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How to Use SPIKE - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

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How to Use SPIKE - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

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Learn the stats, play tips and damage values for SPIKE from Brawl Stars! In this guide, we featured the basic strats & stats, featured Star Power & Super Attacks!


Brawler Information

Table of Contents

SPIKE - Rating & Stats

SPIKE - Rating

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Brawler Tier Rating per Game Mode

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SPIKE - Status

Lv1Lv10 (Max)
Health 24003360

SPIKE - Overview

Spike throws cactus grenades that send needles flying. His Super creates a field of spiky cacti that slows down and damages enemies!

How to Get SPIKE

Unlock Brawler from Brawl Boxes.

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SPIKE - Normal / Super Attack & Star Power

NEEDLE GRENADE - Normal Attack

Spike fires off a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions.

STICK AROUND! - Super Attack

Spike lobs a thorny grenade. Enemies caught in the blast area take damage and are slowed down.

Fertilize - Star Power

After using his Super, Spike regenerates 500 health per second by staying in its area of effect.

SPIKE - Game Play Tips per Game Mode

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SPIKE - Skin List

Brawler Skin List

1st Skin2nd Skin3rd Skin

How to Unlock Brawler Skins

Most of the Brawler's selectable Skins may be purchased in the Shop or unlocked through special campaigns. These Brawlers are purely cosmetic, and will not affect your Brawler's stats.

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