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Showdown Mode Strategy Guide - Brawler Tier List & Maps

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Showdown Mode Strategy Guide - Brawler Tier List & Maps

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Learn more about the Brawl Stars Event - Showdown Mode! Check this guide on the game mode's rules and objectives, recommended Brawlers, gameplay strategies, & more!

Showdown Guide

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Table of Contents

What Is Showdown Mode?

The Brawl Stars Version Of Battle Royal

Brawl Stars Showdown Mode Team Solo Guide & Tips

In Showdown Mode, the players' objective is to be the last Brawler standing! It's every Brawler for himself or herself - use the best of your skills to eliminate all your opponents and come out on top!

Available In Solo Or Duo Mode

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

You can choose to play Showdown by yourself or with a teammate! In Duo Showdown, your teammate can revive you, giving you another chance to achieve victory!

Brawl It Out With 10 Players Per Match

Brawl Stars Game Mode List Guide Tips

In Showdown, there's a total of 10 players, including yourself. This applies for both Duo and Solo modes.

Match Lasts Until Last Brawler Standing

In Showdown, the match lasts until there's one Brawler or team of Brawlers left standing! Depending on your chosen Brawler, go all-out on the offensive or stick to the bushes and work on some sneak attacks!

Map Gets Smaller As Game Time Progresses

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

As the game progresses, a lethal damage zone will slowly creep in from the edge of the map; damaging anyone and anything within the vicinity. Try not to stay in a single spot too long when hiding from your rivals, you might soon find yourself trapped and left for dead!

Get Buffs With Power Up Items From Chests & Enemies

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

By killing a rival or smashing open treasure chests around the map, you will be able to obtain power-up items which boosts your attack & HP the more you collect. Beware of the number above the character's head, it represents how powerful they have become!

Best Brawlers For Showdown

Best Tier Brawler List for Showdown Mode

S Tier Brawlers for Showdown Mode

LEON ImageLEON - Can turn invisible for some time with his Super
- Can burst down on enemies when used to backstab & ambush them
SHELLY ImageSHELLY- Deals high burst damage up close, best for ambushes
- Wide attacks deadly for single and multiple targets
BULL ImageBULL- High burst damage in close range, especially deadly when using surprise attack from bushes
- Special useful to engage or disengage from combat
DARRYL ImageDARRYL- Deals high burst damage with dual shotgun
- Highly maneuverable Super to engage or disengage

A Tier Brawlers for Showdown Mode

CROW ImageCROW - Can deal good damage over time with poison attacks
- Fast movement to catch up to enemies or escape them
SPIKE ImageSPIKE - Has medium range to reach enemy Brawlers
- Has good attack power that can bring down enemy's health quickly
EL PRIMO ImageEL PRIMO- Extremely tough and good damage capability in 1 v 1 situation
- Super useful to start off a battle with enemy or to run away
PAM ImagePAM - Can heal herself with Super
- Attacks cover wide area, allowing her to reveal enemies or keep distance from them

B Tier Brawlers for Showdown Mode

BROCK ImageBROCK- Brock can deal high damage with long-range rockets
- Super can hit a wide area with many powerful rockets
BO ImageBO- Bo has fast attack speed at medium-range
- Bo's Star Power allows his to see hidden enemies in a certain range
TARA ImageTARA- Can do decent damage that can pierce through enemies
- Super can draw in retreating enemies for her to finish them off

El Primo - Effective In 1 V 1


El Primo can easily burst down on single Brawlers due to his high HP and good attack power. He is powerful in close-range & his Super is multi-purpose - for beating down Brawlers or running away.

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Shelly - Good, Wide-Range Damage Dealer


Shelly is easy to handle for beginners and can deal decent amounts of damage. Her Shotgun can do wide-range damage, spreading out to hit multiple enemies in one shot.

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Darryl - Great For In-&-Out Attacks


Darryl can move around a bit with his Super. It can be used to easily take down enemies with low HP and then quickly get out when another Brawler with higher power-ups appears to join the Brawl.

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Strategy For Playing Showdown

Use Different Tactics For Each Brawler

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

It's best to know what each Brawler can do & the types of attacks they have. For example, long-range Brawler can counter short range rivals by kiting them and chipping them off before they get close. Close range Brawler can hide in bushes to launch a surprise burst of attack.

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Destroy Boxes To Get Power-Ups Before Brawling

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

Before attempting to attack another Brawler, make sure that you're buffed up from the power-ups you can get by destroying boxes. These can be found around the map & increase your HP & attack damage. Having around 3 power ups early on will boost your survival in late battle!

Use Bushes To Ambush Enemies Or Heal

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

The many bushes found in the Showdown maps will help you last longer in the match. Use them to hide and ambush enemy Brawlers or lose them to quickly heal & fight another day.

Ambush Other Brawlers After A Fight

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

When you notice a Brawl happening near you, lay in wait and ambush the Brawler that comes out victorious. They'll have lower HP and you can easily take them down and grab their power ups.

Tips When Playing in Duos

Always Cover Your Teammate

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

Playing solo can easily get both of you killed. Work together by providing cover for each other, especially if one is being pursued by an enemy. Always be alert on what's happening to your team!

Stay Alive to Revive Teammate

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

If either you or your teammate dies, defeated member can respawn as long as the other is still alive. Prioritize this and stay out of fights until you or your teammate are back in the battlefield.

Prioritize Defeating Remaining Enemy Team Members

Brawl Stars Showdown Guide Solo Duo

Don't give other teams the chance to revive their teammates. After you've dealt with one of the enemy pairs, make sure to pursue and defeat the remaining member before the other one respawns!

Showdown Event Maps List

Cavern Churn

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Cavern Churn

Cavern Churn Features & Tips

Cavern Churn is full of walls that restrict your movement around the map! It would be best to use close range Brawlers that have weapons with a wide spread to kill opponents! Brawlers like Barley can also trap enemies in tight spaces!

Double Trouble

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Double Trouble

Double Trouble Features & Tips

This map has a lot of open areas perfect for long range Brawlers to snipe other players. Despite this, remember that there are also walls that can give you cover if you find yourself low on health and ammo!

Feast Or Famine

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Feast Or Famine

Feast Or Famine Features & Tips

It would be best to move away from the patch of grass at the center of the map. Instead explore around the map and pick off enemies until the clouds force you to go to the middle. A Brawler that can burst down enemies can get the job done here.

Hot Maze

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Hot Maze

Hot Maze Features & Tips

Hot Maze features a maze of walls that you need to navigate through to get to the center. It would be best to use short range Brawlers since you are more likely to meet enemies in the mid game!

Island Invasion

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Island Invasion

Island Invasion Features & Tips

Tanky and Brawlers that deal lots burst damage will thrive in this circular map since a lot of enemies may try to hide in the grass. Soaking up damage and shooting at point-range will be helpful for the majority of the game.

Rockwall Brawl

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Rockwall Brawl

Rockwall Brawl Features & Tips

Rockwall Brawl features a ton of walls that can block your and your enemy's line of sights. Brawlers that can shoot over walls are recommended to damage enemies trying to take cover!

Scorched Stone

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Scorched Stone

Scorched Stone Features & Tips

Scorched Stone will have both open spaces and tight areas which you will need to cover. It would be best to keep safe till later on in the game. Then use mid range Brawlers like Shelly to bring down opponents in the end game.

Skull Creek

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Skull Creek

Skull Creek Features & Tips

Skull Creek has lots of areas to hide and take cover from. Use Brawlers that can break barriers to expose hidden enemies!

Thousand Lakes

Showdown (Solo / Duo) Mode - Guide & Tips Map Thousand Lakes

Thousand Lakes Features & Tips

Thousand Lakes features tons of bodies of water along the map. Mid range Brawlers will be best suited to use in this map. To add to this, Brawlers that can traverse this like Bull and Darryl can get around in this map pretty well.

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