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Big Game Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Big Game Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Learn more about the Brawl Stars game mode - Big Game! Check this guide on the mode's rules and objectives, gameplay tips, & more!

Brawl Stars Big Game - Guide & Tips

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What Is Big Game Mode?

Fight As Boss or Fight Against Boss

Brawl Stars Big Game - Guide & Tips

In Big Game, Brawlers are able to play as the Boss of the match or with 4 other Brawlers against the Boss of the Event.

Try To Stay Alive The Longest As The Boss

The goal of the Boss in Big Game is to try and survive the longest that you can while picking off the 5 Brawlers that are trying to get to you.

As Normal Brawlers, Take Down Boss As Fast As Possible

If you're part of the 5 Brawlers tasked to take down the Boss, your goal is to whittle down their health & take them out even before the match is over!

Ticket Event Unlocked Via Trophy Road

Big Game is a Ticket Event that is unlockable from Trophy Road. It is only available during weekends and Event Tickets are needed to participate in them.

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Earn 350 Trophies To Unlock Event

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

You need a total of 350 Trophies to unlock the Ticket Event option from Trophy Road.

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Big Game Lasts For 2 Mins, 15 Secs

This Event's match length is only 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Bosses need to survive as long as they can while the 5 Brawlers need to deal as much damage or defeat the Boss within the time frame.

Play According To Your Role

How you play Big Game depends on which role you get. As the Boss, your objective is very different from the 5 normal Brawlers and vice-versa.

Recommended Brawlers As Boss

Nita - Bear Gets Health & Attack Buffs

NITA Image

Nita is a very effective Boss in Big Game. Her Bear gets strength & health buffs, making it hard to get Nita away from her corner for the other Brawlers to focus fire on her.

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Jessie - Increased Turret Health


Jessie spawns a turret that shoots bullets with her Super. As the boss, it gets increased Health & can last longer in a fight. Her normal attacks can also hit multiple targets when it lands its first shot.

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Penny - Stronger Cannon & Piercing Attacks


Penny's cannon, deals AoE damage, making it effective against clumped up foes. It gets a health buff, making it harder to destroy. Penny's attacks also pierce through enemies, allowing her to hit multiple Brawlers with one shot.

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Recommended Brawlers Against Boss

Crow - Fast Movement With DoT Attacks

CROW Image

Crow can be quite powerful against any Boss. His normal attacks deal damage over time, whittling down the Boss's health. He can also easily escape & maneuver around the Boss's attacks.

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Frank - Can Stun Boss To Focus Fire


Frank's Super allows him to stun enemies! He can stun the Boss, allowing him and his allies to focus fire and deal big damage to the Boss's health.

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Spike - High Damage & Can Slow Boss


Spike's Super slows the Boss when the hit connects. This will enable his team to focus fire and inflict heavy damage. Spike's normal attacks can also deal high damage on their own.

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Tips For Playing Big Game

Tips For Playing The Boss

Let The Brawlers Come To You

You have to keep yourself alive for as long as you can as the Boss in Big Game. You can elongate your life span by forcing Brawlers to come to you instead of moving forward and attacking them first.

Pick Brawlers Off One By One

Try to catch Brawlers individually instead of chasing after every one. You can focus fire to eliminate them, allowing you to survive longer as the walk back to the Boss end of the map takes very long.

Use Support Brawlers With Summons

If you have Nita, Penny or Jessie in your arsenal, they are very effective as Bosses. Nita's Bear, Penny's Cannon, and Jessie's Turrets have a huge buff in this Event and will help you win the match!

Tips For Playing Against Boss

Draw Boss Out From Their Side Of Map

The goal is to damage the Boss and defeat it as fast as you can! AoE attacks will be very effective in making the Boss move away from their side of the map, moving it closer to you and your team!

Getting Back To The Boss After Death Takes Longer

Retreat and heal yourself rather than jump into the fray with low HP. Respawning & going back to the Boss's side of the map takes a long time, defeating the purpose of lowering the Boss's health as quick as you can.

Work Together To Gang Up On The Boss

Stick to your teammates and gang up on the Boss instead of attacking it individually. This allows you to burst down its HP all at once and will prevent individual eliminations.

Big Game Events Map List

Table Flip

Brawl Stars Big Game - Guide & Tips Table Flip

Table Flip Features & Tips

Table Flip is a regular map mixed with walls, obstacles, and grass. As the Big Brawler, stick to your corner & pick off enemies one by one. If you're a normal Brawler, stay to the sides & bushes to avoid getting hit while dealing damage to the Big Brawler.

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