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Valheim | Black Forest Guide - Location & Boss

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The Black Forest is one of the biomes and locations in Valheim. Get to know its resources and materials, Black Forest merchant location & base, the 2nd boss, enemies, & tips!!!

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Black Forest Biome Overview

Black Forest Details

Black Forest Biome
Black Forest BossThe Elder
EnemiesGreydwarf, Greydwarf Brute, Greydwarf Shaman, Troll, Skeleton, Ghost, Rancid Remains
Key ItemsAntler Pickaxe
Swamp Key
Notable MaterialsTin Ore
Copper Ore
Core Wood
Fine Wood

Into The Dark Forest

Into the dark forest

As its name implies, the Black Forest is a forest biome covered with moss and tall trees. Hiding amongst the trees are exceptional dangers such as reanimated Skeletons, groups of Greydwarfs, and the ominous blue Trolls.

Black Forest Merchant Location

Black Forest Merchant Location

The Merchant, Haldor, can be found inside Black Forests. You can purchase incredibly rare items from him in exchange for gold. Note that you might have to explore a number of Black Forests in order to find him.

Location Is Broadcasted

A small circle telling you of the location of the Merchant is broadcasted once you get sufficiently near. You can check your map from time to time to see if a Merchant is nearby.

Mine Your First Metals


After defeating Eikthyr, you can finally craft the Antler Pickaxe. With this, you can start mining precious ores to increase the quality of your equipment. Mine Copper and Tin ores in Black Forests and process them to get your first metal, Bronze.

Better Wood, Better Buildings

The Black Forest contains good quality lumber that can be used to to further your camp's expansion. Cutting down certain trees nets you Core Wood and Fine Wood, two materials which are necessary for next-tier buildings.

Into The Burial Chambers & Troll Caves

Into the Burial Chambers

Dotting the vast forest expanses are Burial Chambers and Troll Caves that players can enter and explore. Often times, these locations are home to difficult enemies. Tread carefully and be prepared before entering any of these locations.

Unlock The Fast Travel Portal

Unlock the portal

Portals are magical gateways that you can use to teleport from one place to another. They are extremely useful in Valheim as they basically reduce your travel time to zero between certain points. You can collect all of the Portal's required materials inside the Black Forest.

Black Forest Location & Base Tips

Found Next To Meadows

Black Forests can often be found directly beside Meadows. You can easily spot a Black Forest's borders with its tall tree lines.

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Can Also Be Found Near The Shore

Build near the shore

Black Forests are also usually located just beside the sea. You can use a boat to sail and scout the perimeter of an island to locate a sizable Black Forest.

Black Forest Base Tips

Build In The Meadows Instead

It is highly recommended to keep your initial basein the Meadows instead of relocation to the Black Forest. This ensures that your attackers are likely to be easier to defeat as opposed to the Black Forest's more resilient Trolls and Skeletons.

Try To Get Near The Shore

It is better if you can establish a base near the shore that is also right beside a Black Forest. This allows you to quickly and easily mine and gather Tin Ore, a resource needed to create Bronze. Note that Tin Ores are not teleportable so having them nearby can be helpful.

Black Forest Biome 2nd Boss - The Elder

The Elder Tips

The Elder

Use Ranged Attacks & Fire Arrows

Ranged attack and fire arrows

The best way to fight The Elder is to fight it from a distance. Use Fire Arrows to inflict burn and damage over time. Dodge back and try to run circles around it until it drops dead.

Fire ArrowFire Arrow
Materials Required:
Wood x 8
Resin x 8
Feathers x 2

Hard Fight For Melee

Hard fight for melee

The Elder calls roots from underneath the earth to aid it in its fight. These summoned roots can block your path and damage you. Although they can be killed, it is best to avoid the roots and run to safety instead. It is also possible to use the pillars around the altars as shields when it uses its root attacks.

Can Easily Get Stuck

Due to its sheer size, the Elder can get stuck to the environment once it spawns. This renders it immobile, allowing you to take potshots at it. If you want to do this, start by digging a deep trench around the summoning altar. This causes the Elder to spawn deep into the ground with the altar itself blocking its movements.

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Drops The Swamp Key

The Swamp Key is a key quest item that is required to fully explore the third biome, Swamp. The Elder drops it upon its death, and if playing with other players, drops multiple copies of it with one for each player.

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How To Locate The Elder

Pinpoint Using The Vegvisir

The Elder's altar/shrine can be located by using the Vegvisir. The Elder's Vegvisir can be found randomly inside the Black Forests or inside the Burial Chambers.

How To Summon The Elder

Collect 3 Ancient Seeds

Summon the elder

The Elder can be summoned by collecting 3 Ancient Seeds. These are easily obtainable and can be found by simply taking down Greydwarfs, Greydwarf Brutes, and Greydwarf Shamans. You can also find them as loot inside Burial Chambers.

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Black Forest Enemies

Black Forest Enemy Info

Click on the enemy image for more details!!!

EnemyWhere To Find & Info
GreydwarfGreydwarfCan be found roaming around the Black Forest. Afraid of torches.
Can be defeated easily by any weapon.
Greydwarf BruteGreydwarf BruteCan be found roaming around the Black Forest. Stronger and more resilient than an ordinary Greydwarf.
Greydwarf ShamanGreydwarf ShamanCan be found roaming around the Black Forest. Usually near Greydwarf spawn spots.
TrollTrollCan be found roaming the Black Forest and inside Troll Caves. Extremely powerful even with bronze-tier weapons and armor.
Use a combination of dodges and blocks to take it down.
SkeletonSkeletonFound roaming the Black Forest and its Burial Chambers. Usually found in groups of 3 or more.
Comes in different variants so you may have to change strategies. Deal with the melee ones first then go after the ranged Skeletons.
GhostGhostGhosts are found in Burial Chambers exclusively. They're slightly more dangerous than Skeletons.
Avoid fighting them in close quarters alongside other enemies.
Rancid RemainsRancid RemainsThis is a stronger version of the Skeleton, also found only in Burial Chambers. They will deal poison damage if their attacks hit.
Use the same tactics you would against a normal Skeleton.
Enemy & Creature List

Tips & Recommendations For Black Forest Biome

Get To Bronze ASAP

Bronze is the first metal-tier equipment that you can craft in Valheim. They are incredibly tedious to manufacture as it requires several facilities and resources. While time-consuming, do note that Bronze tools and weapons make it incredibly easy for you to advance.

Materials & Facilities Required:
Copper Ore x 2
Tin Ore x 1
Coal x 1
・Charcoal Kiln

Where To Mine Copper

where to mine copper

Copper Ores can be mined on the surface of Black Forests. They can be identified as huge slabs of green rocks with dark yellowish veins. Bear in mind that breaking a copper deposit does not guarantee a Copper Ore.

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Where To Mine Tin

Where to mine tin

Tin Ores can be found by the shores of Black Forests. Each tin deposit nets you 3 to 4 ores.

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Carts Are Incredibly Helpful

Valheim Carts

As metal ores are not teleportable, having a Cart greatly helps in transporting these heavy objects. Make sure to pave roads towards your mining spots to easily get to them. If near a coast, you can use a boat to transport them instead.

Go Into The Burial Chambers For Loot

Burial Chambers

Burial Chambers are instances that you and other players can go to explore. They often contain Skeletons that guard the treasure hidden inside them. Players brave enough to venture further into Burial Chambers are likely to be rewarded with better loot and materials.

Remember To Rest First

Remember to rest first

Fighting inside Burial Chambers may severely reduce your stamina. Rest first before diving deeper into each one by making a campfire by the entrance. Remember that you can always destroy these campfires to get the resources back.

Build Your Portal Hub

portal hub

Once you reach the Black Forest, it is highly recommended to build up your first base as a portal hub. Once you get access to new materials, start scouting for possible resources and build portals there for quick access.

Make High Comfort Items In The Hub

Inside your portal hub should be the furnitures with the highest comfort stat. This ensures that you get the highest buff that you can get before jumping into other portals. Also note that metal nails are teleportable, allowing you to build high-tier furniture without worrying about going through portals.

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