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The Meadows is one of the biomes and locations in Valheim. Get to know its resources and materials, Meadows Structure, the 1st boss, enemies, and recommended weapons and armor!!!

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Meadows Biome Overview

Meadows Details

Meadow BossEikthyr
EnemiesBoar, Neck, Drake,Deer, Greyling, Greydwarf, Greydwarf Brute, Greydwarf Shaman
Key ItemsDeer Trophy
• Workbench
Notable MaterialsWood

The Meadows Biome is the first biome in-game where you start your journey. It is covered in grass and surrounded by Beech, Birch & Oak trees. Ferns, rivers, lakes & rolling hills can also be found.

Collect Resources

Collect Materials

On the beginning of your Journey to survive you'll need resources, mainly Wood, Flint, Stone & Finewood to build a Shelter & craft items like the Workbench, Campfire & Weapons for your survival.

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Collect Dandelions

Dandelions Mead Base

Collecting Dandelions since dandelions can craft Mead Base Minor Healing & Mead Base Medium Healing which can be fermented to Minor Healing Mead & Medium Healing Mead!

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Collect Trophies

Deer Trophy

One of the Key Items on summoning the first boss: Eikthyr. You'll need to collect 2 Deer Trophies and offer it to the mystical altar. It is recommended that you are prepared on facing the first boss.

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Meadows Structure & Burial Chambers

Abandoned House

Abandoned House in Valheim

You can come across some Abandoned Houses that you can loot items. The items can be usually found inside Chests.

You can also repair the abandoned homes structure and make them one of your homes or your base of operations.

Burial Chambers

Burial Chambers in Valheim

Burial Chambers in the meadows appears rarely on this biome. These early-game dungeons consist of several rooms linked by maze-like hallways, sometimes going up or down. These dungeons contain Surtling cores, Amber, Amber Pearl, Ruby, Yellow mushrooms, Bone Fragments & Coins.

Draugr Village

Draugr Village in Valheim

Draugr Village can be seen in the meadows as well, but just like the Burial Chambers they appear rarely. Usually a Draugr Village will have a Body pile which spawns Draugr & Draugr Elite.

Stone Grave

Stone Grave in Valheim

Stone Graves are makeshift grave that are made of stones, they are usually scattered all over the Meadows Biome & there is a chance that they will drop Bone Fragments, Coins, Amber, Amber Pearl, Ruby and Silver Necklace.

Ancient Stone Circle

Ancient Stone Circle in Valheim

The Ancient Stone Circle consist of 5 Large Stone Pillars on the ground that is arranged in Circle. Currently there are no purpose on this formation whatsoever.

Viking Graveyard

Viking Graveyard in Valheim

These usually appear like a Viking Ship and when dug you may get a Chest or Bone Fragments of the warriors that died in battle.

Meadows Biome 1st Boss - Eikthyr

Eikthyr Boss in Valheim

Eikthyr Tips

Defeat Eikthyr With a Wood Shield & a Flint Spear.

Defeat Eikthyr Boss With a Wood Shield & Flint Spear in Valheim.

Eikthyr can be easily defeated with a Wood shield & a Flint Spear since his attacks can be blocked easily & from a safe distance you can start poking the boss with the Flint Spear and you should kill it easily in no time.

When going to face Eikthyr in a battle, make sure to eat a good meal first (1 Cooked Meat, 1 Grilled Neck Tail & 1 Mushroom or 1 Raspberry).

It is recommended that your health & stamina are at maximum and also you also need to acquire the Rested Effect for your chances of defeating it.

How to Locate Eikthyr

How to Locate Eikthyr In Valheim

Eikthyr can be located on the map at spawn on the left.

How To summon Eikthyr

To summon Eikthyr you must offer 2 Deer Trophy on the mystical altar. 2 Deer Trophies can be obtained by killing a Deer.

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Meadows Enemies

Meadows Enemy Info

Click on the enemy image for more details!!!

EnemyWhere To Find & Info
BoarBoarThis creature can be found roaming in the Meadows, close to the water or in abandoned farms.They can also be tamed by feeding them
Can be easily killed.
NeckNeckThis creature can be found roaming the Meadows in streams of water.
Can be easily killed.
DeerDeerThis creature can be found roaming in the Meadows. If you come too close or a hostile creature does it will runaway.
Since Deer tend to run fast when they see a threat, use a Bow & Arrows from a distance to take them down.
GreylingGreyling This creature can be found roaming in the Meadows.
GreydwarfGreydwarf This creature can be found roaming in the Meadows after defeating the Elder and usually hunts during at night time.
Greydwarf BruteGreydwarf Brute This creature can be found roaming in the Meadows after defeating the Elder and overall taller, stronger, and tougher.
Greydwarf ShamanGreydwarf Shaman This creature can be found roaming in the Black Forest biome, or in the Meadows at night after defeating the Elder. It uses a poison spray attack when in range and regular slashing attacks when up close

Tips & Recommendation

Where To Build Your Home/Base

Where To Build Your Home/Base in Valheim

Since the Meadows have a lot of relatively empty space, it's recommended to build your home/base on a open field, that way you'll have a lot of space to build, create a space to farm, plant crops & more.

Build Your Home/Base in Valheim

You can also build your home next to the ocean, that way if you have a Fishing Rod you can go fishing (though you can also fish just by using your hands). Having your home next to the ocean can be an advantage, as it will make docking your boat or raft much easier/more convenient.

Build Your First Weapon

Build Your First Weapon in Valheim

Since you just started your journey empty-handed, you'll need weapons to ensure your survival. It's recommended that you quickly pick up Wood x6, so you can craft your first weapon, the Club.

First weapon in Valheim

The Club is a pretty decent weapon for the early game. It can be used in self-defense against Greylings or be used for hunting Boars or Necks.

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Build Your First Armor

Build Your First Armor in Valheim

Armor is extremely important, as it reduces damage taken. You can craft an armor like the Rag Tunic & Rag Pants if you were able to obtain Leather Scraps from a Boar.

First Armor Valheim

If you have obtained Deer Hides from a Deer then you can craft a Leather Tunic, Leather Pants, Leather Helmet & Deer Hide Cape. Craft this armor set as soon as you can as they can greatly help you in the fight against the first boss, Eikthyr.

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Cook Your Food For Consumption

Cook Your Food in Valheim

A fierce Viking warrior such as yourself will surely have a hunger to match. In-game you must consume food to increase your Health & Stamina. You can obtain Raw Meat by killing Deer, Boars & Neck Tail for Necks.

For you to cook the meat, you must bring it to a cooking station and watch it cook. If you leave it cooking for too long, it will turn to into Coal, so be careful.

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