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Bounty Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Bounty Mode Guide - Recommended Brawlers & Tips

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Learn more about the Brawl Stars Event - Bounty! Check this guide on the game mode's rules & objectives, recommended Brawlers, gameplay tips, and more!

Bounty Guide

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What is Bounty?

Earn The Most Points By Killing Enemies

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode Guide & Tips

Bounty Mode will put you in a team of 3, playing against another team of 3. Your objective is to earn the most stars as a team within the time limit to win the game mode!

Earn Stars For Killing Enemies

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

Stars are earned by killing enemy players without dying. You become a more valuable target the more stars you are able to earn!

You Become Most Wanted At 7 Stars

7 stars is the maximum number of stars a player can hold. You then become the most wanted! This may make you the primary target for enemies since killing you will award the enemy team with a lot of stars!

Time Limit Is At 2:30

The Bounty mode will have a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Here are the things you need to remember in that time limit in order to increase your chances of winning!

Focus On Damage, Then Survivability

You will need to play a bit aggressively at the start in order for you to rack up the points to get a good lead. However, you will need to switch your priority to surviving since you will have a high bounty on your head!

Best Brawlers For Bounty

Best Tier Brawler List for Bounty Mode

S Tier Brawlers for Bounty Mode

PIPER ImagePIPER - Long-range shots deal more damage, the farther the target is & can instantly eliminate opponents
- Super can keep Piper alive by catapulting her into the air, away from the fight
RICOCHET ImageRICOCHET - Extremely long-range attacks that can pick enemies off from a good distance
- Super & normal attacks bounce off walls, exposing hidden enemies & damaging moving ones
BROCK ImageBROCK- Brock can deal high, long-distance damage with his rockets
- Super can instantly eliminate multiple enemies with powerful rocket barrage in a wide area

A Tier Brawlers for Bounty Mode

LEON ImageLEON - Invisibility is super effective in ambushing enemies
- Fast movement can easily chase down retreating enemies
TARA ImageTARA- Attacks can deal good damage that pierce through enemies
- Super can draw multiple enemies in for her team to finish of
PENNY ImagePENNY - Cannon can be planted in bushes, exposing hiding enemies & damaging them
- Can lob money bags that pierce through multiple Brawlers at once
DARRYL ImageDARRYL- Can do strong burst damage with double-barrel shotgun
- Super makes him extremely mobile, good for ambushing enemies

B Tier Brawlers for Bounty Mode

CROW ImageCROW - Inflicts good damage over time with poison attakcs
- Super can be used to chase enemies or retreating opponents
BO ImageBO- Speedy attacks at mid-long range
- Can plant dynamites to expose & surprise stalking enemy Brawlers
DYNAMIKE ImageDYNAMIKE - Can throw dynamite over walls and deal AoE damage
- Super can hit & finish off multiple enemies with low HP

Piper - Finish Off Retreating Enemies


Piper does best as a sniper and can deal more damage the farther the target is. She's best used to finish off retreating enemies who have lower health.

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Penny - Cannon Can Reveal Hiding Enemies


Penny's Super lets her plant a cannon, which she can hide in bushes & use to reveal hidden enemy Brawlers. Her normal attacks can also pierce through enemies, hitting those behind them.

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Tara - Super Can Draw Back Enemies

TARA Image

Tara's Super can draw back running enemies and allow her team to finish them off. Aim to hit multiple targets or the enemy Brawler with the most stars to optimize her Super.

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Ricochet - Snipe Your Opponents Out From Cover


Ricochet, thanks to his bouncing shots and long range, will be perfect for getting that extra flags from safety behind cover or in bushes. His ricocheting bullets will also be extremely useful to flush out enemies out of their hiding by shooting and bouncing shots around the bushes.

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Tips For Playing Bounty

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

Here are some things that you need to remember to help you win in Bounty Mode!

Select Brawlers Appropriate For The Map

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

Bounty Mode is playable on many different maps in the game. It is best to familiarize yourself with the map in practice mode, and take note of its key features. This will help you select a brawler best suited for the map!

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Start The Game Aggressively

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

When the match starts, play aggressively to rack up the amount of Stars you have before the enemy can collect more! This will give you an advantage since if you have more stars in the late game, the enemy may not be able to catch up!

Remember To Play Aggressively Responsibly

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

However, playing aggressively does not mean "go in, guns blazing". Make sure that you play aggressively smart! Pick off stray targets, back off when in low health, don't chase targets, and always fight with backup!

Adjust Your Strategy At The 1-Minute Mark

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

Depending on the score at the 1-minute mark, make sure to adjust your strategy to increase your chances of winning!

Play Defensively When Winning

When you are winning, make sure to play defensively and back off when enemies rush you! This is to prevent them from catching up to your score!

Get More Aggressive When Losing

When you are down by some points, start getting more aggressive to catch up with the enemy! Support teammates in fights, target opponents with lots of stars, and push forward to get more points!

Play Safely If You Have A High Bounty

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

You will be a high priority target the more stars you have on your head! When you already have a high bounty, switch up your playstyle to a more safe playstyle. This will keep you away from aggressive enemies hunting you down!

Move With Your Team

When playing it safe, it would be best to move with your team. They will provide you with the necessary cover should an enemy get too close!

Strafe During Encounters

Brawl Stars, Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips

Make sure to strafe around while shooting at enemies. Strafing in random directions will make you a harder enemy to pin down, and can make the enemy waste their bullets! You will have a good opportunity to strike back while they reload!

Bounty Event Maps List

Canal Grande

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Canal Grande

Canal Grande Features & Tips

Canal Grande has huge bodies of water dividing its center. It may be difficult to cross to the other side, but certain Brawlers can bypass this by using their super. These Brawlers include Darryl and Bull.

Crystal Clearing

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Crystal Clearing

Crystal Clearing Features & Tips

Crystal Clearing has tons of open space where you can target other players. Long range Brawlers like Colt and Piper will excel in this area since they will have lots of targets to snipe!


Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Hideout

Hideout Features & Tips

Open spaces are present at the sides of the map while the middle area has some obstacles like walls and grass. If you are playing long range Brawlers, stick to the side. Middle Brawlers have better opportunities in the middle of the map.

Outlaw Camp

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Outlaw Camp

Outlaw Camp Features & Tips

Outlaw Camp is full of grass. Many players may try to hide and ambush you within the grass. This is why it is recommended to choose a tanky Brawler that can dish out tons of damage in close range!

Shooting Star

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Shooting Star

Shooting Star Features & Tips

Shooting Star is a long range Brawler's dream come true! Minimal obstacles will give you lots of room and space to shoot down targets out in the open!

Snake Prairie

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Snake Prairie

Snake Prairie Features & Tips

Snake Prairie is almost entirely covered in grass! Other than close range Brawlers, AoE damage like Barley or Spike, and a Bo with Star Power will be very useful to spot and kill enemies in this map!

Stone Fort5

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Stone Fort

Stone Fort Features & Tips

Stone Fort may force you to play on the sides of the map due to the heavily fortified center of the map. Make sure to use mid to long range Brawlers to make your shots connect at further away targets without putting yourself in danger!

Temple Ruins

Brawl Stars Bounty Mode - Guide & Tips Snake Prairie

Temple Ruins Features & Tips

Utilize the large patches of grass at the sides of the map to ambush and kill enemies! When opponents give chase, dive back into the grass and make them lose your trail!

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