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Boss Fight Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Boss Fight Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Learn more about the Brawl Stars Event - Boss Fight! Check this guide on the game mode's rules and objectives, recommended Brawlers, gameplay tips, and more!

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

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What Is Boss Fight Mode?

Take Down The Boss Robot

Boss Fight Mode Guide Recommended Brawlers Tips

In Boss Fight, the goal is to defeat the giant Boss Robot chasing you around the map. You need to work with 2 other Brawlers to defeat it!

Difficulty Goes Up Every Time You Beat Boss Robot

In Boss Fight, the difficulty of the Event goes up every time you defeat the Boss Robot. More robot mobs will spawn the more difficult the level and the Boss Robot does more damage.

Ticket Event Unlocked Via Trophy Road

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

Boss Fight is a Ticket Event that is unlockable from Trophy Road. It is only available during weekends and Event Tickets are needed to participate in them.

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Earn 350 Trophies To Unlock Event

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

You need a total of 350 Trophies to unlock the Ticket Event option from Trophy Road.

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Fight Lasts As Long As Your Teammates Are Alive

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

There is no time limit for Boss Fight. The fight will keep on going as long as you or one of your team members is still alive and kicking.

Best Brawlers For Boss Fight

S Tier Brawlers for Boss Fight Mode

LEON ImageLEON - Fast movement speed will help you dodge & avoid Boss Robot attacks
- Mid-range attacks can do good - strong damage
COLT ImageCOLT - High powered damage at long-range
- Super can deal very strong damage to Boss Robot

A Tier Brawlers for Boss Fight Mode

PAM ImagePAM Pam can use healing turret to help team survive longer
- Her attacks can do consistent, wide-spread damage
BULL ImageBULL - Bull can tank & kite Boss Robot in later levels
- Star Power increases his attack power at 40% health, making him an effective damage-dealer to the Boss Robot
JESSIE ImageJESSIE - Turret can deal consistent damage to Boss Robot
- Energy orbs can hit targets multiple times

B Tier Brawlers for Boss Fight Mode

DARRYL ImageDARRYL - Super can make Darryl very mobile, popping in & out of combat
- Can do strong burst damage in close quarters
EL PRIMO ImageEL PRIMO - Big HP makes him a good tank, allowing him to survive the battle longer
- Super can do good damage but will move you closer to the Boss, making you vulnerable to attack

Colt - Heavy Long-Ranged Damage

COLT Image

Colt is a good damage-dealer against the Boss Robot. He can keep himself away, dodging its lasers & rush attacks, while doing good damage.

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Pam - Team Healing & Mob Sweeps

PAM Image

Pam can set down a healing turret with her Super. This will ensure longer survivability of her team! Her attacks also reach a wide area, allowing her to do sweeping damage on both the Boss Robot & robot mobs.

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Jessie - Consistent Ranged Attacks


Jessie can also set down a turret with her Super, one that can deal damage instead of heal. Her normal attacks are also a good range, keeping her safe from the Robot Boss attacks.

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Darryl - Pop In & Out Of Combat


Darryl's Super allows him to be very mobile across the map. He can pop into battle, do a few high-damage shots and easily roll away when his HP gets too low. He can stick close and kite around the Boss to draw his aggro as well.

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Tips For Playing Boss Fight

Use Long-Range Or Mobile Brawler To Do Damage

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

The Boss Robot shoots lasers & does melee attacks that deal heavy damage. If you want the role of damage-dealer, use long-range shooters like Colt or Ricochet or mobile Brawlers like Darryl to pop in & out of combat. Be sure to use cover to kite the Boss around.

Use Support & Healing Brawlers For Higher Survival Odds

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

Support Brawlers such as Jessie, Penny or Healers such as Pam can also help your team survive longer. Jessie & Penny put down turrets that can do consistent damage & Pam can heal her team up when their health is low.

Run Away To Heal & Survive

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

It's best to run away and heal when you're low on HP. The respawn cooldown takes longer in this Event and the Boss Robot could already eliminate your teammates while you're respawning.

Respawn Time Gets Longer At Higher Difficulties

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

The respawn time in Boss Fight gets longer when the Event's difficulty gets higher, giving the Boss Robot & his mobs enough time to eliminate your team. Focus on surviving longer & staying alive to avoid this long cooldown.

Push Attacks On Boss When HP Is Full

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

It's best to push and attack the Boss Robot when your HP is full. This lets you play it safe, giving you a little leeway to take some damage either from the Boss Robot or his mobs.

Destroy Robot Mobs When They Appear

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

It's best to destroy the robot mobs as soon as they spawn. They can easily overpower and outnumber you and your teammates when left alone for too long.

Blue-r Mobs Are More Powerful

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

Robot mobs with a different blue-r color will be more powerful and hit you with stronger attacks. Team up with your allies to take them down fast before they can hit you.

Stick To Your Teammates

Boss Fight is about teamwork. Stick with your teammates then work together to focus fire on the Boss Robot and lower its HP faster.

Boss Fight Event Maps List

Machine Zone

Boss Fight Mode Guide Recommended Brawlers Tips

Machine Zone Features & Tips

The Machine Zone has a wide space in the middle where you and the Boss Robot will start off. Kite the Boss around the walls & boxes to dodge its lasers while you or your other allies attack it from its sides or behind.

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