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Brawl Stars | Event List - Game Mode Overview

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Learn more about the different Events or game modes available in Brawl Stars! Check this guide out for the list, tips and tricks on Showdown, Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist, Robo Rumble, Brawl Ball, and more.

Brawl Stars Events List Guide Tips
Check Out How To Unlock Events!

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Event (Game Mode) List

Not All Game Modes Available At Start

Not all the game modes for Brawl Stars will be available for you to play after you first boot up the game. Some games modes will need you to meet requirements before they are unlocked.

How To Unlock Game Modes

Game ModeHow To Unlock
Brawl Stars, ShowdownShowdownReach 30 total Trophies to unlock
Brawl Stars, Gem GrabGem GrabUnlocked by default
Brawl Stars, BountyBountyUnlocked by claiming "New Event" in Trophy Road
Brawl Stars, Brawl BallBrawl BallUnlocked by claiming "New Event" in Trophy Road
Brawl Stars, HeistHeistUnlocked by claiming "New Event" in Trophy Road
Brawl Stars, Robo RumbleRobo RumbleUnlocked by claiming "New Event" in Trophy Road
Brawl Stars, Boss FightBoss FightUnlocked by claiming "New Event" in Trophy Road
Brawl Stars, Big GameBig GameUnlocked by claiming "New Event" in Trophy Road
SiegeSiegeUnlocked by claiming "Special Events" in Trophy Road

Showdowns (Solo & Duo)

Brawl Stars Game Mode List Guide Tips

Game Mode Info

Game ModeShowdown
Players & Teams6 Players, Free-For-All or 2 teams of 3
Win ConditionsBe the last man or team standing

Showdowns in Brawl Stars are free-for-all battle royale types of games where the objective is to be the last Brawler standing!

Check Out Showdown (Solo / Duo)!

Teammate Can Revive You In Duo Mode

In Duo Showdown, if your teammate is still standing, they can revive you and continue the battle!

Gem Grab

Brawl Stars Game Mode List Guide Tips

Game Mode Info

Game ModeGem Grab
Players & Teams2 teams of 3
Win ConditionsFirst team to hold 10 or more gems for 15 seconds wins

The objective in Gem Grab is to work as a team of 3 vs. another team of 3 Brawlers to grab the most number of gems. Those with the highest number of gems wins the match!

Check Out Gem Grab Mode!

Gems Spawn Periodically

Gems will periodically spawn in the middle of the map. A maximum of 29 gems can spawn in the middle of the map so check the middle of the map regularly to see if there are gems present!

Countdown Starts When A Team Has 10 Or More Gems

A countdown of 15 seconds will start when a team has 10 or more gems. The countdown will stop if the same team drops to less than 10 gems. A fresh countdown will start again when either team has 10 or more gems.


Brawl Stars Game Mode List Guide Tips

Game Mode Info

Game ModeBounty
Players & Teams2 teams of 3
Win ConditionsTeams fight to hold the most number of stars before time expires

Bounty is another 3 vs. 3 game mode where teams have to eliminate other players to earn Stars. Brawlers with a high kill count will be worth more stars and the team with the most stars will win!

Check Out Bounty Mode Here!

Kill Enemies To Earn Stars

Having a high number of stars will be the key to winning this game mode. You earn stars by killing enemies. If you have a higher amount of stars, get to safety as dying will make you lose all your earned stars!

Maximum Stars Is 7

A player will have a maximum of 7 stars on their person. Having a high amount of stars on you makes you a very valuable target. Make sure to play defensively when you have a lot of stars on you!

Brawl Ball

Brawl Stars Game Mode List Guide Tips

Game mode Info

Game ModeBrawl Ball
Players & Teams2 teams of 3
Win ConditionsTeams fight to be the first to score 2 goals

In Brawl Ball, teams of 3 will compete to score two goals. Players need to send the ball to the opposing team's side and shoot it into the goal, using their skills and supers to kick it around.

Check Out Brawl Ball Here!

Using Your Super Kicks The Ball Further

While playing this game mode, your Super will make you kick the ball further. Use it to strategically pass to far away teammates, or for a hail mary shot!

Draws Result In Overtime

If the timer runs out without any team getting a higher score, then overtime will start. Overtime gets rid of any obstacles and grass, and the next goal wins!


Brawl Stars Event List - Game Mode Overview, Heist

Game Mode Info

Game ModeHeist
Players &Teams2 teams of 3
Win ConditionsTwo teams compete to destroy the opposition's safe

Another 3 vs. 3 mode, Heist will give each team a safe to guard. Players need to protect their own safe while trying to destroy the opposing team's safe. The safe with the highest health will win the match!

Check Out Heist Mode Here!

Less Damaged Safe Wins

The team with the less damaged safe when the timer expires will win the match. The time limit for the game mode is 2:30 seconds meaning you need to get to work on that safe pronto!

Robo Rumble

Game Mode Info

Game ModeRobo Rumble
Players & Teams1 team of 3
Win ConditionsA team of 3 defends a safe from AI-controlled robots

Robo Rumble will pit a team of 3 players against endless waves of robots. The objective is to keep their safe protected and undamaged.

Check Out Robo Rumble Mode Here!

Maximum Time To Defend Is 13 Minutes

You will have a maximum of 13 minutes to defend your safe from the AI-controlled robots. Work with your team to focus fire on robots to bring them down faster!

Boss Fight

Brawl Stars Event List - Game Mode Overview, Boss Fight

Game Mode Info

Game ModeBoss Fight
Players & Teams1 team of 3 Brawlers
Win ConditionsA team of 3 needs to defeat a big Boss Robot
Check Out Boss Fight Mode Here!

Defeat Boss Robot As Fast As You Can

You and your team will win the match as soon as you defeat the Boss Robot. You need to reduce his HP to 0 and avoid getting pulverized by his attacks.

Difficulty Levels Increase When You Win The Match

Every time you defeat the Boss Robot, the next time you play Boss Fight, the level of difficulty will go up. It starts at Normal, then goes to Hard, and so on.

Match Keeps Going As Long As 1 Teammate Is Alive

You'll only be defeated if all 3 team members are eliminated. Keep at least 1 ally alive to keep the match going and have more chances to defeat the Boss Robot!

Big Game

Game Mode Info

Game ModeBig Game
Players & Teams1 team of 5 Brawlers & 1 Big Brawler
Win ConditionsA team of 5 Brawlers needs to defeat 1 Big Brawler
Check Out Big Game Mode Here!

As The Boss - Survive As Long As You Can

When you're assigned as the Big Brawler in Big Game, you need to keep alive as long as you can. Stick to your corner and use support Brawlers such as Nita, Jessie, or Penny to help you win the match!

As Normal Brawlers - Damage Boss As Much As You Can

As part of the 5 normal Brawlers in Big Game, you need to deal as much damage to the Big Brawler as you can. Try to draw the Big Brawler away from their corner by using throwers such as Barley or Dynamike.


Brawl Stars Event List - Game Mode Overview, Siege

Game Mode Info

Game ModeSiege
Players & Teams2 teams of 3
Win ConditionsA team of 3 must destroy the enemy's base while defending their own base
Check Out Siege Mode Here

Construct Siege Robots To Assist Your Team

Your team will be able to construct Siege Robots by collecting Bolts found on the middle of the map. Siege Robots will be helpful since they have a big HP pool, and deal massive damage.

What Are Events (Game Modes)?

Different Arenas To Brawl In

Brawl Stars - Walkthrough & Guides

Brawl Stars offers a unique variety in gameplay with its 7 Events. There's one for every kind of player - for those who are competitive and others that are just looking to play the game.

Check Out How To Unlock Game Modes!

Test Of Competitive Skill In Showdown

Competitive players can exhaust their skills by playing the Showdown Events. Also available in Duo mode, you can invite a friend to help you battle it out in a free-for-all fight.

Complete Unique Objectives To Win

The other Events, though still competitive, have unique objectives to fulfill in order to win the match - making it a different experience each and every time.

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Brawler Information

Brawl Stars Events (Game Modes)

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