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Oblivion Village Map Walkthrough & Obtainable Items

Oblivion Village Map Walkthrough & Obtainable Items | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered)

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Oblivion Village Map Walkthrough & Obtainable Items | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered) - GameWith
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Oblivion Village High Difficulty Bonus Dungeon Guide for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (FFCC). Includes dungeon map, item drops, boss item & tips, walkthrough!

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Oblivion Village - Dungeon Overview

When You Can Access
(Multiplayer Only)
Fri, Sat, Others TBC
Hot SpotsWind, Earth
Moogle House Destroyed house near the lower map, next to the Hotspot (Earth)
>> Moogle Stamps Locations
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Oblivion Village - Map & Obtainable Items

NOTE: The information below is currently work in progress. More details to be updated once confirmed.

Oblivion Village - Dungeon Map

Oblivion Village - Dungeon Map

Circled numbers such as "①" corresponds with the location number on the map.

Artifact - Obtainable Items

Dragon WhiskerMAG +1
EngetsurinSTR +2
MjollnirSTR +3
Mage MasherMAG +1
Silver SpectaclesDEF +1
Gekkabijin STR +5

Scroll - Obtainable Items

Materials - Obtainable Items

ItemHow To Get
Diamond Loot
Treasure Chest
Damascus Steel Treasure Chest

Oblivion Village - Walkthrough & Tips

Oblivion Village - Dungeon Map

Oblivion Village - Dungeon Map

Oblivion Village - Walkthrough Chart

1Head east, go down hill in the open area
2Go north, defeat the Worm to obtain a key
3Head east Cast Fire to burn the sticky fungi.
*Both north and south road leads to the same spot
4Cross the sticky fungi area. Head west after arriving at the farmstead, then head north
5Defeat the Worm near the gate to obtain a key. Go through the gate for boss room

1~5. Tips Throughout The Dungeon

Tune Water Element On Crystal Chalice

Tuning your Crystal Chalice to a Water element increases your Blizzard resistance. Many enemies in this dungeon will use this element.

Attack The Red Orb To Travel To Past

Attack The Red Orb To Travel To Past

Hitting the red colored orb will allow you to travel to the past, and obtain item from chests that are empty in the present day. This effect will only be active for a limited time and may only activate each orb once per visit, so be sure to hit the orb after you know your path to the chest.

Use Fire To Burn Fungi

Use Fire To Burn Fungi

Some of the key pedestal may be covered in fungi. Use Fire spell to burn away the fungi before placing your key

2~4. Defeating The Monsters - Tips

Beware Of Skeleton Trios

Beware Of Skeleton Trios

The blue Skeletons around this area will always spawn in a group of 3. These three will use a combination of Blizzara, stunning hammer, and sword attacks, which can easily stunlock you to death.

Try to take out the Bllizara > Hammer > Sword in that order to minimize your chance of losing huge chunks of health.

Rottenheim - Boss Fight Tips

How To Beat Rottenheim

Weakness Fire and Holy
Resistance Thunder
1Clear the minions before engaging boss
2Engage Rottenheim, beware of needle attacks
Check out Rottenheim Boss Guide here!

Have Ice / Poison Resistance Boosted Before Battle

Rottenheim will use series of area of effect Blizzard spells to halt your movement.

While immobile, Rottenheim and Worms may put poison status effect, severely damaging you over time. Try amping your Frost & Poison Resistance before challenging this foe.

Thunder Resistance Equipments

Poison Resistance Equipments

1. Before Engaging Boss - Tips

Focus On Taking Down Minions First

Focus On Taking Down Minions First

Before attacking Armstrong, be sure to clear the area of any of its minions. These minions can use ranged attacks, Thunder, and poison attacks to deal damage even in range.

Have A Few Phoenix Down In Stock

For safety precaution, it is advised you stock up on Phoenix Down in case you happen to get caught in the powerful DoT and one hit kill attacks.

2. Fighting Rottenheim - Tips

Strafe To Its Back To Attack

Circle Strafe To Its Back

Rottenheim's attacks are usually focused to its front side. Try to strafe around the boss to attack his backside to avoid taking damage,

Beware Of Its Powerful Needle Shots

 Beware Of Its Powerful Needle Shots

The needle barrage it fires will multihit, and can kill you in a single shot. Be extremely careful to not get caught in it's line of fire and keep away from its frontside.

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Jay 1

Gekkabijin dropped from two different chests. Both drops where in the areas you have to use keys to gain access to. In the far left of the 1st area, and the bottom right of the 2nd area.

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