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All Dungeons List & Story Walkthrough

All Dungeons List & Story Walkthrough | FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered)

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All dungeons list & story walkthrough in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (FFCC). Includes guides on dungeon locations, fastest way to beat chart, speed run, and more!

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Click Here For Beginner Guides For New Players

All Dungeons List

World Map

All Dungeon Maps & Boss Guides

High Difficulty / Bonus Dungeons List

High Difficulty / Bonus Dungeons List

Besides main story dungeons, players will also be able to play High Difficulty Dungeons after beating the main story. You will need both skill and end game equipments to clear these dungeons.

All High Difficulty Dungeons List

How To Progress The Story - Game Play Cycle Guide

Collect 3 Myrrh To Progress The Year

Collect 3 Myrrh To Progress The Year

The caravan ventures into the miasma filled dungeon in search for the life saving Myrrh, an essence used to temporarily rid the town vicinity of the miasma. Collecting 3 Myrrh will progress 1 year in your town.

Game Play Annual Cycle

1Venture the dungeon to acquire 3 Myrrh drops
2Bring the filled Crystal Chalice to Tipa, progress the year

Increase Dungeon Level by Collecting Myrrh

Increase Dungeon Level by Collecting Myrrh

After harvesting Myrrh from a dungeon, collect 4 Myrrhs from different dungeons to have that dungeon's Myrrh spawn back. Then, go back to that dungeon and collect its Myrrh again. This will increase that Dungeon's Dungeon Level by 1, up to 3. The harder a dungeon, the better the loot.

Check out Dungeon Levels Guide here!

Certain Area Of Map Blocked By Miasma Streams

Certain map areas may be blocked off by a "Miasma Stream". These can be bypassed with the use of your Crystal Chalice by tuning it with the matching element as the Miasma Stream. This can be done at a hotspot found in dungeons.

Click Here For More Details On Miasma Stream

Fastest Story Walkthrough To Beat The Game

Collecting Only Myrrh Drops Does Not Clear The Game

Create Crystal Chalice From Unknown Element

During the 5th year of the game, you will be able to create the Crystal Chalice from the Unknown Element. This Crystal Chalice is a required item to clear the game and it allows you to cross all Miasma Streams. Also clearing Veo Lu Sluice unlocks the Jegon River ship, allowing you to visit all areas in the game.

Unknown Element - How To Get & Use

Best To Unlock All Areas On The 5th Year

Although you can create the Crystal Chalice from the Unknown Element from the 5th year onwards, having it as soon as you can makes exploration way easier. Read the guide below for the best way to unlock everything on the 5th year.


1Story Starts in Tipa Village
2Character Creation
- Best Tribe / Race Guide
- Best Home Job / Family Trade Guide
3Tutorial in Tipa Harbor

Remember To Create Side Characters

Before you set off in your adventure, remember to create 3 extra characters each with Alchemist, Blacksmith, Tailor or Merchant to raise the Production Level, eventually allowing you to craft endgame equipments!

Click Here For More On Production Levels

1st Year

Tipa Peninsula
1Complete River Belle Path
2Use Water hotspot in River Belle Path
3Cross the Miasma Stream to Iron Mine Downs region
Iron Mine Downs
4Gear up in Marr's Pass
- Material Shop (Open during odd number years)
- Blacksmith (Weapon & Armor)
5Complete The Mushroom Forest
6Complete The Mine of Cathuriges

Remember To Collect Early Game Artifacts

These 3 artifacts can only be obtained in Dungeon Level 1~2. Remember to take your time to acquire them up during early game.

Available Only In Dungeon Lv 1~2

Check Out All Artifacts Complete Chart

2nd, 3rd, 4th Year

Annual Unlocked Region & Location

Year 2Tipa Peninsula
- Goblin Wall
Vale of Alfitaria
- Alfitaria
- Tida
- Moschet Manor
Veo Lu
- Veo Lu Sluice
- Shella
Year 3Plains of Fum
- Fields of Fum
- Selepation Cave
- Daemon's Court
Year 4Kilanda Islands
- Kilanda
Rebena Plains
- Conall Curach
- Rebena Te Ra

Complete Dungeons And Progress Until 5th Year

The dungeons unlocked during the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year are optional. Complete any one of your choice to progress up to 5th year.

Jegon River Ferry Unlocked In 3rd Year

You will be able to cross the Jegon River with a ferry in the 3rd year to access Plains of Fum region. Kilanda Islands will also be accessible on ferry in the 4th year.

5th Year

Tipa Peninsula
1 Take the boat in Tipa Harbor to Leuda in Lynari Isle region
Lynari Isle
2Resupply & travel to Lynari Desert
- Material Shop
3Complete Lynari Desert
4Tune Crystal Chalice to Unknown Element
All Miasma Stream accessible from here
5 Take the boat in Leuda to return to Tipa Peninsula
Tipa Peninsula
6Travel through the Miasma Stream region from:
Iron Mine Downs
- Vale of Alfitaria
- Veo Lu
7 Complete Veo Lu Sluice
8 Gear up and supply for final dungeon

All Region Unlocked In 5th Year

By tuning your in the Lynari Desert hotspot and completing the Veo Lu Sluice you will be able to restore the Jegon River and access all available regions.

Click Here For All Accessible Location Per Year

Unlock Unknown Element To Access All Areas

A special Unknown element must be unlocked first to access the last portion of the map: the Abyss. This special element can also be used to access any other Miasma areas as though its the counter elements needed.

Check Out How To Get Unknown Element

6th Year~

Tipa Peninsula
1Travel through the Miasma Stream to Iron Mine Downs
Iron Mine Downs
2Ride the Jegon River ferry to the other shore
Plains of Fum
3Travel through the Miasma Stream to Rebena Plains
Rebena Plains
4Travel through the Miasma Stream to the Abyss
5Complete the Mount Vellenge

Access Final Dungeon By Unlocking Region

After being able to access all region in the map, you will be able to challenge Mount Vellenge, the final dungeon at any timing you choose. However, the enemies there are extremely powerful. Be sure to have your ATK & DEF at least around 60 (ideally 70 or above) before challenging.

Click Here For More On Best Weapons & Armor

High Difficulty Dungeons After Beating Game

High Difficulty Dungeons Announced

Besides main story dungeons, players will also be able to play High Difficulty Dungeons after beating the main story. You will need both skill and end game equipments to clear these dungeons.

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World Map
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Iron Mine Downs
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Vale Of Alfitaria
Alfitaria -
Veo Lu
Shella -
Plains Of Fum
Jegon River (West) Fields of Fum
Lynari Isle
Leuda -
The Abyss
Mag Mell -
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