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Check out this Valheim guide for a list of all materials. Includes a list of all materials in the game, where to get, what they're used in, and more!!!

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List Of All Items

Materials List

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List Of All Materials

ItemWhere To GetUsed In
WoodWoodCut down trees or destroy structures- Stone axe
- Wood shield
- Wood torch
- Hoe
- Crude Bow
Deer HideDeer HideKill deer to obtain- Leather helmet
- Leather tunic
- Leather pants
- Iron helmet
- Iron scale mail
Leather ScrapsLeather ScrapsKill boars to obtain- Rag pants
- Rag tunic
- Wood shield
- Wood tower shield
- Stagbreaker
DandelionDandelionPick up off the ground- Mead base: Medium Healing
- Mead base: Minor Healing
ResinResinDrops from chopped trees and Greydwarf enemies- Fire arrow
- Ooze bomb
- Wood shield
- Tankard
StoneStoneFound on the ground, or when you destroy rocks with a Pickaxe- Hammer
- Stone axe
- Hoe
- Sharpening stone
FlintFlintFound near rivers- Flint axe
- Flint knife
- Flint spear
- Flinthead arrow
Hard AntlerHard AntlerDropped by the boss Eikthyr- Antler pickaxe
CoalCoalMade in a Charcoal kiln, or by overcooking meat- Mead base: Poison resistance
FeathersFeathersDrops from birds- Fire arrow
- Bronzehead arrow
- Flinthead arrow
- Frost arrow
- Huntsman bow
Greydwarf EyeGreydwarf EyeDrops from various Greydwarves- Mead base: Frost resistance
- Portal
- Ward
Surtling CoreSurtling CoreFound in Burial Chambers- Portal
- Smelter
- Charcoal Kiln
- Blast Furnace
- Bonfire
Tin OreTin OreFound near the water in Black Forests- Tin
Copper OreCopper OreFound in Black Forests- Copper
Bone FragmentsBone FragmentsDrop from Skeletons, found in Burial Chambers- Deer hide cape
- Troll hide cape
- Troll leather helmet
BloodbagBloodbagDrop from Leeches, found in the water in swamps
BronzeBronzeUse a Smelter to process Tin and Copper ores- Bronze sword
- Bronze spear
- Bronze axe
- Bronze atgeir
- Bronze helmet
Bronze NailsBronze NailsCan be made at a Forge with a single Bronze- Cart
- Karve
- Item Stand
ChainChainDropped by Wraiths- Black metal shield
- Black metal tower shield
- Wolf armor chest
CopperCopperCan be crafted in a Smelter from a Copper Ore- Bronze
- Copper knife
- Forge
Core WoodCore WoodCan be found by chopping Pine Trees in the Black Forest or grown from Pine Cones with the use of a cultivator.- Stagbreaker
- Bronze pickaxe
- Cultivator
- Finewood bow
- Iron pickaxe
EntrailsEntrailsDropped by Draugr
Found inside chests in Crypts
- Sausages
Fine WoodFine WoodCan be obtained by chopping down a Birch & Oak trees in the Meadows or Plains- Tankard
- Abyssal harpoon
- Abyssal razor
- Banded shield
- Blackmetal atgeir
IronIronCan be found in the swamp inside the Sunken Crypts and can also be scattered in the surface of the swamp.- Iron sword
- Iron tower shield
- Ironhead arrow
- Iron sledge
- Iron scale mail
OozeOozeDropped by Blob and Oozer in the Swamp- Ooze bomb
- Poison arrow
ThistleThistleCan be found in Swamp & Black forest.- Blood pudding
- Mead base: Frost resistance
- Mead base: Poison resistance
- Sausages
ObsidianObsidianThey can be found in the mountains and requires a Pickaxe to mine.- Obsidian arrow
- Frost arrow
- Poison arrow
TinTinCan be crafted in a Smelter from Tin Ore.- Bronze
- Cauldron
Troll HideTroll HideDropped by Trolls- Troll hide cape
- Troll leather helmet
- Troll leather pants
- Troll leather tunic
- Ancient bark spear
Scrap IronScrap IronMined from inside Crypts located in the Swamp biome.
Ymir FleshYmir FleshBuy from the Merchant- Frostner
- Iron sledge
SilverSilverUse a Smelter to process Silver Ore- Drake helmet
- Fang spear
- Draugr fang
- Frostner
- Linen cape
Silver OreSilver OreMine a Silver Vein- Silver
Black Metal ScrapBlack Metal ScrapDropped by Fulings- Black Metal
Black MetalBlack MetalUse a Blast Furnace to process Black Metal Scrap- Blackmetal atgeir
- Blackmetal axe
- Blackmetal sword
- Blackmetal knife
- Black metal shield
Linen ThreadLinen ThreadUse a Spinning Wheel to process Flax- Blackmetal atgeir
- Blackmetal axe
- Blackmetal sword
- Blackmetal knife
- Linen cape
FlaxFlaxLoot Fuling camps
Can be planted and harvested
- Linen thread
Wolf FangWolf FangDropped by Wolves- Wolf armor legs
- Fang spear
Freeze GlandFreeze GlandDropped by Drakes- Frost arrow
- Frostner
NeedleNeedleDropped by Deathsquitos- Needle arrow
- Porcupine
Wolf PeltWolf PeltDropped by Wolves- Wolf armor chest
- Wolf armor legs
- Wolf fur cape
- Drake helmet
GuckGuckLocate and destroy the green stuff attached to trees in the Swamp biome- Draugr fang
ChitinChitinMine the Kraken's back- Abyssal razor
- Abyssal harpoon
BarleyBarleyLoot Fuling camps
Can be planted and harvested
- Barley flour
- Barley wine base: Fire resistance
Iron NailsIron NailsCraft at a Forge- Windmill
- Dragon bed
- Longship
- Spinning wheel
Barley FlourBarley FlourUse the Windmill to process Barley- Blood pudding
- Bread
- Fish wraps
- Lox meat pie
Dragon TearDragon TearDropped by Moder- Artisan table
Ancient BarkAncient BarkCut down Ancient Trees- Ancient bark spear
- Battleaxe
- Draugr fang
- Fang spear
- Frostner
Flametal OreFlametal OreCan be mined from The Glowing Metal
FlametalFlametalSmelt Flametal Ore in a Blast Furnace
CrystalCrystalDrops from a Stone Golem
Lox PeltLox PeltDrops from a Lox- Lox Cape
Serpent ScaleSerpent ScaleDrops from a Serpent- Serpent Scale Shield

What Are Materials?

Items Used In Crafting


Materials are items used primarily for the purpose of crafting other items. In most cases, you won't be able to actually consume or wear these items directly, but they will be extremely useful for a variety of purposes.

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