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Check out this guide about the best weapons in Valheim! Get to know the most powerful weapons in the game, best weapon types for early & late game, tips, & weapon tier list!!!

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Best Weapon Tier List

Weapon Tier List

NOTE: This tier list has been created with the help of multiple players. Tiers and positions may change in the future due to in-game updates!!!

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Tier List Criteria

Easy To Craft

Resource collection for a weapon and its crafting facility takes time. Weapons that can be crafted easily and have low resource requirements rank higher on the list.

Easy To Use

Simple is better. Complicated move sets can help you in your battles in Valheim, but having too much can be a burden. Weapons that have simple and more manageable moves can be found higher on the list.

Great Stats & Usefulness

Not all weapons are created equal. Weapons that offer better stats and effects are ranked higher. Also, weapons that perform well in their respective biomes (strong against enemies in that biome) have a higher rank.

List Of All Weapons

Best Early Game Weapons

Recommended Weapons

Click on the weapon for a more detailed explanation!!!

WeaponDamage (Type)Rating
Bronze Sword▼Bronze Sword35 (Slash)★★★★
Bronze Mace▼Bronze Mace35 (Blunt)★★★★
Finewood Bow▼Finewood Bow32 (Pierce)★★★
Stagbreaker▼Stagbreaker20 (Blunt)★★★

Bronze Sword

WeaponHow To Craft
Bronze SwordBronze SwordHow To Craft:
Wood x 2
Bronze x 8
Leather scraps x 2
・Requires a Forge

Great For Parrying

The Bronze Sword is a great weapon to get if you're thinking of using a shield during the early stages of the game. It is a more combat-oriented weapon compared to the Bronze Axe. With its Thrust attack, you can easily stagger enemies, stunning them and allowing you to deal bonus damage.

Bronze Mace

WeaponHow To Craft
Bronze MaceBronze MaceHow To Craft:
Wood x 4
Bronze x 8
Leather scraps x 3
・Requires a Forge

Use Against Skeletons

The Bronze Mace is a reliable Blunt melee weapon during the early stages of Valheim. Craft them if you're thinking of going into crypts. Skeletons are incredibly weak against Blunt damage, so using this weapon can make farming easier.

Fine Wood Bow

WeaponHow To Craft
Finewood BowFinewood BowHow To Craft:
Fine Wood x 10
Core Wood x 10
Deer Hide x 2
・Requires a Workbench

Reliable Early Game Ranged Weapon

It is worth investing in this weapon as it allows you to fire elemental arrows at enemies. This can be extremely useful when fighting bosses or taking down larger foes.


WeaponHow To Craft
StagbreakerStagbreakerCore wood x 20
Deer Trophy x 5
Leather Scraps x 2
・Requires a Workbench

Early Blunt Weapon

The Stagbreaker is the first blunt weapon in Valheim. Bring this weapon with you when traversing Crypts and fighting Skeletons during the very early stages of the game. However, try to replace it with the Bronze Mace as soon as you can.

Best Late Game Weapons

Recommended Weapons

Click on the weapon for a more detailed explanation!!!

WeaponDamage (Type)Rating
Blackmetal Sword▼Blackmetal Sword95 (Slash)★★★★
Porcupine▼Porcupine95 (Blunt, Pierce)★★★★
Draugr Fang▼Draugr Fang53 (Pierce, Poison)★★★★
Frostner▼Frostner95 (Blunt, Frost, Spirit)★★★

Blackmetal Sword

WeaponHow To Craft
Blackmetal SwordBlackmetal SwordFine wood x 2
Black Metal x 20
Linen thread x 5
・Requires a Workbench

Strongest Sword

The Blackmetal Sword is currently the strongest blade in the game. It still has the same controls as previous blades but deals more damage, more so if the enemy is staggered.


WeaponHow To Craft
PorcupinePorcupineFine Wood x 5
Iron x 20
Needle x 5
Linen Thread x 10
・Requires a Workbench

2 Damage Types In 1

The Porcupine is a Mace weapon that deals both Blunt and Pierce damage. It hits hard and is effective against Fulings. It also does not require Black Metal to craft.

Draugr Fang

WeaponHow To Craft
Draugr FangDraugr FangAncient Bark x 10
Silver x 20
Deer Hide x 2
Guck x 10
・Requires a Workbench

Strongest Bow In Valheim

The Draugr Fang is currently the strongest bow in Valheim. It deals both piercing and poison damage, adding a bit of damage over time to any target it hits. For more damage, pair the Draugr Fang with either the Obsidian Arrow or the Needle Arrow.


WeaponHow To Craft
FrostnerFrostnerAncient Bark x 10
Silver x 30
Ymir Flesh x 5
Freeze Gland x 5
・Requires a Workbench

Very Versatile Weapon

The Frostner deals 3 types of damage, making it the most versatile weapon in the game. However, it can be very hard to make as it requires a large amount of resources, a merchant, and lots of gold coins.

Best Weapons Per Boss


Flint SpearFlint Spear・Throw the spear at Eikthyr for some damage, then lead it to run somewhere so you can pick it back up
・You can bring more spears if going against it alone
・You can combo it together with a Wood Shield to guard against Eikthyr's attacks
Crude BowCrude Bow・Use Flinthead Arrows for better damage
・This method can be fairly slow but safe and manageable
・Best when used with other players so you can take turns shooting down and confusing Eikthyr

The Elder

Recommended Weapons

Finewood BowFinewood Bow・Bring Fire Arrows to defeat the Elder
・Keep your distance and try to run away then fire. Rinse and repeat


Recommended Weapons

Iron MaceIron Mace・Bonemass is pretty weak against blunt damage
・Can be crafted easily
・Also effective against Blobs and Skeletons that spawn during the fight
Huntsman BowHuntsman Bow・When paired with Frost Arrows, deals a hefty amount of damage against Bonemass.
・Requires LOTS of arrows if you plan on taking down Bonemass with just this weapon


Fighting Against Moder

Recommended Weapons

Draugr FangDraugr Fang・Bring lots of Fire Arrows to take down Moder from the sky
・Deals damage over time
Silver SwordSilver Sword・Use thrust attacks to deal more damage whenever Moder lands
・Bring a Silver Shield to block against Moder's devastating attacks


Fighting Against Yagluth

Recommended Weapons

FrostnerFrostner・Deals both Frost and Blunt damage, 2 things that Yagluth is weak against.
・Get more damage by positioning behind Yagluth
Blackmetal SwordBlackmetal Sword・Get in melee range and use quick thrusts to deal decent damage
・Run back once Yagluth lifts its hand to do an AOE attack
・Bring a shield to guard against Yagluth's breath attacks
Draugr FangDraugr Fang・Pair with Needle Arrows for maximum damage
・Helps in keeping you mobile, allowing you to dodge Yagluth's breath and rain of fire attacks
Frost Arrows also work well

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