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Check out this Valheim guide for a list of all items. Includes a list of all items in the game, including materials, weapons, armor, food, how to get, and more!!!

List Of All Items

What Are Items?

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Materials List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of All Materials

ItemWhere To GetUsed In
WoodWoodCut down trees or destroy structures- Stone axe
- Wood shield
- Wood torch
- Hoe
- Crude Bow
Deer HideDeer HideKill deer to obtain- Leather helmet
- Leather tunic
- Leather pants
- Iron helmet
- Iron scale mail
Leather ScrapsLeather ScrapsKill boars to obtain- Rag pants
- Rag tunic
- Wood shield
- Wood tower shield
- Stagbreaker
DandelionDandelionPick up off the ground- Mead base: Medium Healing
- Mead base: Minor Healing
ResinResinDrops from chopped trees and Greydwarf enemies- Fire arrow
- Ooze bomb
- Wood shield
- Tankard
StoneStoneFound on the ground, or when you destroy rocks with a Pickaxe- Hammer
- Stone axe
- Hoe
- Sharpening stone
FlintFlintFound near rivers- Flint axe
- Flint knife
- Flint spear
- Flinthead arrow
Hard AntlerHard AntlerDropped by the boss Eikthyr- Antler pickaxe
CoalCoalMade in a Charcoal kiln, or by overcooking meat- Mead base: Poison resistance
FeathersFeathersDrops from birds- Fire arrow
- Bronzehead arrow
- Flinthead arrow
- Frost arrow
- Huntsman bow
Greydwarf EyeGreydwarf EyeDrops from various Greydwarves- Mead base: Frost resistance
- Portal
- Ward
Surtling CoreSurtling CoreFound in Burial Chambers- Portal
- Smelter
- Charcoal Kiln
- Blast Furnace
- Bonfire
Tin OreTin OreFound near the water in Black Forests- Tin
Copper OreCopper OreFound in Black Forests- Copper
Bone FragmentsBone FragmentsDrop from Skeletons, found in Burial Chambers- Deer hide cape
- Troll hide cape
- Troll leather helmet
BloodbagBloodbagDrop from Leeches, found in the water in swamps
BronzeBronzeUse a Smelter to process Tin and Copper ores- Bronze sword
- Bronze spear
- Bronze axe
- Bronze atgeir
- Bronze helmet
Bronze NailsBronze NailsCan be made at a Forge with a single Bronze- Cart
- Karve
- Item Stand
ChainChainDropped by Wraiths- Black metal shield
- Black metal tower shield
- Wolf armor chest
CopperCopperCan be crafted in a Smelter from a Copper Ore- Bronze
- Copper knife
- Forge
Core WoodCore WoodCan be found by chopping Pine Trees in the Black Forest or grown from Pine Cones with the use of a cultivator.- Stagbreaker
- Bronze pickaxe
- Cultivator
- Finewood bow
- Iron pickaxe
EntrailsEntrailsDropped by Draugr
Found inside chests in Crypts
- Sausages
Fine WoodFine WoodCan be obtained by chopping down a Birch & Oak trees in the Meadows or Plains- Tankard
- Abyssal harpoon
- Abyssal razor
- Banded shield
- Blackmetal atgeir
IronIronCan be found in the swamp inside the Sunken Crypts and can also be scattered in the surface of the swamp.- Iron sword
- Iron tower shield
- Ironhead arrow
- Iron sledge
- Iron scale mail
OozeOozeDropped by Blob and Oozer in the Swamp- Ooze bomb
- Poison arrow
ThistleThistleCan be found in Swamp & Black forest.- Blood pudding
- Mead base: Frost resistance
- Mead base: Poison resistance
- Sausages
ObsidianObsidianThey can be found in the mountains and requires a Pickaxe to mine.- Obsidian arrow
- Frost arrow
- Poison arrow
TinTinCan be crafted in a Smelter from Tin Ore.- Bronze
- Cauldron
Troll HideTroll HideDropped by Trolls- Troll hide cape
- Troll leather helmet
- Troll leather pants
- Troll leather tunic
- Ancient bark spear
Scrap IronScrap IronMined from inside Crypts located in the Swamp biome.
Ymir FleshYmir FleshBuy from the Merchant- Frostner
- Iron sledge
SilverSilverUse a Smelter to process Silver Ore- Drake helmet
- Fang spear
- Draugr fang
- Frostner
- Linen cape
Silver OreSilver OreMine a Silver Vein- Silver
Black Metal ScrapBlack Metal ScrapDropped by Fulings- Black Metal
Black MetalBlack MetalUse a Blast Furnace to process Black Metal Scrap- Blackmetal atgeir
- Blackmetal axe
- Blackmetal sword
- Blackmetal knife
- Black metal shield
Linen ThreadLinen ThreadUse a Spinning Wheel to process Flax- Blackmetal atgeir
- Blackmetal axe
- Blackmetal sword
- Blackmetal knife
- Linen cape
FlaxFlaxLoot Fuling camps
Can be planted and harvested
- Linen thread
Wolf FangWolf FangDropped by Wolves- Wolf armor legs
- Fang spear
Freeze GlandFreeze GlandDropped by Drakes- Frost arrow
- Frostner
NeedleNeedleDropped by Deathsquitos- Needle arrow
- Porcupine
Wolf PeltWolf PeltDropped by Wolves- Wolf armor chest
- Wolf armor legs
- Wolf fur cape
- Drake helmet
GuckGuckLocate and destroy the green stuff attached to trees in the Swamp biome- Draugr fang
ChitinChitinMine the Kraken's back- Abyssal razor
- Abyssal harpoon
BarleyBarleyLoot Fuling camps
Can be planted and harvested
- Barley flour
- Barley wine base: Fire resistance
Iron NailsIron NailsCraft at a Forge- Windmill
- Dragon bed
- Longship
- Spinning wheel
Barley FlourBarley FlourUse the Windmill to process Barley- Blood pudding
- Bread
- Fish wraps
- Lox meat pie
Dragon TearDragon TearDropped by Moder- Artisan table
Ancient BarkAncient BarkCut down Ancient Trees- Ancient bark spear
- Battleaxe
- Draugr fang
- Fang spear
- Frostner
Flametal OreFlametal OreCan be mined from The Glowing Metal
FlametalFlametalSmelt Flametal Ore in a Blast Furnace
CrystalCrystalDrops from a Stone Golem
Lox PeltLox PeltDrops from a Lox- Lox Cape
Serpent ScaleSerpent ScaleDrops from a Serpent- Serpent Scale Shield
Materials List

Weapons List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of All Weapons

ItemAmountDmg. TypeReq. Materials
Flint SpearFlint Spear26PierceWood x 5
Flint x 10
Leather scraps x 2
Stone AxeStone Axe15SlashWood x 5
Stone x 4
Flint AxeFlint Axe20SlashWood x 4
Flint x 6
ClubClub12BluntWood x 6
Flint KnifeFlint Knife6SlashWood x 2
Flint x 4
Leather scraps x 2
Crude BowCrude Bow25PierceWood x 10
Leather scraps x 8
Wood ShieldWood ShieldWood x 10
Resin x 4
Leather Scraps x 4
Wood Tower ShieldWood Tower ShieldWood x 10
Leather scraps x 4
Wood ArrowWood Arrow22PierceWood x 8
Fire ArrowFire Arrow11PierceWood x 8
Resin x 8
Feathers x 2
Flinthead ArrowFlinthead Arrow27PierceWood x 8
Flint x 2
Feathers x 2
Abyssal RazorAbyssal Razor12SlashFine wood x 4
Chitin x 20
Leather scraps x 2
Banded ShieldBanded ShieldFine wood x 10
Iron x 8
Bronze SwordBronze Sword35SlashWood x 2
Bronze x 8
Leather scraps x 2
Copper KnifeCopper Knife9SlashWood x 2
Copper x 8
Finewood BowFinewood Bow32PierceFine wood x 10
Core wood x 10
Deer hide x 2
Ironhead ArrowIronhead Arrow42PierceWood x 8
Iron x 1
Feathers x 2
Iron SwordIron Sword55SlashWood x 2
Iron x 20
Leather scraps x 3
PorcupinePorcupine50BluntFine wood x 5
Iron x 20
Needle x 5
Linen thread x 10
Ooze BombOoze Bomb5BluntLeather scraps x 5
Ooze x 10
Resin x 3
Silver SwordSilver Sword75SlashWood x 2
Silver x 40
Leather scraps x 3
Iron x 5
Silver ShieldSilver ShieldSilver x 8
Fine wood x 10
StagbreakerStagbreaker20BluntCore wood x 20
Deer trophy x 5
Leather scraps x 2
Iron AxeIron Axe55SlashWood x 4
Iron x 20
Leather scraps x 2
Blackmetal SwordBlackmetal Sword95SlashFine wood x 2
Black metal x 20
Linen thread x 5
Black Metal ShieldBlack Metal ShieldFine wood x 10
Black metal x 8
Chain x 5
Black Metal Tower ShieldBlack Metal Tower ShieldFine wood x 15
Black metal x 10
Chain x 7
Blackmetal KnifeBlackmetal Knife18SlashFine wood x 4
Black metal x 10
Linen thread x 5
Blackmetal AxeBlackmetal Axe95SlashFine wood x 6
Black metal x 20
Linen thread x 5
Blackmetal AtgeirBlackmetal Atgeir105PierceFine wood x 10
Black metal x 30
Linen thread x 5
Draugr FangDraugr Fang47PierceAncient bark x 10
Silver x 20
Deer hide x 2
Guck x 10
FrostnerFrostner35BluntAncient bark x 10
Silver x 30
Ymir flesh x 5
Freeze gland x 5
Iron SledgeIron Sledge55BluntAncient bark x 10
Iron x 30
Ymir flesh x 4
Draugr elite trophy x 1
Fang SpearFang Spear70PierceAncient bark x 10
Wolf fang x 4
Leather scraps x 2
Silver x 2
Ancient Bark SpearAncient Bark Spear55PierceTroll hide x 4
Iron x 10
Ancient bark x 10
Bronze SpearBronze Spear35PierceWood x 5
Bronze x 6
Deer hide x 2
Iron MaceIron Mace55BluntWood x 4
Iron x 20
Leather scraps x 3
Bronze MaceBronze Mace35BluntWood x 4
Bronze x 8
Leather scraps x 3
BattleaxeBattleaxe75SlashAncient bark x 30
Iron x 35
Leather scraps x 4
Iron Tower ShieldIron Tower ShieldFine wood x 15
Iron x 10
Bronze BucklerBronze BucklerBronze x 10
Wood x 4
Silver ArrowSilver Arrow42PierceWood x 8
Silver x 1
Feathers x 2
Bronzehead ArrowBronzehead Arrow32PierceWood x 8
Bronze x 1
Feathers x 2
Frost ArrowFrost Arrow26PierceWood x 8
Obsidian x 4
Feathers x 2
Freeze gland x 1
Needle ArrowNeedle Arrow62PierceNeedle x 4
Feathers x 2
Obsidian ArrowObsidian Arrow52PierceWood x 8
Obsidian x 4
Feathers x 2
Poison ArrowPoison Arrow26PierceWood x 8
Obsidian x 4
Feathers x 2
Ooze x 2
Bronze AtgeirBronze Atgeir45PierceWood x 10
Bronze x 8
Leather scraps x 2
Abyssal HarpoonAbyssal Harpoon10PierceFine wood x 8
Chitin x 10
Leather scraps x 3
Iron AtgeirIron Atgeir65PierceWood x 10
Iron x 30
Leather scraps x 2
Bronze AxeBronze Axe35SlashWood x 4
Bronze x 8
Leather scraps x 2
Huntsman BowHuntsman Bow42PierceFine wood x 10
Iron x 20
Feathers x 10
Deer hide x 2
Serpent Scale ShieldSerpent Scale ShieldFine Wood x 10
Iron x 4
Serpent Scale x 8
Weapons List

Armor List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

All Armor List

Armor List

Food List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of All Food

Food ListPotions List

Tools List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of All Tools

ItemUsesReq. Materials
HammerHammerUsed to build or repair structuresWood x 3
Stone x 2
Antler PickaxeAntler PickaxeUsed to break rocks, mine ore, and dig.Wood x 10
Hard antler x 1
TorchTorchUsed to provide light on the move.Wood x 1
Resin x 1
HoeHoeUsed to level, raise, and clear ground.Wood x 5
Stone x 2
Iron PickaxeIron PickaxeUsed to break rocks, mine ore, and dig.Core wood x 3
Iron x 20
TankardTankardUsed to drink mead & potions.Fine Wood x 5
Resin x 2
Bronze PickaxeBronze PickaxeUsed to break rocks, mine ore, and dig.Core wood x 3
Bronze x 10
WishboneWishboneUsed to find secrets while equipped.None
CultivatorCultivatorUsed for tilling land, & planting seeds and trees.Core wood x 5
Bronze x 5
Swamp KeySwamp KeyUsed to unlock the Sunken Crypts inside the Swamp biome.None
Fishing RodFishing RodUsed to catch fish.Gold x 350
MegingjordMegingjordUsed to let the user carry 150 more weight (when equipped)Gold x 950
Fishing BaitFishing BaitUsed as bait to catch fishGold x 10
Tools List

Trophies List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of All Trophies

ItemUsesHow To Get
Deer TrophyDeer TrophyDropped by deer
Boar TrophyBoar TrophyDropped by boars
Eikthyr TrophyEikthyr TrophyDropped by the boss Eikthyr
Neck TrophyNeck TrophyDropped by Neck
Greydwarf TrophyGreydwarf TrophyDropped by Greydwarves
Skeleton TrophySkeleton TrophyDropped by Skeletons
Draugr TrophyDraugr TrophyDropped by Draugr
Greydwarf Shaman TrophyGreydwarf Shaman TrophyDropped by Greydwarf Shamans
Greydwarf Brute TrophyGreydwarf Brute TrophyDropped by Greydwarf Brutes
Lox TrophyLox TrophyDropped by Lox
Troll TrophyTroll TrophyDropped by Trolls
Wraith TrophyWraith TrophyDropped by Wraiths
Drake TrophyDrake TrophyDropped by Drakes
Wolf TrophyWolf TrophyDropped by Wolves
Fuling TrophyFuling TrophyDropped by Fulings
Surtling TrophySurtling TrophyDropped by Surtlings
Blob TrophyBlob TrophyDropped by Blobs
Rancid Remains TrophyRancid Remains TrophyDropped by Rancid Remains
Leech TrophyLeech TrophyDropped by Leeches
Draugr Elite TrophyDraugr Elite TrophyDropped by Elite Draugrs
Fuling Berserker TrophyFuling Berserker TrophyDropped by Fuling Berserkers
Fenring TrophyFenring TrophyDropped by Fenrings
Deathsquito TrophyDeathsquito TrophyDropped by Deathsquitos
Stone Golem TrophyStone Golem TrophyDropped by Stone Golems
Serpent TrophySerpent TrophyDropped by Serpents
Fuling Shaman TrophyFuling Shaman TrophyDropped by Fuling Shamans
Trophy List

Seeds List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of All Seeds

ItemHow To GetWhat It Becomes
Beech SeedsBeech SeedsDropped by Beech treesBeech tree
Carrot SeedsCarrot SeedsFound on the groundCarrots
Fir ConeFir ConeDropped by Fir treesFir tree
Pine ConePine ConeDropped by Pine treesPine tree
Turnip SeedsTurnip SeedsPick off flowers in the swamp or plant a turnip with the CultivatorTurnip
Seed List

Quest Items List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of Quest Items

Quest ItemWhere To FindHow To Use
Deer TrophyDeer TrophyDropped by deerCollect 2 of these to summon Eikthyr
Ancient SeedAncient SeedDropped by Greydwarfs
Withered BoneWithered BoneFound in Crypts and drops occasionally from Draugrs
Fuling TotemFuling TotemFound in Fuling camps
Dropped by Fuling Berserkers
Dragon EggDragon EggFound around Mountain biomes
Respawns after a few days
Quest Item List

Other Items List

This article is currently a Work in Progress

List Of Other Items

ItemInfoHow To Get
Amber PearlAmber PearlFound in Burial Chambers
AmberAmberFound in Burial Chambers and the Swamp
CoinsCoinsDropped by elite enemies
Can be looted from treasure chests
Commonly dropped by Fulings
RubyRubyObtained by looting chests
Other Items List

Explanation Of Items



These are primarily used to craft other items. They usually cannot be consumed independently, but are some of the most important items you'll need to gather.



These are instruments used to defend yourself or kill enemies. They can be upgraded at the workshop for extra materials to improve their abilities.



An item that increases your defense against enemies' attacks. These can also be upgraded.



Tools allow you to do things such as level or raise the ground, cut down trees, mine from rock deposits, and construct buildings! Some tools can also be used as weapons.



Items that can be consumed to give you a health, stamina, and HP regen boost.


Seeds can be planted in the ground and will eventually grow into a tree or plant.


These are drop items that can be obtained by killing a specific enemy. Using some of them at an altar may also summon bosses.


These are items that don't necessarily fit a specific category and have a variety of other uses.

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