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How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

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How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

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Learn the stats, play tips and damage values for RICOCHET from Brawl Stars! In this guide, we featured the basic strats and stats, featured Star Power and Super Attacks!


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RICOCHET - Rating & Stats


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Lv1Lv10 (Max)
Health 24003360

RICOCHET - Overview

Ricochet fires a burst of bullets that bounce off walls. His Super burst is a long barrage of bouncy bullets that pierce targets!


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RICOCHET - Normal / Super Attack & Star Power

BOUNCY BULLETS - Normal Attack

How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)
Ricochet shoots out fast long-range bullets that can bounce on walls and gain range. This is useful to expose enemies hidden in grass or hitting moving enemies from afar.

TRICK SHOT - Super Attack

How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)
Ricochet shoots out a ton of powerful bullets that gain range, piercing through enemies & ricocheting off of walls. This makes your shots unpredictable & hard to dodge, allowing you to damage enemies quickly.

Super Bouncy - Star Power

All of Ricochet's bullets, both normal & Super attacks, are supercharged when they first bounce and can deal up to +80 damage per shot. Aim at walls & bounce your shots to inflict more pain!

RICOCHET - Game Play Tips per Game Mode

Gem Grab

Gem Grab
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Stick To Bushes To Pick Off Enemies

How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Ricochet has very long range shots that deal moderate damage when they connect. It's best to keep hidden, sniping from bushes and supporting tankier or higher damage dealing allies.

Bounce Shots Against Walls Around Gem Mine

Try to aim so that your shots will hit walls and bounce off them. Since the gem mine area is a hot zone, it's more likely you'll hit a couple of enemy Brawlers with your shots.


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Moderate Damage In Long-Range

How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Ricochet's shots do decent damage and they have very long range, allowing him to hit targets without getting too near them.

Super's Shots Also Bounce Of Walls

When you activate your Super, aim at walls and obstacles to bounce them off, making it hard for enemy Brawlers to predict and dodge them.


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Use Range To Attack Safe

How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

When your teammates have cleared the path to the safe, you can use Ricochet's long-range shots to damage the safe from afar.

Snipe Enemies From Sides & Bushes

Kep Ricochet to the side of the map or hidden in bushes - he is better off sniping enemies than facing them head on in this Event.


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Bounce Shots Off Walls To Expose Hidden Enemies

How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Ricochet can sweep bushes by bouncing his shots off walls and obstacles. Be sure to do this to expose any Brawlers waiting to make an ambush.

Hide Then Snipe From Bushes

Ricochet excels in the Bounty Event if you know how to use him properly. Keep hidden and snipe at enemies. Use the walls around them to ricochet your shots & to make them hard to dodge.

Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball
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Defend Allies & Ball Carrier

How to Use RICOCHET - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Ricochet isn't the best to use in Brawl Ball. So it's better to utilize his shots to defend teammates or your ball carrier, clearing a path & eliminating enemies so you can score.

RICOCHET - Skin List

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Most of the Brawler's selectable Skins may be purchased in the Shop or unlocked through special campaigns. These Brawlers are purely cosmetic, and will not affect your Brawler's stats.

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