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How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)
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How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

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Learn the stats, play tips and damage values for PAM from Brawl Stars! In this guide, we featured the basic strats and stats, featured Star Power & Super Attacks!

Table of Contents

Brawler Information

PAM - Rating & Stats

PAM - Rating

PAM Image
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Brawler Tier Rating per Game Mode

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PAM - Status

Lv1Lv10 (Max)
Health 43006020

PAM - Overview

Pam shoots from the hip, peppering targets with shrapnel. Her Super is a healing turret that restores her and teammates' health! She is excellent in both PVP battles, and PVE events!

How to Get PAM

Unlock Brawler from Brawl Boxes.

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PAM - Normal / Super Attack & Star Power

SCRAPSTORM - Normal Attack

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)
Pam sends out clunky scrap pieces in a wide area. Aim at bushes to spot enemies hidden in the grass.

MAMA'S KISS - Super Attack

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)
Pam deploys a turret that replenishes her and her allies HP if they stay within its range. Constantly charge your Super to keep having a healing turret in the field - increasing your team's survival rate.

Star Powers List

Mama's Hug

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)
Pam's normal attacks will heal herself and nearby allies when it hits enemies. Continuously fire at enemies to keep your healing rate up!

Mama's Squeeze

Healing turret now also damages enemies for 300 damage per second. This adds more utility to your healing turret. Enemies will now have to destroy your turret from afar!

PAM - Game Play Tips per Game Mode

Gem Grab

Gem Grab
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Put Healing Turret Near Gem Mine When In Team's Control

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

When your team is in control, plant Pam's healing turret right by the gem mine - this will keep your teammates alive longer to defend the area.

Use Normal Attacks To Build Up Super

Pam can't deal massive amounts of damage but can cover a lot of ground with her scraps attacks. Use this to harass enemies & build your Super gauge - allowing you to put the healing turret down faster.


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Put Turret Down & Stay Within Its Range

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Showdown with Pam is a waiting game. It's best to build up her Super, head to the center of the map, lay down the healing turret and wait for enemies to come to you.

May Be Useful In Duo Mode

Pam does excellently as a support & defensive character. She can be useful in Duo mode where she can heal her teammate & provide cover fire when they are attacking.


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Keep Pam In Back-Line Defense

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Pam can be used as support in Heist mode. She can keep enemies at bay with her wide-range attacks and support her allies' health with her healing turret.

Place Healing Turret In Middle Of Map

It's best to keep Pam's healing turret in a convenient zone where her allies can easily get to it. Place it in the middle of the map so allies can retreat & heal without going too far away from the enemy safe.


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Keep Allies Alive With Healing Turret

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Pam's healing turret can be quite crucial in Bounty mode. It can keep your allies alive, preventing the opposing team from earning any stars in the match.

Stick To Allies When Attacking

Pam's shots don't deal that much damage so it's best to stick to teammate when hunting down enemies. Your shots can cover a wide area, providing cover fire for attacking allies or revealing hidden enemies.

Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball
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Can Handle Ball When Near Enemy Goal

How to Use PAM - Tips & Guide (Stats, Super & Skin)

Pam has enough HP to carry her to the goal when she has control of the ball. Make sure to only handle it when you're already positioned near the enemy goal.

Use Normal Attacks To Protect Ball Carrier

Pam's normal attacks have a mid-range and wide sweep. She can position herself behind the ball carrier, ready to spray some scraps onto enemy Brawlers who want to steal the ball.

Robo Rumble

Robo Rumble
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Support Team With Your Heal

Pam's heal can help your team especially during fights against boss robots. The longer your teammates stay alive, the faster you can bring down the boss robots by focusing fire on them.

Boss Fight

Boss Fight
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Increase Team's Survivability With Heals

Pam can use her healing turret to heal up teammates who're dangerously low on health. Throw it a bit further away so that the Boss Robot can't get to it quickly.

Big Game

Big Game
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Great As A Big Brawler

Pam's Super is useful for sustaining her when she is the Big Brawler. She can survive for longer since it will automatically heal her when she puts it down. Enemies will need to shoot it down to stop it.

Useful Support In The Team

Pam's Super can also be effective when used in a team setting. Activate her AoE heal when the team is focusing their fire on the big Brawler.


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Use Super To Sustain Team

Pam's super can be used to heal up teammates in the middle of the map. Your team can hold their position in the middle of the map for longer due to the Super's AoE heal.

Normal Attack Can Push Back Enemies

Pam's normal can cover a wide area due to its spread. You can use it to repel pushing enemies trying to get to the middle map area.

PAM - Skin List

Brawler Skin List

1st Skin2nd Skin3rd Skin
PAM Skin1PAMPAM Skin2-PAM Skin3-
4th Skin5th Skin6th Skin
PAM Skin4-PAM Skin5-PAM Skin6-

How to Unlock Brawler Skins

Most of the Brawler's selectable Skins may be purchased in the Shop or unlocked through special campaigns. These Brawlers are purely cosmetic, and will not affect your Brawler's stats.

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Brawler Information

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