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The Mountain is one of the biomes and locations in Valheim. Get to know its resources and materials, Mountain location & base, the 4th boss, enemies, & how to cure freezing status!!!

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Mountain Biome Overview

Mountain Details

Mountain Biome
Mountain BossModer
EnemiesWolf, Fenring, Drake, Stone Golem
Key ItemsWishbone
Dragon Tear
Notable MaterialsSilver Ore
Wolf Pelt

So Cold It Inflicts Freezing

Fight against freeze

The Mountains in Valheim inflict a constant Frost status on players, slowly eating away HP. To counter this, you must either bring Frost Resistance Mead or make armor that passively grants you Frost resistance. You can also make use of campfires to warm yourself while in the Mountains.

Freeze Status
FreezingYou are freezing, no health regeneration and significant lowered stamina regeneration
Health regen -100%
Stamina regen -60%

Do Not Climb While Wet

Even with Frost resistance armor, going up a Mountain with the Wet status will inflict Freeze status on your character. A quick remedy to this is by drying yourself first using campfires before ascending.

Dangerous At Night

Dangerous At Night

Night time is incredibly dangerous in Valheim, more so up in the Mountains. At night, packs of Wolves and Fenrings prowl the grounds, making it incredibly difficulty to explore and look for resources.

Drakes Rain Death From Above

Drakes in the mountain biome

Aside from the Wolves, you must also fight against the Drakes that patrol the Mountains. They tend to be very aggressive and will attack anything. Remember to bring a bow (preferably the Huntsman Bow) to take them down.

Mine Obsidian & Silver

Mine Silver

The Mountains are home to Silver Ore and Obsidian. Silver can be found by using the Wishbone and digging, and Obsidian ores are easy to spot as they jut out from the surface. You can use these materials to craft powerful weapons and armor.

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Mountain Location & Base Tips

Mostly In The Middle Of Islands

Mountains are biomes that can be spotted from afar, be it on land or sea. Their high spires can be viewed from the horizon and can be somewhat located easily if you can find a good vantage point. They are usually found beside Meadows, Black Forests, and Plains.

Flatten The Ground First

Flatten The Ground First

Finding a good place to establish a base in the Mountains can be very challenging due to the uneven ground. Use the Hoe to prepare the ground for structures. Remember to place campfires to keep yourself warm while building your base!

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Prioritize Building A Portal First

Building a new Mountain base camp may require you to transport lots of wood. Remember to bring enough materials for you to create a portal once you find a suitable spot for your base. This greatly helps in keeping you up to speed as you can instantaneously transport materials from your other bases.

Mountain Biome 4th Boss - Moder

Moder Tips


Use Fire Arrows

Use Fire Arrows

Moder is a dragon that flies around the battlefield, making it difficult to take down if you're a melee weapon user. Bring a Draugr Fang and loads of Fire Arrows to chip its health down and kill it.

Fight It During The Day

Reduce the chances of having other enemies mob you during the boss fight against Moder by summoning it during the day. Fighting the boss during the night time might spawn in additional Wolves that can make progression difficult.

Trenches Can Help You Dodge Attacks

Moder has attacks are directly parallel to the ground. You can prepare for this battle by digging trenches around the battlefield. This helps incredibly if you're fighting alone as you can simply jump into a trench to dodge attacks.

How To Locate Moder

Pinpoint Using The Vegvisir

Vegvisir Moder

Moder's altar/shrine can be located by using the Vegvisir. Moder's Vegvisir can be found randomly inside ruins in the Mountains. Note that there is a possibility that you may have to travel to a different island to summon and fight Moder.

How To Summon Moder

Collect 3 Dragon Eggs

Dragon Egg

Moder can be summoned by collecting 3 Dragon Eggs. Dragon eggs weigh 200kgs each and are not teleportable making them difficult to transport. These eggs can be found around the mountains and are often guarded by Drakes.

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Increase Your Carrying Limit With The Megingjord

The Megingjord is an item that can increase your carrying limit to help transport important goods and items. You can only buy this equipment from the Merchant by using gold.

Eggs Respawn After A Few Days

Some Mountains only have a single nest that spawns Dragon Eggs. If you do not want to venture around and look for another one, you can wait for a couple of days for the nest to spawn another egg.

Mountain Enemies

Mountain Enemy Info

Click on the enemy image for more details!!!

EnemyWhere To Find & Info
WolfWolfCan be found patrolling the Mountains. More active at night and is usually found with 2 or more other Wolves.
FenringFenringSpawns only during the night. Can sometimes be accompanied by a pack of Wovles
DrakeDrakeFound patrolling the Mountain skies. Highly aggressive and relentless
Use Fire Arrows to take them down.
Stone GolemStone GolemCamouflages itself as a rock. Can be detected by its rumbling movements.
Use Blunt Weapons or a Pickaxe to attack it.
Enemy & Creature List

Tips & Recommendations For Mountain Biome

Prepare Frost Resistance Meads

Traversing the Mountain can be incredibly difficult especially if you don't have any frost resistance armor. Prepare lots of Frost Resistance Meads before going up a Mountain to stave off the Cold.

Prioritize Making A Wolf Fur Cape

The Wolf Fur Cape is the easiest armor piece to craft that grants the user cold resistance. Prioritize making this one once you reach the Mountain. You can gather Wolf Pelts at the base of the Mountain if you find it too difficult to reach the top.

Wall Up To Prevent Monster Attacks

wall up to prevent monster attacks

Mountains are merciless biomes that spawn very active monsters during the night. Build your defenses and try to wall up as fast as you can. Wolves might drop by during the night to destroy your progress and your portals if you're not careful!

Eliminate Stone Golems First

Stone Golem

Seek out and clear Stone Golems first before setting up your base. These monsters can easily stomp through any buildings and defenses, rendering your hardwork useless, and can spawn camp you if you let them rampage around for long.

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Use Monster Infighting

If you find yourself in trouble with a pack of Wolves or enemies, you can look for other ones to make them fight against each other. For example, you can lead a pack of Wolves to a Stone Golem. This way, you can eliminate one party leaving you to deal only with the weakened survivor/s. However, note that this is a risky strategy that can leave you dead if you are not careful.

Where To Find Silver?

How to find silver

Silver Ores can be found buried underneath the surface of Mountains. You can find them using the Wishbone from the third boss. However, you might have trouble finding them as they can be pretty random. Try to explore the Mountains first with the Wishbone equipped and take note of Silver locations using your map. Also, the bigger the mountain, the more likely it is to store large quantities of Silver Ore.

Scout For The Paths To The Top

Scoute for paths to the top

Before you go on about making a path to the top of the Mountain, make sure to check around for gentle slopes. Use these slopes as the base for your path instead of manually carving one with a pickaxe.

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