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Best Teams For Arena (PVP)

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Best Teams for Arena Guide in Axie Infinity. Learn about the best teams for PVP, how to win more in Arena, managing your cards, and energy count.

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Best Team Builds

Here are some of the strongest team builds for Arena PvP:

Poison Tank Build

This build relies on the tank's poision abilities as it aims to drain the enemy team's life continuosly. This build favors damage over time and HP as its highest stat priority. Poison Tank works well with support or healer axies.

Pure DD (Damage-Dealer) Build

This build focuses on dealing high amounts of damage and setting up critical strike combos. Pure DD relies on high burst damage from the get-go to shatter the enemy's armor for high-chance of winning.

It's best to partner this build with an axie who has the same class and skillset to get the 15% damage boost. This build favors speed as its highest priority.

RIMP Beast Build

This build mainly consists of 2 combo setups (Ronin and Imp). RIMP beast triggers a combo which makes the axie an energy powerhouse.

Ronin grants you a guaranteed critical strike paired with another card. Together with Imp (returns 1 energy if landed a critical strike), this combo will grant you high burst damage to potentially killing an enemy axie in a single round while recovering energy at the same time. This build favors morale as its highest stat priority.

Backdoor Build

This build aims to eliminate the enemy's main damage deal dealer (back-liner) immediately. The damage dealer axies are usually the fastest. With the ability "Dark Swoop", this build will be able to give attack priority to the fastest enemy axie. This build works well with high attack damage abilities and it favors speed as its highest stat priority.

Sticky Tank Build

Sticky Tank build is the best counter for high burst damage combos in arena. With the ability "Sticky Goo", this team will be able to stop a combo by just entering into a defensive stance. If ever your team's armor shatters, the enemy will be stunned and the next attack will be a miss.

This build is best paired with the carrot hammer card, which adds more armor if it breaks. This team favors HP as its highest stat priority.

Idle Exploiter Build

This build deals high damage to axies that are not moving (usually the middle axie). The combo Spinal Trap and Shell Jab allows you to target idle axies with high damage. The key to this build is being able to attack enemy axies with no armor set up, to potentially eliminating it during the round.

The disadvantage of this build is when the enemy anticipates the move and sets up its tank as its idle axie. Idle Exploiter favors speed as its highest stat priority.

Terminator Build

Often called "termi build". This build favors the ability "Allergic Reaction" which deals 130% damage against targets that are debuffed. The ability "Chomp" paired with another card, sets up a combo that allows you to get past the enemy's armor and activate Allergic Reaction.

Note that Dusk termi build is stronger than Reptile termi since its faster. This build works well if paired with axies who have debuff abilities. Termi Build favors HP as its highest stat priority.

Defensive Backline Build

This build usually consists of a Backline Plant paired with 2 aquas. What's different about this build is that the Plant will be the back-liner of your team.

This build favors on healing abilities, especially with the shitake + Rose bud healing aroma combo. Paired with ideally two pure aquas, this team has decent speed and can deal huge burst damage with it's card combinations.

Double Anemone Build

This build works well with 2 aquas and 1 bird axie. The aqua axies focus on abusing its healing abilities which will make it hard and longer to kill. Both Anemone cards restore 50 HP for each Anemone card the Axie possesses. The card All-out Shot which deals 120 damage at the cost of 30% max HP pairs well with this axie’s nearly unlimited heal abilities that can quickly recover lost HP.

The bird is used as a consistent card drawer to get the anemones the heals and damage they need to chew through the enemy team. The weakness of this build is anti-heal debuffs and 1-round kill combos.

Discard Bug Build

This build usually consists of 3 bug axies. What's strong about Discard Bug is it stuns + discards enemy abilities continuously rendering them unable to make a move. Also, with third glance + sunder claw combined, you can automatically discard 2 enemy cards per round.

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How To Win More Matches In Arena Mode

Check The Meta Trends

Like any other game, Axie has what you call a "meta". Meta means the most effective tactics available to excel in a game. The current meta in Axie right now is having 1 Plant and 2 Damage Dealers in a team composition.

If you're a beginner, it's best to start out with the meta and eventually try out other builds that you may eventually be better playing at. We don't necessarily have to follow the meta to be good at Axie. We can build our own team to our liking. At the end of the day, it all comes down to our own playstyle.

Know Your Axie Team

To win more in Arena, you should study first your team:

  • You should learn where to position your axies properly.
  • Understand your axies' cards and abilities and find out their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn about your team's buff and debuff abilities and take advantage of combos.
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Understanding Team Positioning

Having a strong team comp is not enough to excel in Arena. You also need need to learn and understand the positioning of your axies in the battlefield. Generally, the axie at the nearest front will be the one to take damage first from the enemy team. Here is a basic guide for team positioning:

Frontliners (Tank)・Your tank axie should be always at the front
・These axies should have high defense for absorbing damage easily
Mid-Lane (Controllers)・The most versatile axies should be placed here
・Damage and support axies with good defense are usually favored
・Good at controlling mid game situations and setting up team synergy
Backliners (Damage Dealers)・Your main damage dealers should be at the back.
・Typically has the lowest hp
・Generally the axie that will finish and win you the fight

Axie Type Strengths And Weaknesses

Similar to Pokemon, each Axie has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here is a chart for Axie Types Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Reptile, Plant, Dusk deal 15% more damage vs. Aqua, Bird, Dawn
  • Aqua, Bird, Dawn deal 15% more damage vs. Beast, Bug, Mech
  • Beast, Bug, Mech deal 15% more damage vs. Reptile, Plant, Dusk

Check Your Opponent's Team

When an arena match starts, the first thing that you should always do is check the cards of your enemy. You can do this by clicking on the enemy’s axies. Having an idea on what cards your enemy may have up their sleeves will put you on the advantage because you can anticipate potential combos and moves the enemy will make.

Making The Most Out Of Your Cards

Buffs And Debuffs in Axie

Buffs and Debuffs are positive and negative status effects that can be inflicted on axies. Each Buff and Debuff has their own unique effect that can change the outcome of the battle.

Take Advantage Of Card Combos

Some cards become extremely powerful when they synergize with another card. These cards are often used together as a combo to maximize their damage and efficiency. Combo abilities may be more effective than when they are casted individually.

For example, one of the most common combo is the Nut Throw & Nut Crack combo. Both cards deal 105 Attack damage, but if they are casted together in one turn, both attacks will deal 120% more damage.

Energy Counting In Axie

Energy Counting

Try to count every turn how much energy your opponent has. This will increase the chances of stealing your opponent's energy especially if you are able to predict if they are going to use cards for the round.

Energy Saving

In Axie, players get 3 energy at the start of each match and will gain 2 energy each progressing round. Sometimes, it's best to pass a round to save energy and set up a devastating combo later on.

This way, you’ll have more chances of killing an enemy axie in just a single round by delivering a series of high-attack damage moves, giving the opponent no chance to recover. Passing also gives you an opportunity to wait and gather more cards required for the perfect combo.

Energy Stealing & Energy Gaining

Energy Stealing・Energy Steal cards allow you to steal your enemy's energy if they have one in their energy pool.
・If your opponent has 0 energy, you will not gain energy from stealing.
Energy Gaining・Unlike Energy Steal, cards with energy gain guarantees that you will get +1 energy if you are able to meet the card's requirements.
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