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Races / Tribes List - Best Race & Differences Guide

Races / Tribes List - Best Race & Differences Guide | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered)

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Races / Tribes List - Best Race & Differences Guide | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered) - GameWith
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Best Tribe / Race Best Family Trade
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Which Is The Best Tribe / Race?

Clavat & Lilty Recommended For Beginners

Clavat & Lilty

We recommend you to play Clavat or Lilty as your first character (Main Character) due to their versatility in early game. If you may also consider Selkie if you are confident on your action skills.

Click Here For Best Weapons & Armor For All Tribes

Yuke Not Recommended For Beginners

Due to you requiring to manually finding Magicite per dungeon, Yuke will relatively have a hard time in early game. Until they acquire Magicite Rings in mid-game, beginners may have trouble utilizing this tribe.

Create Side Characters To Use All 4 Races

You may create up to 8 characters per save. You will also require 4 different Family Trades to acquire the best gears, meaning you will have multiple side characters of your own. You won't need to overthink too much on your Tribe selection.。

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Which Race Did You Choose First?

Choose One For Your Favorite Mimic


In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, players can use "Mimics" to change their characters' appearance to those of previous FFCC games. These Mimics of old FFCC characters are currently available as paid DLC.

Need To Match Tribe & Gender

In order to use Mimics, your character's tribe and gender must meet the Mimic's requirements. If you want to transform your character using a Mimic, read the guide below to know each Mimic's required Tribe and Gender.

Check Out Mimic Characters Here

Different Genders Have Minor Differences

Following information are based on FFCC released on Game Cube. The information on retail FFCC Remastered may differ.

There may be minor performance differences between genders for certain races. The Clavat and Selkie have minor difference in swing speed and attack motions.

Clavat & Selkie Gender Difference

Attack (*1)1stMale: 0.6s
Female: 0.83s
Male: 0.8s
Female: 0.83s
2ndMale: 1s
Female: 1.23s
Male: 1.2s
Female: 1.23s
3rdMale: 1.37s
Female: 1.7s
Male: 1.7s
Female: 1.7s
Focus Attack (*2)Male: 0.63s
Female: 0.67s
Male: 0.6s
Female: 0.6s

The most notable difference is the normal melee speed of Clavat. The male have formidable stats according to these values. The female, although slower, also has a fairly balanced stats compared to other tribes.

Also, attack motions are different between genders. Both male Clavat and Selkie have a jumping motion in their attacks, allowing them to hit flying enemies easier.

*1 Time required for attack motion to end after pressing the button
*2 Time required for Focus Attack to start charging after pressing the button

Voice Lines Included Per Character

Characters are not just skin changes. They also include voice lines that will match the character as you battle your way through dungeons!

Check out All Voice Actors List here!

Tribes / Races List


Click Here For More On Clavat

Peaceful And Genial Tribe

Clavats are a kind hearted tribe that treasures harmony with nature and all living things in this world. They are known to be talented guardian of the caravans.

All Rounder With Focus On Magic

Clavats are well rounded in both defense and offense. Male has faster attack speed & are great for beginners. When geared properly, they will be best of both worlds between melee build Lilty & magic build Yuke.

The Focus Attacks however may fall shorter in charge speed & reach compared to Lilty or Selkie. You will need to time your usage.


Click Here For More On Lilty

Hot-Blooded Warrior Tribe

A proud warrior tribe known to rule the land with an iron fist long ago. Although hot tempered, they are known to be open minded, and trustful. They wield a huge spear compared to their small structure to overpower monsters.

Specializes In Melee Attacks

Both normal attacks & Focus Attacks have great range and damage, making them great choice for early game. They will be the ideal melee attacker when geared properly.

However, they fall behind all other tribes in terms of Magic damage and Cast Time. They are weaker units such as flying enemies, that are hard to hit with melees.


Click Here For More On Yuke

Hard-Working Scholar Tribe

Yuke is a tribe of magic users whom had opposed Lilty during their ancient rule. They strive to be a scholar to this day, and use their magic to help those in need. Their magic will no doubt be a valuable asset in the caravan.

Magic Expert

Yuke's magic capability surpasses all other race in terms of damage, range and cast time. Their defend can also nullify all incoming attacks.

On the flip side, their melee attacks are very stumpy, and Focus Attacks hard to handle. Their trademark Magic will require you to find a Magicite during early game. Not recommended for beginners.


Click Here For More On Selkie

Happy-Go-Lucky Adventurer Tribe

As careless as the wind, the Selkies are not bound by rules but live for their own interest. Being quick on their feet, many Selkies may turn to the life of bandits to utilize their skills.

All Rounder With Focus On Melee

Similar to Clavat, the Selkies are very well rounded but are catering more on their melee attacks. Their Focus Attack charge speed and reach are especially notable.

Although it has a short i-frame, the defend action is relatively hard to utilize. Recommended for players focusing on dodging and weaving attacks from mid-range.

Differences & Detail Per Tribe / Race

Following information are based on FFCC released on Game Cube. The information on retail FFCC Remastered may differ.

Base Stats

Clavat6713All Rounder (+Magic)
Lilty8810Melee Specialist
Yuke5515Magic Specialist
Selkie7612All Rounder (+Melee)

The base stats will be further amped with equipments and artifacts. The initial value shows the strength & weakness of all tribes.

Defend Effect

ClavatBlocks attack with shield
LiltyBlocks attack with spear
YukeDisappears while holding the button
SelkieBackflips to dodge enemy attacks I-frame while leaping

Yuke will be invulnerable during defend, and nullifies all incoming damage. Selkie, although takes getting used to, have i-frame during their back flip.

Physical Attack Value

Attack Speed

* M: Male, F: Female

ClavatM: 0.6s
F: 0.83s
M: 1s
F: 1.23s
M: 1.37s
F: 1.7s
SelkieM: 0.8s
F: 0.83s
M: 1.2s
F: 1.23s
M: 1.7s
F: 1.7s

Male Clavat has the best value out of all, and other tribes have almost the same speed across all genders. This game does not require split second reflex, you may choose any gender you prefer, unless looking to min-max your character.

Time to Charge

Time to Charge Start
ClavatMale: 0.63s
Female: 0.67s

Initial time required to start charging the Focus Attack is relatively even across the board. However, Selkie has the shortest time required to finish charging.

Magic Attack Value

Time to Cast

Time to Cast Start

Magic Cast Time

Cast Time

This chart shows the Cast Time difference based on Yuke's default cast speed as the standard. In terms of cast speed, Yuke is the fastest, followed by Clavat, Selkie and Lilty.

Magic Range


Compared to Selkie and Lilty, Clavat and Yuke has the longer range in magic. As shown, Yuke has the highest magic related stats out of all races.

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