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Welcome to the Axie Infinity Guide & Gameplay Wiki! Learn tips about Axie Inifinity, including updates, Arena PVP, SLP rewards, combos, energy, calculator, and more!

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Axie Infinity Guide: Recommended Articles

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Scholarship Application Board

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Recommended Articles

Axie Infinity: Latest News & Updates

Season 21 Duration & Balancing Update


On the twitter announcement of the official Axie Infinity account, it was mentioned that the release date of season 21 will start at April 25th until June 24th. It was also mentioned that there will be no balancing update for the cards and axies during this season.

Update & Maintenance News

Runes & Charms Unlocked


All runes & charms will now be unlocked allowing all players to try out different builds with their Axie teams. With the update, bug fixes and gameplay improvements will also be implemented.

All Runes & Charms List

Origin Starter Axies

You will be able to unlock free axies that you can use in battle as you complete different stages in adventure mode.

How To Get Free Axie In Origin

Origin Alpha Testing


Origin Alpha testing is finally out for Desktop users. There are still no information regarding the release of the Alpha test for mobile users. You can play and download the Axie Infinity - Origin using Mavis Hub.

How To Install Origin (V3)

Arena Mode Guide


Additional information regarding the Arena Mode for Axie Infinity Origin has been released. They are now introducing the Challenger Sphere, Arena Mode Changes (Pracitce Mode, Ranked Mode, and Tournament Mode), Victory Stars and so much more!

Arena Mode Guide (Origin V3)

Runes & Charms Release


Axie Infinity released the Runes & Charms leaks of the all classes including the Netural and Secret class for the upcoming Origin release. These Runes and Charms are used to upgrade your cards and make your Axies stronger.

All Runes & Charms List

Origin Alpha Testing


The long wait is over and the Alpha testing for Axie Infinity Origin will finally launch on April 7. After the launch, you can download Axie Infinity Origin via Mavis Hub.

Origin Official Trailer

Battles V3 (Origin): Release Date & News

Origin Launch Week


There will be a series of announcements and streams over this week to prepare and familiarize players to the game mechanics an cards for the upcoming launch of the Axie Infinity Origin.

Update & Maintenance News

All Axie Origin Cards Sneak Peek

Axie Infinity released a sneak peek of the new cards that are going to be available for the upcoming update and launch of Axie Origin (V3). The list shows all sneak peek part cards for all classes.

V3 Cards List (Origin Cards)

Off-Season Begins!

Current SeasonOff-Season
Season StartMar 22, 2022
Season EndTBA

With the end of Season 20, all players will now have their MMR reset back to 1200 to begin their climb on the leaderboards once again. Keep in mind that during the Off-season, there are no AXS rewards even if you are able to place yourself on the top 300,000.

The exact date for the release of Season 21 is still unknown. It is expected to immediately start as soon as the Off-Season ends.

Season 21 Update: Release & Changes

Ending of Season 20

Season 20 has come to an end. A total of 117,676 AXS will be distributed to all players within the top 300,000 in the leaderboards. Also, players will be able to claim their AXS rewards through the Marketplace dashboard later this week.

It was also announced that the expected duration of the off-season will last for about 1 month before season 21 begins. Season 21 is likely to be the last season where everyone can play the classic version of Axie Infinity. More details regarding the beta test for Axie Infinity Origin (v3) will be added as soon as we learn more.

Battles V3 (Origin): Release Date & News

Marketplace Fee Adjustments

Starting on March 7th 2022, the fee for selling Axies will now change to 5.25%. This adjustment is going to be implimented to give Axie creator code a 1% share while the 4.25% will go towards the community treasury. Currently, the fees for using the Axie Marketplace is only 4.25%.

Update & Maintenance News

February Dev Update For Origin & Land

Axie infinity announced their February Dev Update for Origin & Land last February 20, 2022. The announcement introduced a the new starter Axie for Battles V3 (Origin) named Olek. This new Axie is going to be one of the three initial starter Axie along with with Buba and Puffy.

With the Origin announcement, they also mentioned some information regarding Land (Also known as Project K).

Update & Maintenance News

Ronin Wallet 1.5.0 Update

An Auto-lock feature will be added as another layer of security for your account. By default, the auto-lock setting is at 5 minutes of idle time. This can be edited by going to Account > Settings > Auto-lock.

Browsers might request you to re-enable your Ronin Wallet Extension due to this update.

Marketplace Under Maintenance

Start Time7:00 AM UCT (03:00 PM PHT)
End Time8:00 AM UCT (04:00 PM PHT)

In preparation for the Lunar New Year event, the marketplace will go into maintenance mode for a short period of time. The developers are also trying to resolve some stability issue along with this maintenance.

The Lunacian Express: Release Axie Event

Release Plan & Updates For Origin (Battles v3)


A release plan has been announced for Axie Infinity: Origin (Battles v3). New information regarding the alpha launch and release has been announced. They also mentioned additional information regarding season 0, new mechanics, power-ups, and so much more.

Release Plan & Updates For Origin (Battles v3)

Season 20 Is Live!

Current SeasonSeason 20
Season StartFeb 9, 2022 10:00 AM
Season EndMar 22, 2022 10:00 AM

Axie Infinity just announced that Season 20 has finally begun. All players will now have their MMR reset to 1200 to begin their climb on the leaderboards.

Season 20 Update: End Date & Changes

Maintenance - Preparation Update (Feb, 9th, 2022)

The game will have to go into maintenance mode to prepare for the upcoming game update, this was announced on the Axie Infinity Discord.

Start Time7:00 AM UCT (03:00 PM PHT)
End Time9:00 AM UCT (05:00 PM PHT)
Update & Maintenance News

Economic Balancing & Adjustment Update


Axie Infinity just announced the upcoming changes for season 20 as well as information regarding the economic balancing and adjustments.

Economic Balancing & Adjustment Update For Season 20

CRIT System Changes (Rage Mechanic)

It was mentioned during the Axie Chat: Episode 76 that the crit system will be totally different for the current gameplay and Axie Infinity: Origin.

Information below is still unconfirmed. This section will be updated as soon as we learn more.

It is speculated that there is going to be a rage bar that you will need to fill up to make your axie land a Critical Strike or Critical Hit.

Battles V2 (Origin): Release Date & News

Kitchen Leak - New Item & Decoration


A new leak has been shown last January 28, 2022 on the DevChat #3 Stream. They released an image of a new land item/decoration that is going to be used for Axie Land.

Land Gameplay & Release Date Guide

Patch Is Up! | Buffs & Nerfs (January 25, 2022)

Release DateJanuary 25th, 2022
8:00 AM UTC (4:00 PM PHT)

Once again, Axie Infinity implemented some card Buffs and Nerfs along with the version update to better prepare players for the upcoming Season 20.

With the update, they also made changes for the base stat of the Dawn class and some minor tweaks for the Skill damage formula. Update Patch Notes

Maintenance - Preparation Update (Jan, 25th, 2022)

The game will have to go into maintenance mode to prepare for the upcoming game update, this was announced on the Axie Infinity Discord. The Marketplace will go into maintenance mode during the same time.

Start Time7:00 AM UCT (03:00 PM PHT)
End Time8:00 AM UCT (04:00 PM PHT)

The Lunacian Express

Start Date January 20, 2022 8:00 AM UCT (4:00 PM PHT)
End Date Feb 20, 2022 11:00 PM UCT (7:00 AM PHT)

You can now release Axies into the wild by participating in the Lunacian Express event. This is a lunar new year themed event where in you can get exclusive land items with a lunar new year theme by releasing owned axies.

The Lunacian Express: Release Axie Event

Patch 1.1.2 is LIVE!

Patch Notes 1.1.2
Release DateJanuary 10th, 2022
6:00 AM UTC (5:00 PM PHT)

This update includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Check out the following article for more information.

1.1.2 Update Patch Notes

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