Mode Guide, Deep Siege

Deep Siege Features & Tips

This map features tons of grass and walls that you can use for hiding and cover respectively. To flush enemies out of their hiding places use Brawlers that do AoE damage like Brock or shred obstacles to pieces with Brawlers like Shelly!

Double Swoosh

Double Swoosh

Double Swoosh Features & Tips

The central area of this map is covered with grassy areas that form 2 swooshes. You can use these to sneak around the map and get to the enemy's side for some surprise ambushes!

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity Features & Tips

This tight map has a ton of obstacles and grass littered around. Perfect for close to mid range brawlers since the map forces you to get up close and personal. Jump pads can also be used to instantly get across the map!

Flooded Mine

Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Game Mode Guide, Flooded Mine

Flooded Mine Features & Tips

The Flooded Mine has lots of grass on the map. This will help speedy Brawlers weave in and out of grass to collect gems and avoid encounters! Brawlers that can deal AoE damage will be helpful in scouting for hiding enemies!

Four Squared

Four Squared

Four Squared Features & Tips

Four Squared is a symmetrical map which provides tons of cover and grassy areas for you. However, beware of the central area since there is a huge space where long range brawlers can pick you off!

Hard Rock Mine

Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Game Mode Guide, Hard Rock Mine

Hard Rock Mine Features & Tips

Hard Rock Mine possesses an absurd amount of grass! Brawlers that can burst down enemies will be helpful in taking down hidden opponents! A Bo with Star Power will thrive in this map!

Minecart Madness

Minecart Madness

Minecart Madness Features & Tips

This map only has a few obstacles that you can use for cover. Minecarts will periodically appear on the map riding along the tracks. Stay away from these minecarts since they can both push you back and severely damage you!

Spring Trap

Spring Trap

Spring Trap Features & Tips

This map's central area is very tight due to the concentration of obstacles and grass in the area. Close range Brawlers will shine in this map since the central area forces you to get into tight spaces to collect gems.

Stone Fort

Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Game Mode Guide, Stone Fort

Stone Fort Features & Tips

It will be difficult for long range Brawlers to shoot at enemies grabbing gems in this map since there are a lot of sturdy walls. It is best to stick with close range Brawlers and use the grass near the Gem spawn point to ambush enemies!


Brawl Stars, Gem Grab Game Mode Guide, Undermine

Undermine Features & Tips

The Undermine features a lot of grass on its sides. It will be helpful to go into the grass to lose enemies chasing after you! You can also use close range Brawlers to make quick work of enemies that follow you into the grass!

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