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Nerfs And Buffs History (Season 20)

Axie Infinity | Nerfs And Buffs History (Season 20)

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Axie Infinity | Nerfs And Buffs History (Season 20) - GameWith

Nerfs & Buffs History Guide In Axie Infinity. Read on a summary of nerfs & buffs from the past Axie infinity seasons.

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Season 20 Card Balance Patch

Card Interaction Bug Fix (Feb 9th, 2022)

The interaction when using Tiny Catapult or Bulkwark with Carrot Hammer, Sticky Goo, Shipwreck, or Ivory Chop has now been fixed and is working as intended.

Buffs & Nerfs (January 25, 2022)

Card Buffs

Aqua VitalityAqua Vitality75 (+5)30-
AquaponicsAquaponics75 (+5)30-
HeroHero's Bane120 (+10)20 (-5)-
Dark SwoopDark Swoop20 (+10)0-
Scarab CurseScarab Curse11040Target cannot be healed for 2 rounds.
→ Target cannot be healed for 2 rounds. This debuff can't be removed.

Card Nerfs

ShipwreckShipwreck65 (-5)90 (-5)-
Grub SurpriseGrub Surprise11050 (-10)-
Neuro ToxinNeuro Toxin10060 (-5)-
Buffs & Nerfs (January 17, 2022)

Card Nerfs

Aqua VitalityAqua Vitality70 (-10)30 (-5)-
AquaponicsAquaponics70 (-10)30 (-5)-
HeroHero's Bane110 (-10)25 (-5)-
Chitin JumpChitin Jump25 (-5)30-
Heroic RewardHeroic Reward55 (-5)0-
Sugar RushSugar Rush120 (-5)20-
AcrobaticAcrobatic10045 (-5)Apply Speed+ to this Axie for 2 rounds when attacking
→ Apply Speed+ to this Axie for 2 rounds when comboed with another card.
Hare DaggerHare Dagger115 (-5)20 (-10)-
EggbombEggbomb110 (-10)0-
Smart ShotSmart Shot40 (-10)20 (+10)-
Dark SwoopDark Swoop10 (-10)0-
Third GlanceThird Glance80 (-10)50Randomly discard 1 card from your enemy's hand.
→ Randomly discard 1 card from your enemy's hand when comboed with another card.
Sunder ClawSunder Claw200Randomly discard 1 card from your enemy's hand.
→ Randomly discard 1 card from your enemy's hand when comboed with another card.
Twin NeedleTwin Needle35 (-5)0-
Anesthetic BaitAnesthetic Bait6080 (-10)-
Numbing LecretionNumbing Lecretion3030Disable target's melee cards next round.
→ Disable target's melee cards when comboed with another card.
Grub ExplodeGrub Explode65 (-5)0-
Cleanse ScentCleanse Scent045 (-5)-
Prickly TrapPrickly Trap110 (-5)20-
Drain BiteDrain Bite55 (-5)55 (-5)-
Spicy SurpriseSpicy Surprise80 (-10)50-
Ivory ChopIvory Chop70 (-10)70 (-10)Draw a card if this Axie's shield breaks. Can only trigger once per round.
→ Draw a card if this Axie's shield breaks. Can only trigger once per round. (Fixed a bug where playing 2 bone sails and having shield broken only resulted in drawing one card)
Surprise InvasionSurprise Invasion80 (-10)60-
Sneaky RaidSneaky Raid2030 (-10)-
Venom SprayVenom Spray2020 (-10)-

Card Buffs

ShelterShelter0120 (+5)-
ShipwreckShipwreck70 (+10)95 (+5)Apply Attack+ to this Axie if its shield breaks.
→ Apply Attack+ to this Axie if its shield breaks. Can only trigger once per round.
Star ShurikenStar Shuriken115 (+5)15 (+5)-
SwallowSwallow90 (+10)30-
Fish HookFish Hook10525 (+5)-
Woodman PowerWoodman Power90 (+10)80-
Ivory StabIvory Stab90 (+10)30-
Self RallySelf Rally040 (+10)-
Night StealNight Steal90 (+10)20 (+10)-
Gerbil JumpGerbil Jump50 (+10)20-
Heart BreakHeart Break12030 (+10)-
Ill-OmenedIll-Omened120 (+10)30-
CockadoodledooCockadoodledoo035 (+5)-
Air Force OneAir Force One125 (+5)30-
InsectivoreInsectivore120 (+10)30 (-10)-
Sunder ArmorSunder Armor80 (+40)50 (-40)-
Puffy SmackPuffy Smack110 (+10)40 (-10)-
Mystic RushMystic Rush35 (+5)0-
Grub SurpriseGrub Surprise110 (+10)60 (+10)-
Bamboo ClanBamboo Clan8080 (+10)-
Forest SpiritForest Spirit040Heal front teammate for 190 HP.
→ Heal front teammate for 120 HP. If there are no teammates, heal this Axie instead.
Carrot HammerCarrot Hammer80 (+10)40-
Aqua DeflectAqua Deflect80 (+10)80-
Tiny SwingTiny Swing85 (+5)40-
Neuro ToxinNeuro Toxin10065 (+10)-

Card Text Correction

Branch ChargeBranch Charge12525Increase crit chance by 20% if chained or comboed with a plant card.
→ Increase critical chance by 20% if comboed with two plant cards. (text correction only)
Season 20 Update: Start Date & Changes

November 30, 2021 Balance Patch

Card Nerfs

Card ATK SHLD Effect
Bone Sail 80 80 Draw a card if this Axie's shield breaks.
→ Draw a card if this Axie's shield breaks. Can only trigger once per round.

Season 19 Balancing Changes

Card Nerfs

Card ATK SHLD Effect
Anemone 80 35 (-5) -
Anemone 80 35 (-5) -
Doubletalk 60 (-20) 0 Apply Sleep to target.
→ Ignore shield. Apply sleep to target. (this is just a text change the effect does not change)
Gravel Ant 30 30 (-10) -
Grass Snake 20 (+10) 30 (+10) Apply Poison to target.
→ Apply 1 poison to target.
Croc 85 (-5) 60 -
Thorny Caterpillar 100 (-5) 30 -
Lagging 30 (-10) 0 -
Risky Fish 105 (-5) 20 (-10) -
Shoal Star 110 (-5) 10 -
Tiny Turtle 75 (-5) 50 -
Yam 20 (-10) 20 -
Garish Worm 90 (-10) 40 (-10) -
Cute Bunny 110 (-20) 35 (+5) -
Goldfish 105 (-5) 20 -
Post Flight 110 (-10) 0 -
Cuckoo 0 30 (-10) -
Nimmo 20 (-10) 0 -
Antenna 80 50 (-10) -
Dual Blade 130 20 Deal 250% damage on critical strikes.
→ Deal 200% damage on critical strikes.

Card Buffs

Card ATK SHLD Effect
Razor Bite 95 (+5) 55 (+5) -
Cottontail 0 30 (+30) -
Fish Snack 60 90 (+10) -
Timber 80 (+30) 80 (-20) -
Mosquito 80 (+10) 40 -
Buzz Buzz 110 (+10) 40 -
Merry 75 (+10) 85 -
Pupae 70 (+10) 0 -
Tri-Feather 40 (+5) 10 -
Rose Bud 0 50 (+10) -
Twin Tail 40 (+10) 0 -
Unko 30 100 (+20) -
Red Ear 10 145 (+10) -
Imp 80 (+10) 30 (+10) -
Kotaro 85 (+5) 30 (+10) -
Jaguar 120 (+5) 35 -
Cactus 115 (+5) 20 -
Ronin 80 (+5) 0 -
Scaly Spear 110 (+10) 50 -
Wall Gecko 90 20 (+10) -
Scarab 110 40 Target cannot be healed until next round.
→ Target cannot be healed for 2 rounds.
Scaly Spoon 80 50 (+10) -
Ant 30 100 (+20) -
Strawberry Shortcake 0 40 (+40) -
Season 19 Update Summary

Season 17 Nerfs & Buffs

Buffs, Nerfs, Special Changes


Risky Feather140 to 15010 to 0
Rampant Howl110 to 12040 to 30
Grub Surprise80 to 100No Changes
Poo FlingNo Changes40 to 80
Cool Breeze110 to 120No Changes
Overgrow Keratin80 to 9020 to 30
Black Bubble100 to 110No Changes
Tiny Catapult40 to 8060 to 40
Feather Lunge100 to 110No Changes
Vegan Diet65 to 7565 to 75
Soothing Song50 to 80No Changes
Neuro ToxinNo Changes50 to 55
Death Mark90 to 100No Changes
Ivory ChopNo Changes70 to 80
Drain Bite55 to 6055 to 60
Jar Barrage70 to 80No Changes
Chemical WarfareNo Changes40 to 80
Triple Threat30 to 35No Changes
Heroic Reward50 to 60No Changes
Seed BulletNo Changes30 to 50
Scarab Curse100 to 110No Changes
Sugar Rush120 to 125No Changes
Surprise Invasion80 to 90No Changes
BulkwarkNo Changes70 to 80
Water Sphere110 to 120No Changes
Nile Strike80 to 90No Changes


Sunder Claw30 to 2010 to 0
All-out Shot140 to 120No Changes
Anesthetic BaitNo Changes90 to 80
Allergic Reaction110 to 105No Changes
Critical EscapeNo Changes30 to 10
Piranha130 to 12020 to 30
Third Glance90 to 80No Changes

Special Changes

Grass Snake Now Applies 2 Poison
Garish Worm Now Applies 2 Poison When Played In A Chain
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Season 15 Game Adjustments

Poison Damage Nerfed

Poison now ticks for 2 damage per stack, down from 3. This was a bit too strong and reduces fun as you’re forcing your opponent to poison themselves or get their energy stolen.

Critical Rates Reduced

Critical strike rates have been reduced. This is a change that should make games a bit less random and more skill-based.

Nerf To Speed Stat

Speed of the defending Axie is no longer taken into account when determining critical strike chance.

This change was made as Speed is already a very strong stat, due to the central nature of attack order in the battle mechanics.

August 6, 2020 Balance Patch

・Bamboo and Merry Chain Buff
・Silence Whisper & Strawberry Shortcake Healing Increase
・Reflect Damage Cards Attack Increase
・Speed Stat Adjustments
・Critical Strike Nerf On Birds & Aquas

August 6, 2020 Buffs

Bamboo and Merry Chain Buff

Bamboo Clan - Merry Legion

We made the “chain” bonus for Bamboo and Merry easier to trigger. Players correctly pointed out that requiring the bonuses to be triggered by another Merry or another Bamboo card was too limiting.

Silence Whisper & Strawberry Shortcake Healing Increase

Forest Spirit - Sweet Party

Increased the amount of healing done by Silence Whisper and Strawberry Shortcake. These cards had lost much of their relevance recently and think that the boosts will make them more viable.

Reflect Damage Cards Attack Increase

The reflect damage cards have been modified to be a bit more punishing to attackers.

Going on an “all out attack” should not be a no brainer and these cards should help increase the mind games around this tactic.

Speed Stat Adjustments

Mystic Rush - Acrobatic - Disarm

Striking first is a huge advantage in the battle system and Axie wanted to provide some new mechanisms for speed manipulation. Lagging, Arco, and Incisor have been modified for this purpose.

August 6, 2020 Nerfs

Critical Strike Nerf On Birds & Aquas

One issue that was showing up was the very high critical strike rate for Birds and Aquatic Axies. These Axies already have high damage output and a speed advantage.

Having a healthy amount of critical strike chance meant the drawback of playing these classes was very low.

Season 7 Balance Changes

・Doubletalk Now Has True Damage
・Anemone Heal & Attack Buff
・Pocky Damage Increase
・Green Thorns Bonus Shield Buff
・Energy Steal Nerf
・Counter to Scaly Spoon & Gravel Ant

Season 7 Buffs

Doubletalk Now Has True Damage

Soothing Song

People use Doubletalk to bypass shield, so doing a minimal amount of damage to a shield also didn’t make sense.

To resolve this issue, we’ve made Doubletalk do 50 “true damage” that ignores shield.

Anemone Heal & Attack Buff


Added some attack and additional heal and think this will add some utility to the card.

Pocky Damage Increase

Sugar Rush

We decided to give it a major facelift and think it should now have significantly more utility. It now boasts a respectable 120 attack with more damage possible for having allied bugs!

Green Thorns Bonus Shield Buff

Vine dagger

Green Thorns’s utility was hampered by the fact that the bonus shield wasn’t added until the card was actually played in the turn rotation during a round.

We’ve made the bonus trigger at the beginning of the round and think this will make the card better and more fun to use.

Season 7 Nerfs

Energy Steal Nerf

Vegetal Bite - Night Steal

The costs of having an energy stolen are huge and players were being essentially forced to play cards when facing opponents with energy steal.

To address this, we’ve made Serious and Rice’s energy steal effects require a combo to kick in.

Counter to Scaly Spoon & Gravel Ant

Tiny Catapult - Numbing Lecretion

These cards, when played together, could basically paralyze Axies, making them unable to attack with ranged or melee cards.

Nerf has been made to Scaly Spoon and Gavel ant to address this mechanic which we’d seen was very frustrating to play against, especially new players.

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