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Season 19 Update: End Date & Arena Rewards
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Season 19 Update: End Date & Arena Rewards

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Axie Infinity Season 19 Update: Start Date Guide. Learn about the Axie Infinity Season 19 changes, news, rewards, meta, & MMR reset.

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Season 19 Update Start/End Date

Until January 4, 2022

DurationNov 10th - Dec 21st 4 PM (GMT +7)
Nov 10th - Jan 4th 4 PM (GMT +7)

Axie Infinity just released their season 19 update along with some card balance update and formula update for both skill and morale.

December 14 Update

Season 19 Two Week Extension

Recently, the developers found out that there are some players who used a cheat that allows them to see what are the cards their opponent played after ending their turn. This gave a huge advantage to the cheaters and has violated the integrity of the game. Because of this, they have decided to extend the season by two more weeks to give the players more time to achieve their correct rank. Season 19 will now officially end on January 4th, 2022 instead of December 21st, 2021.

Off-Season Start/End Date

Season 16Mar 22nd - Apr 18th
Season 17May 17th - Jun 13th
Season 18Aug 9th - Sep 19th
Season 19Nov 10th - Jan 4th, 2022

Looking back at the last 3 seasons, each has been held for one month, followed by several weeks of Off-Season before the next one begins. It is still unclear how long will this Off-Season will be, but based on the patterns from the previous seasons, the season 20 will be on the first week of February to Mid-March.

Season 20 Update: Start Date & Changes

Off-Season Rewards

During the duration of the Off-Season, players will won't be competing for the AXS reward for the top 1000 players. During this time, players will be able to relax and try out new axies and builds since there wont be a reward for top performing players.

Best Builds For Arena (PVP)

Off-Season MMR

Last Off-Season, they specifically announced that the players will have a separate MMR for Off-Season and the normal Season. However, it was recently posted on Axie Infinity's official discord server that all players will be reset back to 1200 MMR in each Off-Season.

It was also noted that they intended to give zero rewards during Off-Seasons, but they ended up deciding to keep the SLP that can be earned from each win to give players a reason to complete.

Season 19 Arena Rewards

AXS Arena Rewards

Arena Rewards
Click to Enlarge
Rank Reward
Top 1 135,000 mAXS
Top 2 105,000 mAXS
Top 3 82,500 mAXS
Top 4 60,000 mAXS
Top 5 52,500 mAXS
Top 6-10 45,000 mAXS
Top 10-20 34,500 mAXS
Top 21-50 16,000 mAXS
Top 51-100 9,000 mAXS
Top 101-200 3,900 mAXS
Top 201-500 1,250 mAXS
Top 501-1000 600 mAXS

1 AXS is equivalent to 1,000 mAXS

Similar to previous seasons, everyone who will be ranked high enough on the leaderboard will win some AXS by the end of this season. Since the MMR has been reset to 1200, everyone has a fair chance to get this reward by competing in the Arena.

Reward Pool

The AXS reward pool for this season is 3,000 AXS (valued at 0,000+ as of November 2021).

Season 19 Card Balancing Update: Buffs & Nerfs

Card Nerfs

Card ATK SHLD Effect
Anemone 80 35 (-5) -
Anemone 80 35 (-5) -
Doubletalk 60 (-20) 0 Apply Sleep to target.
→ Ignore shield. Apply sleep to target. (this is just a text change the effect does not change)
Gravel Ant 30 30 (-10) -
Grass Snake 20 (+10) 30 (+10) Apply Poison to target.
→ Apply 1 poison to target.
Croc 85 (-5) 60 -
Thorny Caterpillar 100 (-5) 30 -
Lagging 30 (-10) 0 -
Risky Fish 105 (-5) 20 (-10) -
Shoal Star 110 (-5) 10 -
Tiny Turtle 75 (-5) 50 -
Yam 20 (-10) 20 -
Garish Worm 90 (-10) 40 (-10) -
Cute Bunny 110 (-20) 35 (+5) -
Goldfish 105 (-5) 20 -
Post Flight 110 (-10) 0 -
Cuckoo 0 30 (-10) -
Nimmo 20 (-10) 0 -
Antenna 80 50 (-10) -
Dual Blade 130 20 Deal 250% damage on critical strikes.
→ Deal 200% damage on critical strikes.

Card Buffs

Card ATK SHLD Effect
Razor Bite 95 (+5) 55 (+5) -
Cottontail 0 30 (+30) -
Fish Snack 60 90 (+10) -
Timber 80 (+30) 80 (-20) -
Mosquito 80 (+10) 40 -
Buzz Buzz 110 (+10) 40 -
Merry 75 (+10) 85 -
Pupae 70 (+10) 0 -
Tri-Feather 40 (+5) 10 -
Rose Bud 0 50 (+10) -
Twin Tail 40 (+10) 0 -
Unko 30 100 (+20) -
Red Ear 10 145 (+10) -
Imp 80 (+10) 30 (+10) -
Kotaro 85 (+5) 30 (+10) -
Jaguar 120 (+5) 35 -
Cactus 115 (+5) 20 -
Ronin 80 (+5) 0 -
Scaly Spear 110 (+10) 50 -
Wall Gecko 90 20 (+10) -
Scarab 110 40 Target cannot be healed until next round.
→ Target cannot be healed for 2 rounds.
Scaly Spoon 80 50 (+10) -
Ant 30 100 (+20) -
Strawberry Shortcake 0 40 (+40) -
Nerfs And Buffs History

Season 19 Update Changes

Critical Strike Update

On previous seasons, critical strikes were too powerful and random, this would often affect the out come of the games you play.

Since all Axies has a chance to perform a critical strike even with low Morale. They made the change wherein the damage of critical strikes will now depend on your Axie's Morale.

Skill Stats Update

The formula for calculating the total damage of your combo with skill has been changed. Before, players always tends to choose Speed and HP over the Skill stat because it only has a small impact when it comes to playing combos.

This change will make the Skill stat more desirable in some builds rather than always going for more Speed.

Season 19 MMR Reset

When a new season begins, everyone starts at 1200 MMR to give a fair chance to old & new players in climbing the leaderboard.

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Anonymous 6

This is **** how the hell can a player see what card I play? The server should only reveal the cards after the picking stage! This is just an excuse so that they wouldn't need to reset MMR for the players.

Anonymous 5

They should have reset the players below 800 MMR with the extension. those who play fair are really negatively impacted by this. :((

Anonymous 4

Fk. I was waiting for the season to end so that my mmr could be reset can I can farm some slp. F stupid idea to extend

Anonymous 3

too much damage on a beast card...even if u had a 200hp def...need change..for a fair play

Anonymous 2

same as aqua, and reptile whos already buffed af got buffed even more

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