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Bonus Points Guide - How To Get High Score

Bonus Points Guide - How To Get High Score | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered)

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Bonus Points Guide - How To Get High Score | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered) - GameWith
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Find out how to get the bonus points and recommended bonuses in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (FFCC). This includes how to get rewards, recommended bonus!

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Bonus Points - Overview

What Are Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are basically extra points you can earn that will be added at the end of your dungeon run. They're essential if you're trying to get a high score for a dungeon!

Two Types Of Bonus Point Systems

There are two types: one has players start at 0 and adds bonus points as you fulfill certain actions while the other minuses from the max 100 bonus points as you do certain actions.

Recommended: Addition Bonus Point System

If you're aiming for a high score, it's better to run dungeons with addition bonus point systems. In particular, the picking up items is the easiest of the Adding Score type bonuses.

Acquired Bonus Points Affect Artifact Drops

Upon completing the dungeon, your collected bonus points will affect the Artifact the Boss Drops, with higher score dropping rarer loots. However, there are cases you need to aim for low points intentionally to collect all Artifacts.

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Bonus Points - Types & Conditions

Addition Type Bonus Point Conditions

Bonus PointCondition
Picking Up Items
(Recommended Bonus)
- Gains Bonus Points for each item picked up from enemy drops.
Picking Up Money- Get Bonus Points for each money picked up from enemy drops
- Amount of money you will pick up is based on RNG and enemy numbers
Use Combination Attacks To Kill Enemies- Gains Bonus Point for using magic combination attack to kill enemies
- Not recommended for solo since you'll be working with a Moogle. Tedious, but combination spells in multiplayer makes it viable
Kill Enemies With Focus Attacks- Get a point for every Focus Attack kill
- Easier to complete when using Lilty with its powerful Focus Attack
- Enchanted attack do not count
Kill Enemies With Magic- Get Point for every kill using your magic
- Yuke is great here
- Use Haste in solo, which can help the situation depending on how comfortable you are with your play skills

Subtraction Bonus Point Conditions

Bonus PointCondition
Do Not Take Damage- Lose Bonus Point every time you take damage from an enemy
- Difficult when running a dungeon solo. Even in multiplayer, this will greatly affect your playstyle. Better to just reroll
Do Not Use Magic- Lose Bonus Points whenever you cast magic
- This includes Cure, making you unable to heal yourself without using consumables during battle
- Will work depending on the character you are running and the dungeon itself
Do Not Kill Enemies With Attacks- Lose a point whenever you kill an enemy with the attack command
- Can be a downside to characters like Lilty and Selkies
- Advantage with charcters like Yuke
- Focus Attacks are not counted here so you can still use them
Do Not Heal Yourself- Lose a point whenever you heal with Cure or Curaga
- Not viable for Solo, but with Multiplayer, you can assign another player to heal you instead
- Can tank mission if you bring losts of favorite foods
- Recommended to have high defense, at least 80 DEF and using Clear and Chalice
Do Not Pick Up Anything- Lose a point when picking enemy drops, chest drops
- Artifacts will be inaccessible
- Can bypass by having other players to pick up the item for you, but not when playing solo

Additional Bonus Points & Overall Score

Get Additional Points By Doing Certain Actions

Besides the set Bonus Points condition at the start of the dungeon, you will also receive additional points for doing the following actions in a dungeon:

Additional Bonus Points Per Action

  • Kill Enemy: +1
  • Pick Up Enemy Drop Gil: +1
  • Pick Up Enemy Drop Item: +1
  • Pick Up Enemy Drop Artifact: +1
  • Open Chests: +1

Overall Score Tallied At Dungeon Completion

All of your bonus scores will be added together for your final score at the end of the dungeon. There are a total of 4 ranks that will dictate the Artifact and items that you will earn.

Rank Categories (Lowest To Highest)

  • ~94
  • 95~118
  • 119~148
  • 149~

Higher Scores Have More Chance For Rare Artifact

The higher your overall score, the higher the chance of getting a rare Artifact at the end of the Dungeon. Aim to get as high of a score with every dungeon!

Tips To Get High Ranking

Defeat All Monsters

Defeat All Monsters

The more monsters you kill, the higher you overall rating will be. Make sure to kill them yourself and not the moogle to make it count towards you.

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Farm Boss Support Mobs

Farm Boss Support Mobs

A good way to increase the amount of monsters you defeat is by farming the support mobs during boss fights. Just be careful, since you can be taken down by a boss while doing this.

Hunt Down All Items

Hunt Down All Items

Don't leave any of the items behind. Make sure to pick them up as you go through the dungeon. You can drop any that you don't like and it will still count towards your rating.

Get As Much Bonus Points As Possible

Every round, you will receive conditions to get Bonus Points. If the condition you get is hard to complete, just reroll by returning to the World Map.

Do Not Get Downed

Do Not Get Downed

As much as possible, aim to not be downed or any of your party members in the dungeon. This will affect your rating and the more that any of your are downed, the lower your score would be.

How To Get Specific Dungeon Rewards

Guaranteed Rewards After Every Dungeon

Guaranteed Rewards After Every Dungeon

Depending on your actions during the mission, you will receive up to 8 rewards upon completion. These ranges from Artifacts, materials, and recipes.

Rewards Are Based On Your Actions

The amount and the type of rewards you will get for completing a mission are not entirely random. It depends on a number of criteria that are calculate as you play through a mission.

Takes Into Account Whole Party

The Overall rating after every dungeon tallies the party's total rating. You'll need to work together as a team to get a high rating in a dungeon.

Variables That Affect Your Rewards

  • Artifacts found in dungeon
  • Player rating upon completing the dungeon
  • Total Sum of the party
  • Dungeon type, level, rating, and party number
  • Confirmed loot

Receive Confirmed Loot & Inventory Items

You will receive 4 confirmed loot from the dungeon's loot table and 4 items from your temporary inventory at the end of dungeons.

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