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Brawl Ball Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Brawl Ball Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Learn more about the Brawl Stars Event - Brawl Ball! Check this guide on the game mode's rules and objectives, recommended Brawlers, gameplay tips, & more!

Brawl Ball Guide

Brawl Stars Events (Game Modes)

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Table of Contents

What is Brawl Ball?

Score 2 Goals To Win

Brawl Stars, Brawl Ball - Guide & Tips

This game mode is a straight up football game! Two teams of 3 will race to be the first to score 2 goals before the timer runs out!

Dribble & Shooting Mechanics

You will be able to dribble the ball by walking over it. Using the "shoot" button will allow you to shoot or pass, and the super kicks the ball further!

Time Limit Is At 2:30

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Guide Tips Recommended Brawlers

You will have a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to score 2 goals! The first team to reach 2 will win the game!

Focus On Spreading The Floor

Brawl Stars, Brawl Ball - Guide & Tips

Have your team spread out against the map! They must be far enough to get the ball away from enemies pressuring you, but also close enough to pass to!

Overtime Rules

Brawl Stars, Brawl Ball - Guide & Tips

If the timer runs out and the score is tied, the game will go into overtime. Here, no barriers and grass are present, and the next goal wins. You will have 1 minute in OT.

Best Brawlers For Brawl Ball

Best Tier Brawler List for Brawl Ball Mode

S Tier Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode

TARA ImageTARA- Super pulls in enemies to one area, allowing team to focus fire & finish them off
- Attacks can pierce through enemies, hitting multiple targets at once
EL PRIMO ImageEL PRIMO - High HP makes him a powerful ball handler
- Can ward off attackers with powerful punch attacks
LEON ImageLEON - Star Power increases movement when using Super to outrun opponents
- Can bring down enemies easily with close-range attacks
SPIKE ImageSPIKE - Super is effective at controlling and denying enemies and area or clear path to the ball or ballhandler

A Tier Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode

MORTIS ImageMORTIS - Can dash forward to get to ball fast with his attacks
- He can close the gap towards low HP enemies, eliminating them & freeing space in the arena
FRANK ImageFRANK - Extremely high HP can make him tanky ball carrier
- Attacks can deal powerful wide-range damage, halting enemies from taking the ball
BULL ImageBULL- Super can rush him towards the ball or destroy obstacles covering path to the goal
- Can do heavy burst damage with his shotguns
NITA ImageNITA- Super can mess up enemy formation by giving them another target to worry about.
COLT ImageCOLT- Super can clear path to enemy goal & do heavy damage to enemies
- Attacks are long-range & powerful, can snipe enemies from the bushes
SHELLY ImageSHELLY- Normal attacks can deal substantial damage versus other Brawlers when firing at point blank range
- Super can stagger enemies, giving you enough time to pass or shoot the ball!
GENE ImageGENE - Special can pull enemy brawler to your team side.
- Easy to hit and can interfere heal of enemies.

B Tier Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode

DARRYL ImageDARRYL - Super can get you to the ball or to the goal very fast
- Since Super charges over time, you can use the Super often
BROCK ImageBROCK - Can deal lots of damage with normal attacks at long ranges
- Super can destroy walls and obstacles to clear a path to the goal!
CROW ImageCROW - Fast movement good for chasing after balls
- Can harass enemy team with damage over time attacks
PAM ImagePAM - Great for supporting the ballhandler to prolong the ball in team's possession
- Super can help your team hold the line in defense, and help attempt to steal the ball

Tara - Hold Enemies To Score

TARA Image

Tara's Super is very effective especially when used against a group of enemies. This will hold them in a place for a few moments, letting you and your team focus on getting the ball to the goal!

Check Out How To Play TARA Here!

El Primo - Effective As Ball Handler


El Primo is an effective ball handler in Brawl Stars. His high HP will allow you to survive long enough to get the ball to the enemy goal, provided your allies distract enemy Brawlers.

Check Out How To Play EL PRIMO Here!

Leon - Super Can Help Move Around Map

LEON Image

Leon's Super can turn him invisible, and help him get to the other side of the map quickly and unnoticed! Use Leon's Super as much as possible in order to get easy goals often!

Check Out How To Play LEON Here!

Spike - Deny Enemies Opportunities


Spike's Super can damage the enemy over time, forcing them to move around it instead of through it. This will be useful when you want to deny enemies a clear path to your team's ballhandler!

Check Out How To Play SPIKE Here!

Tips For Playing Brawl Ball

Use Tanky Brawlers To Carry The Ball

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Guide Tips Recommended Brawlers

Tanky Brawlers like El Primo can be good goal scorers. They can withstand most attacks and survive long enough to get the ball to the goal.

Destroy Obstacles To Clear Path To Enemy Goal

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Guide Tips Recommended Brawlers

Obstacle destroyers like Shelly, Colt, Bull, and Dynamike are effective in supporting the ball carrier, They can clear out paths with their Supers, making it easier for the ball carrier to score goals.

Knockback Attacks Can Make Enemies Lose The Ball

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Guide Tips Recommended Brawlers

Knockback attacks from Shelly & Dynamike's Supers will make enemies lose control of the ball. Use these moves when enemies are near your goal to prevent them from scoring!

Use Your Supers Wisely

Brawl Stars, Brawl Ball - Guide & Tips

Supers will let you kick the ball further away! Save your supers for when you have a clear shot at the goal! This will let you score crucial goals from way downtown!

Provide Cover Fire at the Start of the Match

Brawl Stars, Brawl Ball - Guide & Tips

At the start of the match, you can predict enemy movement as they try to take the ball! Provide cover fire near the ball to deter enemies from taking it before your team could.

Brawl Ball Event Maps List

Backyard Bowl

Brawl Ball Mode - Guide & Tips Backyard Bowl

Backyard Bowl Features & Tips

Backyard Bowl hasa lot of open spaces! You will need to pass the ball to teammates to get out of enemies cornering you. Remember that Brawl Ball is a team game, so don't be greedy and pass the ball!

Pinhole Punt

Brawl Ball Mode - Guide & Tips Pinhole Punt

Pinhole Punt Features & Tips

Keep your eyes peeled on to the center of the map! The player who gets to the ball will go to the grass surrounding it. Make sure to surround it so that you got them trapped when they come out of hiding!

Puddle Splash

Brawl Ball Mode - Guide & Tips Puddle Splash

Puddle Splash Features & Tips

Puddle Splash has lots of water along the map. This may make it difficult for you to move the ball up to the opposition's goal. Remember that there are Brawlers whose Supers can let them move across water. These include Bull and Darryl!

Sneaky Fields

Brawl Ball Mode - Guide & Tips Sneaky Fields

Sneaky Fields Features & Tips

Sneaky Fields features a lot of grass at the center of the map. Use this to your advantage by maneuvering the ball to an area without enemies. When the coast is clear, you can dribble the ball, pass, or even shoot!

Super Stadium

Brawl Ball Mode - Guide & Tips Super Stadium

Super Stadium Features & Tips

Super Stadium is a relatively open map. It has some obstacles like fences and barrels that can shield you from enemy fire. However, the recommended strategy here is to spread the team across the map in order to push the ball forward by passing!

Triple Dribble

Brawl Ball Mode - Guide & Tips Triple Dribble

Triple Dribble Features & Tips

Triple Dribble's layout may force you to attack the enemy's goal from the side since it has less obstacles, but you can also choose to play a passing game along the middle of the map until one of your teammates has a clear shot to the goal!

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