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The Swamp is one of the biomes and locations in Valheim. Get to know its resources and materials, Swamp location & Crypts, the 3rd boss, enemies, and recommended weapons and armor!!!

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Swamp Biome Overview

Swamp Details

Swamp Biome
Swamp BossBiomass
EnemiesDraugr, Draugr Elite, Leech, Blob, Oozer, Wraith, Surtling
Key ItemsSwamp Key
Notable MaterialsWithered Bone
Scrap Iron

Open Sunken Crypts With Swamp Key

Open Crypts with the Swamp Key

The Swamp Key is a quest item dropped by The Elder, the boss of the Black Forest. Acquiring this key allows you to enter into Sunken Crypts in Swamps to explore and loot them.

Mine & Forge Iron

Mine and Forge Iron

Valheim's mid-game resource, Iron, can be found in the Swamp. Look for "Muddy scrap pile" inside crypts to mine it. You can also find Iron on the surface once you get the Wishbone after defeating the boss. Forge the Scrap Iron to get Iron.

Collect Glowing Green Stuff For Guck


If you plan on crafting the strongest bow in the game, the Draugr Fang, prepare to collect the glowing green stuff found on Swamp trees. You might have to resort to making stairs to get them, so remember to bring wood with you.

Bring Poison Resistance Meads & Food

Poison is a status effect that inflicts damage over time. As there is currently no known cure for poison, compensate by bringing in food for HP regeneration and Poison Resistance mead.

Swamp Location & Crypts

Search For Swamps Using Boats

swamps by the water

Swamps are usually located by the sea. With that, it is a good idea to use a boat and sail along the coast to scout for good Swamp locations. You can use the Swamp's coastline as a reference to its size.

Build A Base Beside The Swamp

Swamps are usually beside either Meadow or Black Forest biomes. Instead of directly establishing a camp in the Swamp, make your camp on the Meadow or Black Forest side instead. This helps by lessening the chances of stronger Swamp enemies attacking your base.

Bring The Swamp Key To Enter Sunken Crypts

Sunken Crypts

In order to enter the Sunken Crypts dotting the Swamps, you need to bring in the Swamp Key. You do not need to equip it, just have it inside your inventory and interact with a Crypt door to open it.

Swamp Key Item Details

Swamp Biome 3rd Boss - Bonemass

Bone Mass

Bonemass Tips

Defeat Bonemass With Blunt Weapons & Frost Arrows

Bone Mass Battle

Bonemass is weak against Blunt weapons and Ice. You can use the Iron Mace to deal more damage in melee. On the other hand, you can use Frost Arrows to defeat it but this will require you to travel to the Mountains, a far more difficult Biome.

Bring Poison Resistance Meads

If you want to last longer when fighting the Bonemass, do bring a couple of Poison Resistance Meads to protect yourself from its poison. It also helps in keeping your HP full especially if you're a melee fighter.

Poison Resistance Mead Details

Flatten The Battlefield

Flatten the Battlefield

Use the Hoe to flatten and prepare the battlefield before your fight with the Bonemass. Raise the ground to remove the pools of water. Doing this first allows you to move freely without fear of slowing down during the hectic boss fight.

Summons Skeletons & Blobs

During the fight, the Biomass summons several Skeletons and Blobs to assist it in its fight. Eliminate them first if you're alone or have one person in your team to get the aggro and deal with them when playing with other players.

How To Locate Bonemass

Pinpoint Using The Vegvisir

Vegvisir Bonemass

Enter Crypts or wander around the Swamp and use the Vegvisir to pinpoint the location of Bonemass. Note that the appearance of these slabs is random, so you might have to explore a couple of Swamps and Crypts to see one.

How To Summon Bonemass

Collect 10 Withered Bones

10 Withered Bones

You need to collect 10 Withered Bones to summon the Bonemass. You can find Withered Bones inside Crypts as loot or as drops from Draugrs.

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Swamp Enemies

Swamp Enemy Info

Click on the enemy image for more details!!!

EnemyWhere To Find & Info
DraugrDraugrFound roaming the Swamps or inside Crypts. Can be troublesome if fought in groups
Draugr EliteDraugr EliteFound roaming the Swamps or inside Crypts. Stronger and far more resilient than a Draugr
LeechLeechCan be found near watery areas of the Swamp. Can move without any problems in water. Best fight it from dry land.
BlobBlobFound roaming the Swamps or inside Crypts. Can be extremely damaging with its poison attack. Use hit and run tactics when dealing with this.
Use Blunt weapons to deal extra damage.
OozerOozerStronger and has more HP than Blobs. Hit and run tactics works well against this one too.
Use Blunt weapons to deal extra damage
WraithWraithFloats around the Swamp during night time. Wait for it to attack, then counter with your own once it's done.
SurtlingSurtlingUsually found in some Swamps. Usually present with 2 or more Surtlings around a fire pillar.

Tips & Recommendations For Swamp Biome

The Hoe Is Your Best Friend

Use the Hoe to make land bridges

When exploring the Swamp, always bring a Hoe to level the ground. The flooded terrain causes your character to move slowly, slowing you down and making you more vulnerable. Raise the terrain and keep yourself dry using the faithful Hoe.

Check Out The Hoe's Details Here

Upgrade To Iron Weapons & Armor

Iron Mace

Once you get into the Crypts, mine as much Scrap Iron as you can. Use a Cart to transport these heavy resources back to base. Then, use your Forge to transform them into Iron that you can use to craft Iron equipment.

Bring 2 Pickaxes

Mining Scrap Iron can be tedious and your pickaxe is likely to break twice or thrice for every Crypt. Bring 2 or more Pickaxes (better if you get Iron Pickaxes) so you can efficiently mine more Iron for armor and weapons.

Wraiths Prowl At Night

Slow but flying enemies called Wraiths patrol the Swamp at night. While they are not difficult enemies, they can be relentless when they chase you. Deal with them once they get close and keep their loot, "Chain", as it will be useful in the next Biomes.

Explore Crypts & Loot Items

Make A Campfire At The Entrance

Campfire Crypt

Before going deep into Crypts, make a Campfire by the entrance of the Crypt. Place it inside so you can quickly rest and dry yourself before advancing.

Bring Blunt Weapons

Poisonous Blobs are one of the main enemies that live inside crypts. These guys can deal a lot of damage with their poison. Use blunt weapons like the Bronze Mace and Iron Mace to deal extra damage against them.

Use The Wishbone To Locate Iron Veins

Wishbone and Muddy scrap piles

You can use the Wishbone dropped by the Bonemass to locate more Iron on the surface of the Swamp biome. Equip it and gauge your distance to a vein using the bleeps; the more frequent, the nearer you are to the source. Once it bleeps constantly, get a Pickaxe and start digging. The blip will stop once you hit the vein.

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