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Artifact Guide - All Artifacts Complete Chart

Artifact Guide - All Artifacts Complete Chart | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered)

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Artifact Guide - All Artifacts Complete Chart | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered) - GameWith
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Complete Artifacts Chart for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (FFCC). Guide includes steps on how to get all Artifacts, bonus points, drop rate, location and more.

Artifact Guide

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Artifact Changes In Remastered

Now With 6 Types of Artifacts

In FFCC Remastered, there are now 6 types of Artifacts. While most of them are can be obtained from treasure chests, certain ones like the "Meteor Ring" can only be acquired by taking on High Difficulty Dungeons. Check the list below for all artifacts from the old version and the current one.

Required To Beat High-Difficulty Dungeons

The new Artifacts can only be acquired once you have finished the game. After seeing the ending, the game then allows you to take on high difficulty dungeons. Alongside artifacts, you can also get high-powered weapons and equipment in these dungeons.

Check Out High Difficulty Dungeons Here!

Acquire Previously Missable Items In FFCC Remastered

Missable Items In The Original Version
Rune StaffBucklerBook of Light

The above 3 artifacts can be missed in the original version of the game and there was no other way to get them again. In the remaster, players can get them by replaying the dungeons they are located in.

Confirmed Artifact Locations

ArtifactConfirmed Dungeons
Rune StaffTida - Level 3
BucklerRiver Belle Path - Levels 1/2/3
Autumn River Belle Path - After clearing the game
Book of LightDaemon's Court - Levels 1/2/3

Tips To Collect Artifacts Efficiently

How To Get Artifacts

Boss LootDefeat the dungeon bossMax 4
TreasureOpen specific chestsMax 4 (*)
Kill specific enemy
Break cactus (Only for Lynari Desert)

* Excludes Mount Vellenge

Artifacts can be obtained in specific enemies or chests found in the dungeon, as well as boss Loots from the dungeon boss. Also, Lynari Desert have Artifacts hidden in breakable cactus.

You Can Get 1 Artifact Per Dungeon Exploration

Upon exiting the dungeon via the result screen, you may one Artifact from the Treasure & Boss Loots you found. The items not chosen here will be lost.

Boss Loot Artifacts Affected By Bonus Points

The Boss Loot will be affected not only by Dungeon Level but also Bonus Points obtained during your venture. In order to get rarer Artifacts, you will need to aim to earn more Bonus Points. However, there are cases you need to aim for low points to collect all Artifacts.

How To Get High / Low Bonus Points

Tips To Get High Bonus Points

Reroll until getting easy Bonus Point criteria such as "Pick Up Items".
After obtaining your preferred bonus, focus on killing all enemies, picking up all loots and money and completing the dungeon.

Tips To Get Low Bonus Points

Reroll until you get a "Add Score" type Bonus Point, and complete the dungeon without fulfilling the said criteria. "Subtraction" type Bonus Point will require you to actively try to complete the negative criteria to lose the Bonus Points.
While rushing, remember to grab crucial Magicites such as Cures for boss battles.

▶︎Bonus Point / Recommended Bonus Guide

Treasure Changes With Dungeon Level

The Artifacts that are classified under Treasures are affected by the Dungeon Level, but not affected by your Bonus Score. You may also farm these Chests until your preferred item drops.

Bonus Points Are Not Fixed

Bonus points acquired and graded at the end of each dungeon run varies depending on several factors. The player count, dungeon itself, and difficulty all play a role in determining you final score. Take note of this when you go out and collect Artifacts.

All Artifacts Complete Guide

Complete Artifact Run Tips

1If you want to get all artifacts in a single run, try to do the sequence below. Also note that you may have to replay certain dungeons multiple times to get an artifact to drop
2Defeat the boss once you get the artifact
3If you did not get the artifacts from the dungeon's Treasure chests (and Cactuses), it is recommended to restart the dungeon and try again instead of finishing the whole thing
4Familiarize yourself with the point rewards of each dungeon
>> Bonus Points Guide
5The sequence below can be used as a guide to get all artifacts in one go. Know that you do not need to worry about missable artifacts here.

Complete Artifact Run Guide

Artifacts Per Year
Year 1Year 2Year 3
Year 4Year 5Year 6
Year 7Year 8Year 9
Year 10Year 11Year 12
Year 13Year 14Year 15
Know How To Read The Tables Here

(!) How To Read The Tables

*The numbers like in "Boss Loot 1" denote the required bonus rank category to spawn the Artifact at the end of the dungeon. In this example, you need at least 94 points to spawn the Artifact.

NumberRequired Points

* The above table is for reference only. The point system is not fixed and changes depending on the dungeon, difficulty, and player number.

Bonus Points Guide

1st Year

2nd Year

Goblin Wall (Lv1)
Winged CapBoss Loot 1
Double AxeBoss Loot 1
Sparkling BracerBoss Loot 1
Moschet Manor (Lv1)
Chocobo PocketBoss Loot 1
FlametougueBoss Loot 1
Rune StaffBoss Loot 1
Moon Pendant*Boss Loot 3 (Chance)
Tida (Lv1)
Silver SpectaclesBoss Loot 1

* Can also be obtained lated down the road, but recommended to get it here.

3rd Year

Tida (Lv1)
Twisted HeadbandBoss Loot 1
Veo Lu Sluice (Lv1)
Ring of BlizzardBoss Loot 1
Ice BrandBoss Loot 1
Silver BracerBoss Loot 1
Power Wristband*Chest (Chance)
Selepation Cave (Lv1)
Ring of ThunderBoss Loot 1 (Chance)
Chest (Chance)
OgrekillerBoss Loot 1
Daemon's Court (Lv1)
Loaded DiceBoss Loot 1

* Can also be obtained lated down the road, but recommended to get it here.

4th Year

Kilanda (Lv1)
DrillBoss Loot 1
EngetsurinBoss Loot 1
Conall Curach (Lv1)
Ring of CureBoss Loot 1
Chest (Chance)
Rebena Te Ra (Lv1)
MjollnirBoss Loot 1

5th Year

Lynari Desert (Lv1)
Star PendantBoss Loot 1
MasqueradeBoss Loot 1
Main GaucheBoss Loot 1
Goblin Wall (Lv2)
Helm of AraiBoss Loot 1
AshuraBoss Loot 1
Faerie RingBoss Loot 1
River Belle Path (Lv2)
KrisBoss Loot 1

6th Year

The Mushroom Forest (Lv2)
Sage's StaffBoss Loot 1
ManeaterBoss Loot 1
The Mine of Cathuriges (Lv2)
Rune BellBoss Loot 1
Kilanda (Lv2)
Ring of FireBoss Loot 1

7th Year

Lynari Desert (Lv2)
Teddy Bear *1Cactus (Chance)
Gobbie PocketBoss Loot 1
Kilanda (Lv2)
Green BeretBoss Loot 1
Moschet Manor (Lv2)
Moon Pendant *2Boss Loot 1
Fang CharmBoss Loot 1
Black HoodBoss Loot 1
Book of LightBoss Loot 1
Veo Lu Sluice (Lv2)
Elven MantleBoss Loot 1

*1 Can also be obtained lated down the road, but recommended to get it here.
*2 No need to obtain it if already found in 2nd year.

8th Year

River Belle Path (Lv3)
Save the QueenBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Mage's StaffBoss Loot 1
Selepation Cave (Lv2)
Power Wristband *Boss Loot 2 (Chance)
Chest (Chance)
Mage MasherBoss Loot 1
Kaiser KnucklesBoss Loot 1
Conall Curach (Lv2)
Wonder BangleBoss Loot 1

* No need to obtain it if already found in 3rd year.

9th Year

Lynari Desert (Lv3)
Sun PendantBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Dark MatterBoss Loot 1
Daemon's Court (Lv2)
Candy RingBoss Loot 1
Rat's TailBoss Loot 1
Gold Hairpin *Chest (Chance
Rebena Te Ra (Lv2)
Chicken KnifeBoss Loot 1

* Can also be obtained lated down the road, but recommended to get it here.

10th Year

Goblin Wall (Lv3)
GalatynBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Red SlippersBoss Loot 1
The Mine of Cathuriges (Lv3)
Ultimate PocketBoss Loot 3 (Chance)
MurasameBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Moschet Manor (Lv3)
GekkabijinBoss Loot 4 (Chance)

11th Year

The Mushroom Forest (Lv3)
Sasuke's BladeBoss Loot 1
Cat's BellBoss Loot 1
Daemon's Court (Lv3)
AegisBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Giant's GloveBoss Loot 1
Noah's Lute *Chest (Chance)
Selepation Cave (Lv3)
Ring of ProtectionBoss Loot 4 (Chance)

* Can also be obtained lated down the road, but recommended to get it here.

12th Year

Kilanda (Lv3)
MasamuneBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Conall Curach (Lv3)
Ring of LifeBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Teddy Bear *1Boss Loot 1
Gold Hairpin *2Boss Loot 1
Rebena Te Ra (Lv3)
RibbonBoss Loot 4 (Chance)

*1 No need to obtain it if already found in 7th year.
*2 No need to obtain it if already found in 9th year.

13th Year

Veo Lu Sluice (Lv3)
Onion SwordChest (Chance)
Tome of UltimaChest (Chance)
Taotie MotifBoss Loot 4 (Chance)
Noah's Lute *1Boss Loot 2 (Chance)
Heavy ArmbandBoss Loot 1
Wonder WandBoss Loot 1
Mount Vellenge
Nest Of Memories *2

*1 No need to obtain it if already found in 11th year.
*2 Do Nest of Memories for high-difficulty dungeons

14th Year

Misty Mount Kilanda (High-Difficulty)
Royal CrownBoss Loot (Chance)
Moonlit Desert (High-Difficulty)
Gravity RingChest (Chance)
Foggy Swamp (High-Difficulty)
Futsu no MitamaChest (Chance)

15th Year

Miasma Pit (High-Difficulty)
Holy RingBoss Loot (Chance)
Stardust RodChest (Chance)
Rainy Ruins (High-Difficulty)
Meteor Ring *Boss Loot (Chance)

* Meteor Ring does not spawn if your tallied points are low. Get as much points as you can to get it!

What Are Artifacts?

Strengthens Stats & Abilities

Artifacts are items that increase the stats and the Command Slots of a character. As there is no such character leveling system in FFCC, these Artifacts are part of your keys to getting stronger in the game.

Artifact Traits

  • Enhances character performance
  • Provides a passive buff
  • Multiple of the same Artifact cannot be obtained
  • Cannot be sold, disposed or given away

Categorized Under 6 Groups

Strength Increases ATK by 1~523 Types
Magic Increases MAG by 1~1022 Types
Defense Increases DEF by 1~515 Types
Slot Adds extra Command Slot4 Types
Rings Allows character to cast magic when equipped on a Command Slot
Increases MAG by 1
5 Types
Heart Increases Max HP by 1 Heart4 Types
Click Here For The Completion Bonus Effect

Completion Bonus Effect

CategoryCompletion Bonus
StrengthATK +50
MagicMAG +82 (Includes bonus value from Rings)
DefenseDEF +35
SlotCommand Slot +4
RingsAllows you to cast Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure, Life without Magicite
HeartMax HP +4

Artifacts may provide a stat boost or provide additional slots, and can be categorized under these 6 groups.

Check Out The Character Stats Guide

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Anonymous 1

None of the artifacts have ever been missable. They can be obtained in the OG game, in the same spots as listed here. The official guide confirms this.

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