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SLP AXS Rewards Guide in Axie Infinity. Learn about the game's Play-to-earn mechanics, SLP vs AXS Rewards System, Tips on how to farm SLP, and how does MMR stack with SLP and AXS.

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How Axie's Crypto Game Operates

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn crypto currency blockchain game. Players can earn, breed, and battle axies, as well as complete daily quests and farm game resources. The game lets players interact with each other in the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

The Economy Of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has a whole economy within the game itself. The Axie world is called "Lunacia" where it has an in-game token rewards system which are called "Smooth-Love Potion (SLP)" and "Axie Infinity Shards". These rewards are generally earned by competing in PvP Arena Mode or playing single-player adventure mode.


The Difference Behind SLP And AXS

SLP・Stands for "Smooth Love Potion"
・Main in-game currency
・Earned from adventure or arena battles.
AXS・Stands for "Axie Infinity Shards"
・Is a governance token, most comparable to holding shares of a company.
・Holders of these tokens can vote and create proposals on anything related to Axie Infinity's platform.

How Do You Earn SLP?

You can earn SLP by completing daily quests, battling monsters in adventure mode, and competing with other players in arena mode. Players use them to breed new axies, or sell them to other players on the market for real-world money.

How Do You Claim AXS Rewards?

AXS holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes.

The developers claim that Axie Infinity Shards will help accomplish the following goals:

  • Reward players for their interaction with the game
  • Decentralize the governance and ownership of the game

The Benefit of Staking AXS Rewards

Staking is a way to reward the community for having a long term mindset and locking up their AXS tokens. By staking your AXS you’ll be able to earn AXS rewards when you lock up your tokens through the staking dashboard. AXS staking is not currently active, but the developers are expected to announce it soon.

How To Earn SLP In Axie Infinity

There are 3 ways to earn SLP in Axie Infinity:

Completing Daily Quests

Axie Infinity's Daily Quests consists of 3 objectives:

  • Check into the Game by logging in.
  • Complete 10 Adventure Mode Levels
  • Win 5 Arena Matches.
Take note that the higher the level you play in adventure mode, the more SLP you earn. By Completing the Daily Quests, you can claim the reward of 25 SLP.

Leveling Up Your Axie In Adventure Mode (PVE)

What Is Adventure Mode?

Adventure Mode is a single-player PVE for Axie Infinity wherein you battle monsters and level up your axies. This mode consists of 36 levels with increasing difficulty. The higher the level that you progress towards to, the more SLP you will be rewarded with:

Lvl. 1-41 SLP per win
Lvl. 5-92 SLP per win
Lvl. 10-144 SLP per win
Lvl. 15-166 SLP per win
Lvl. 17-205-10 SLP per win
Lvl. 21-3610-20 SLP per win

There are also 2 boss fights in Adventure Mode that you will encounter which gives you one-time SLP rewards:

Ruin 21200 SLP
Ruin 36300 SLP

Bear in mind however that with Adventure Mode, you can only earn a maximum of 50 SLP per day.

Energy is not required when farming SLP in Adventure Mode. Energy is only required when you want to level up your team.

Competing With The Leaderboards In Arena (PVP)

Arena Mode is where you will battle other players and strive to win in order to increase your MMR and earn more SLP. In Arena Mode, energy is required in order to earn SLP (1 match consumes 1 energy).

The amount of SLP you earn from winning in Arena Mode depends on your matchmaking ranking or MMR. The higher your ranking, the more SLP you are rewarded with.

Arena Mode SLP Per Win By MMR:

0-8000 SLP per win
800-9991 SLP per win
1000-10993 SLP per win
1100-12996 SLP per win
1300-14999 SLP per win
1500-179912 SLP per win
1800-199915 SLP per win
2000-219918 SLP per win
2200-229921 SLP per win
2300+ MMR24 SLP per win

Depending on your PvP skill, Arena mode is the best source to win SLP.

Farming SLP Rewards

How to Maximize Your SLP Earned Per Day

By completing the daily quests and claiming the 50 SLP in adventure mode, the minimum SLP you can earn per day is 75 SLP.

A basic strategy in Axie which is commonly known to the players is to split the 20 energy given to you each day, 10 you spend in adventure for leveling up, and the other ten in Arena.

These tips can help you farm more SLP Rewards in Axie:

1. Investing In A Stronger Lineup/Team Of axies

Since the new update, players need to focus more on Arena mode in order to win more SLP. Sometimes, skill and strategy won't be enough to win games. This is why it's best if you invest in the best teams and builds suited for PvP in Axie.

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2. Improve Your Skills/Implement A Strategy

If you want to earn more rewards, you need to improve your skill and start to think of a strategy which is best suited for your team. You should learn how to understand your cards and implement combos. Learn how to spend your energy wisely during a match. You should also learn how buffs and debuffs work in this game to maximize your team's potential.

3. Spend All Your Energy In Arena Mode

Note that this tip is not recommended for beginners. If you have already maxed out your adventure mode level, the best way to win more SLP is to spend all of your energy into Arena Mode and strive to increase your MMR as much as possible.

How Rewards Stack With Your MMR

What is MMR?

Matchmaking Rating or MMR is a term used to determine your in-game skill level for the purpose of placing you against opponents of a roughly equal or near skill level as yourself.

In Axie, your MMR determines the amount of SLP you could potentially earn. This means that if you win against an opponent with a higher MMR than you, you will earn more SLP. On the other hand, if you win against an opponent with lower MMR than you, you may earn less SLP than normal.

1,000 mAXS= 1 AXS. So the reward for first prize is 225 AXS! That’s over 9,000 USD!

1,000 mAXS = 1 AXS. So the reward for first prize is 225 AXS!

Aside from the SLP rewards earned in each fight, players can also receive huge AXS rewards if they rank high on the leaderboards by the end of the Arena Season.

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