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Fast & Easy Way of Getting Trophies

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Fast & Easy Way of Getting Trophies

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Check out this Brawl Stars guide on how to get and earn trophies fast to rank up your Brawlers & overall player Trophy Count / Rank.

Brawl Stars How To Get Trophies Fast
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Best Event To Win Trophies Fast

Play & Win In Showdown For Quick Trophies

Brawl Stars Trophies Guide Tips

In the lower Trophy Ranks, you can earn as much as +8 Trophies when you are the last Brawler/s standing in Solo or Duo Showdown. This is currently the fastest & most efficient way to earn Trophies in Brawl Stars.

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Trophies Gained Per Rank In Showdown

Rank Trophies Earned
1 +8
2 +7
3 +6
4 +5
5 +5
6 +4
7 +3
8 +2
9 +1
10 - Trophies

Trophy numbers in this chart are based on Trophies earned by Brawlers with a Trophy count of 40 and below. Number of Trophies earned can differ according to your Brawler's Trophy Rank.

Higher Trophy Ranks Earns Less Trophies

When your Brawler has a higher Trophy Rank, it earns less Trophies when winning in Showdown. The amount of Trophies decreased from your Trophy Rank when you place 10th in Showdown is also increased.

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No Need To Be #1 To Get Trophies

Brawl Stars How To Get Trophies Fast

In Showdown, you don't need to be the last Brawler standing to get Trophies. You still get them even if you place in the top 5!

Recommended Brawlers for Showdown

El Primo - Great for 1 on 1 Battle


El Primo is effective as the last Brawler standing in Showdown. When powered-up, he can easily take down foes in close-range and burst down enemy Brawlers with his Super.

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Shelly - Burst-Down Spread Damage With Shotgun


Shelly can be great in sniffing out enemies hiding in bushes with her Super. She is also beginner-friendly and her Shotgun deals good spread damage, perfect to finish off two Brawlers caught in a Brawl.

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Darryl - Swoop In And Wreak Havoc


Darryl deals very extremely high burst damage with his double-barrel shotguns. His Super can make him mobile, knocking enemies off their feet and dealing deadly damage to them, or using it for a quick escape!

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Poco - Ranged Fight & Heal At The Same Time

POCO Image

Poco can be quite effective in both Solo and Duo Showdown. He can spread his attack widely plus heal his teammate or himself. This can make him last longer in the Brawl and ultimately win the match!

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Tips To Win #1 In Showdown

Brawl Stars Game Mode List Guide Tips

Collect Power-Ups Before Attacking

Showdown maps have boxes you can destroy to release power-ups. These increase your stats, increasing your HP & attack damage. It's best to gather a couple of power-ups first before starting a Brawl.

Wait & Hide In Bushes For Sneak Attacks

Take advantage of the map terrain by hiding in bushes and laying in wait for enemy Brawlers to come to your spot. Beware as other Brawlers may use this same tactic as well.

Take Advantage Of Other Brawlers' Fights

Watch and wait for enemy Brawlers to start their own fights. When one is eliminated, immediately jump into the fray. You will probably easily take down the enemy Brawler as they'll have less HP from the Brawl.

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