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Main Quests - List & Guide

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Check out this guide on Main Quests in A3: STILL ALIVE. Find out a full list of main quests, how to unlock, rewards, 13 chapters, categories, objectives, and more main quest info!

Table Of Contents

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What Is The Main Quest?

Quests Which Tell The Game's Story

Main Quests are primarily there to tell you the game's story, all while letting you earn large amounts of experience points. They are the primary way you'll be interacting with the game initially and should be your top priority!

Unlocking Content

Main Quests will unlock new content for you, at which point you'll frequently get a tutorial. Make sure you don't skip these tutorials and read them carefully, as they'll be helpful for you down the road.

Cutscenes Only Viewable Once

Another important thing about main quests is that you'll occasionally see in-game cinematics! You can only see these once, so we recommend not skipping them! If you've skipped it, you can always create a new character and try again!

NPC Escort Quests

Support Quests

You will occasionally come across quests where you have to escort an NPC to a certain location. You may also have to ensure that this NPC doesn't get killed by enemies, so don't stray too far away from them!

Main Quest Mechanics

Award Heaps Of Experience

Main Quests tend to award a lot of experience. As such, they're likely to be your primary method of leveling up your character. Definitely prioritize doing these quests above all else.

Include Some Higher Difficulty Quests

Occasionally you'll come across some main quests which feature powerful bosses. These bosses will be of a higher difficulty, and many of them will have enrage timers, requiring high DPS from you.

Use Soul Linkers The Boss Is Weak To

You can increase your DPS against bosses by using a specific type of Soul Linker that they're weak to. This will be crucial in taking out the boss before it enrages!

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List Of All Main Quests

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Main Quest List

Note that Progress Quests are included within the category of Main Quests. The quest objectives listed below are from the start of the quest. Note that some objectives may change in the middle of the quest.

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Chapter 1: A Second Chance

1-1A Second ChanceStop the Pulverizer
1-2The Dawn of the Destined ApocalypseTalk to Prophetess Radienne
1-3An Unidentified ManTalk to Helpers
1-4Remnants of the InvasionInvestigate Third Demon Corpse
1-5A Mysterious AnimalTalk to Old Ronea
1-6A Suspicious DisappearanceDefeat Maned Gnoll Spear Masters(8)
1-7A Suspicious DisappearanceSearch for Evidence(6)
1-8A Suspicious DisappearanceDefeat Maned Gnoll Bow Masters(8)
1-9Fear of MadnessTalk to Laviros
1-10An Unfortunate LossCollect Third Soldier Corpse(1)
1-11The Ashen BeastsDefeat Ashen Heynas(8)
1-12Shiland MineEnter Shiland Mine
1-13Enhance EquipmentEnhance Equipment
1-14Meeting the Beast Deity AgainGo to Ashen Orc Village
1-15Ashen Orc VillageDefeat Ashen Orc Brawlers(8)
1-16Nimble PursuersDefeat Ashen Orc Fighters(8)
1-17A Deadly ThreatDefeat Ashen Ogres(5)
1-18The Ruler of the Ashen Orc VillageDefeat Dominator Tuvok(1)
1-19Beast Deity PardaTalk to Beast Deity Parda
1-20Meet with DezirTalk to Magic Academic Dezir
1-21Threatening WolvesDefeat Esthean Wolves(8)
1-22The Magic AcademyTalk to Laviros
1-23Preparing to InvestigateHand Over Red Fragment
1-24Red FragmentGo to Experiment Site
1-25Gate to the OtherworldTalk to Laviros
1-26Rebuilding the CampsiteSet Up Third Flag(1)
1-27A Timeless CallingSelect Hayren Weapon
1-28Hayrens' EssenceTalk to Beast Deity Parda
1-29The Chosen OneTalk to Prophetess Radienne
1-30Suspicious MovementTalk to Vice Chief Magic Academic Erte
1-31The Resurrected OnesDefeat Rancid Ghouls(9)
1-32Armed GhoulDefeat Armed Ghouls(9)
1-33The Song of the UndeadDefeat Rancid Mummies(9)
1-34The Curse's MastermindDefeat Armed Mummies(9)
1-35Suspicious MessengerRetrieve the Suspicious Letter
1-36BetrayalGo to Ruined House
1-37Dark Order AssemblyTalk to Magic Academic Dezir
1-38Trace of the TraitorDefeat Rancid Dullahans(9)
1-39The End of the ChaseTalk to Magic Academic Dezir
1-40The Return of LavirosTalk to Laviros
1-41Erte's Innocence Track Erte's Pendant(1)
1-42Erte's Innocence Defeat Dark Evil Spirits(6)
1-43Glowing Flower BudDeliver Glowing Flowers to Laviros(1)
1-44Erte's Innocence Defeat Rotten Skin Wild Rats(10)
1-45Quick ReturnLearn How to Move
1-46A Tragic MisunderstandingTalk to Prophetess Radienne
1-47The Tragic EndCollect Erte's Body(1)
1-48ReinforcementsSpeak to Corps Leader Kalian
1-49PersuasionSpeak to Corps Leader Kalian
1-50Ensnaring MadnessSpeak to Kalian's Herald
1-51Laviros's WhereaboutsTalk to Recruit Chase
1-52Pitch Black NightTalk to Prophetess Radienne
1-53Requiem in the RainCollect the Victims' Corpses(3)
1-54The Epitome of False BeliefDefeat Dark Order Zealots(7)
1-55A Strange PhenomenonCollect Fur Stained With Magic Potion(5)
1-56The Invisible ThingTalk to Potion Scholar
1-57A Potion that Reveals SecretsDeliver Magic Potion to Hannon(1)
1-58The Hidden PassageSprinkle Potion in the Third Location(1)
1-59Laviros's LaboratoryTalk to Empire Knight Heroth
1-60Reclaim ElniumDefeat Dark Order Members(10)
1-61The Light of EstheaTalk to Beast Deity Parda
※ Progress Quest
1-62Cradle of AdrasilTalk to Beast Deity Parda
1-63To AldernGo to Aldern
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Chapter 2: Black Research

2-1Strange Energy in AldernAsk Guard
2-2Attack of the CrabsTalk to Palmer
2-3Emergency SuppliesTalk to Flash
2-4Supply EquipmentTalk to Flash
2-5A Soldier's StatementAsk an Adventurer
2-6Suspicious EvidenceInvestigate Suspicious Evidence
2-7Gather MemoriesTalk to Soltz
2-8The Goblin HoodlumsTalk to Soltz
2-9Surging Sea CreaturesTalk to Dorf
2-10A New AllyWillpower Fragment III Complete(1)
2-11Stolen SuppliesTalk to Dale
2-12Abandoned FortressDefeat Pirates(12)
2-13The Kidnapped Child ITalk to Prophetess Radienne
2-14Search AreaDefeat Pirate Harpooners(12)
2-15The Kidnapped Child IITalk to Child
2-16Rift AltarEnter the Rift Altar
2-17The Future Is SavedTalk to Soldier
2-18The Fainthearted SoldierReturn Notebook
2-19Symbol of the PiratesTalk to Simir
2-20A Rebellious DrawingTalk to Croft
2-21Tracking the ClueTalk to Croft
2-22Appeasing the SoulsMourn Dead(1)
2-23Prayer and FarewellFind the Investigators
2-24For CooperationWarn the Traveller
2-25The Lakeside Investigation TeamInvestigate Area
2-26Track down InvestigatorTalk to a Survivor
2-27The Surrounded InvestigatorCure Mahond(1)
2-28Scattered InvestigatorsFind the Investigator
2-29Scattered InvestigatorsInvestigate Suspicious Evidence
2-30Scattered InvestigatorsFind Another Investigator
2-31The Investigator's NoteReport to Ridel
2-32Extra CautionDefeat Lake Crocodiles(12)
2-33Fallen SpiritsDefeat Lake Spirits(11)
2-34Lake Root SpiritsDefeat Root Spirits(11)
2-35The Old Man on the LakesideClean Up around the Lake(10)
2-36Knowledge of the WizardTalk to Crazed Wizard
2-37The Crazed WizardCollect Water Essence(8)
2-38Intense BitternessCollect Root Spirit Stems(9)
2-39Make the Awakening PotionCombine Materials(1)
2-40Careful AdministrationCheck On the Wizard
2-41Search the HideoutDefeat Gray Rats(11)
2-42Clear the Hut AreaDefeat Dark Rats(11)
2-43Laviros's HutTalk to Prophetess Radienne
2-44Excited MonstersDefeat Boulder Pincer Crabs(12)
2-45A Creature of GreedDefeat Boulder Crab Men(12)
2-46Defend the Ocean CliffTalk to Delke
2-47A Public EnemyTalk It Out
2-48Traces of the Dark OrderBrief Croft
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Chapter 3: Beach of the Dead

3-1To Aldern FortressTalk to Security Guard Doug
3-2Valuable InformationFruit Thinning(2)
3-3Delayed InvestigationTake the Tool from the Box(1)
3-4The Security Guard's DeceptionTalk to Security Guard Doug
3-5Proper InformationTalk to Croft
3-6A Boundary InvaderInvestigate the Ghost Traces(1)
3-7A Hostile OpponentDefeat Apprentice Sailor Ghosts(13)
3-8Paralyzing FearInvestigate the Darkness Tainted Wreckage(1)
3-9The Existence of the Death IsleDefeat Outraged Apprentice Sailor Ghosts(13)
3-10Brother who Turned into Sea FoamTalk to Young Man Marco
3-11A Clue from the BrotherTalk to Young Man Marco
3-12The KeepsakeClean Up the Rock Tomb(1)
3-13A Dark Lighthouse without LightTalk to Young Man Marco
3-14The Mysterious PitLook in the Pit(1)
3-15Mortician's HobbyTalk to the Suspicious Mortician
3-16A Shared HobbyCollect Slightly Brittle Bones(8)
3-17Two Birds One StoneCollect Sturdy Bones(4)
3-18A Favorite GiftRea the Investigation Journal
3-19Glory of the PastTalk to Ranger Grake
3-20Credibility of the MythCollect Sailors' Telescopes(7)
3-21To the Site of the Ghost AppearanceDefeat First Mate Evrondo(1)
3-22The Shepherd BoyTalk to Shepherd Hansel
3-23Between Humans and RocksAcquire a Wolf-calling Stone Flutes(7)
3-24Chasing WolvesDefeat Rock Wolves(12)
3-25Materials for Eradicating GhostsCollect Wolf Blood(7)
3-26Ghost Eradication MethodGo Back while Staying on Guard
3-27The Captain's MedalMelt the Gathered Materials in a Bonfire(1)
3-28Payment for the StoryDefeat Violent Rock Wolves(12)
3-29Truth or LiesGo to another Appearance Site
3-30An Awakened GhostTalk to Cursed Captain Reynold
3-31Dark Order ConnectionsSpeak to the Arrogant Ghost Sasilor
3-32What The Captain WantsFind Watch Cover(2)
3-33What The Captain WantsTalk to Cursed Captain Reynold
3-34What The Captain WantsCollect Mutated Sailors' Swords(7)
3-35What The Captain WantsTalk to Cursed Captain Reynold
3-36The End of the CurseTalk to Cursed Captain Reynold
3-37The Cursed Sword of the CaptainPlace in Water to Harden(1)
3-38A Secret MeetingSpeak to the Calm Ghost Sailor
3-39Another FragmentComplete Creepy Deserted House III(1)
3-40Greed and JusticeLeave the Hideout
3-41The Captain and the Dark OrderSpeak to the Wanderer Uniel
3-42Fading MemoryFind and investigate the Suspicious Place
3-43Aldern Stained in RedSee the Receding Madness
3-44Darkness Appears in AldernTreat the Injured Villager(1)
3-45A Survivor's TestimonyTalk to the Recovered Villager
3-46Reuniting with DezirLeave the Cave
3-47The Dark Order and the DaggerGo to the Northern Checkpoint
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Chapter 4: The Dark Gateway

4-1Investigate the Northern CheckpointTalk to Security Guard Gilbert
4-2A Sudden AttackDefend the Gate From the Beasts
4-3Threat to the FortressTalk to Security Guard Gilbert
4-4Eliminate the Northern BeastsHunt the Whitemane Ursus(18)
4-5Eliminate the Northern BeastsHunt the Frostmane Lufusreos(18)
4-6Eliminate the Northern BeastsHunt the Griffins(18)
4-7Report the Beast EliminationReport the Elimination of the Beasts
4-8The Secret of the Northern CheckpointTalk to Northern Mayor Harbert
4-9Helping at the ForgeDeliver the Weapon
4-10Missing LisnaTalk to Blacksmith Tamur
4-11Collect EvidenceTalk to Hunter Mayerk
4-12Capture the GameDefeat Plain Elk(18)
4-13Capture the GameDefeat Plain Tree Hecatess(18)
4-14A Suspicious PastTalk to Fortuneteller Maira
4-15Prepare for the InvestigationCollect Sparkling Grass(5)
4-16Lake of OblivionTalk to Maira
4-17The Mysterious Old ManTalk to the old man in the hut.
4-18Finding the Missing ChildGo to the Lake Entrance
4-19The EncounterTalk to Fairy Lepita
4-20Flower Fairy LepitaTalk to Mysterious Old Man Ziz
4-21The Old Man's IdentityLeave Cabin
4-22Tribute for the FairiesCollect Shining Forsythia(1)
4-23Tribute for the FairiesCollect Lake Forget-Me-Nots(3)
4-24Tribute for the FairiesDefeat Forget-Me-Not Mandragoras(18)
4-25Flower BasketTalk to Mysterious Old Man Ziz
4-26Evidence of LisnaTalk to Flower Fairy Lyla
4-27An Ominous LakeTalk to Lisna
4-28The Corrupted LakeSuppress Green Lake Spirits(19)
4-29Lost SpiritsSuppress Yellow Lake Spirits(19)
4-30Putting the Spirits to RestSuppress Lake Spirits(19)
4-31Withering FlowersSuppress Yellow Lake Flower Fairies(19)
4-32PurifyPurify the Spirits(1)
4-33The Mysterious DeviceRemove the Mysterious Devices(3)
4-34The SignTalk to Fairy Lepita
4-35Trapped in SorrowTalk to Old Man Ziz
4-36Lisna's DiaryTalk to Northern Mayor Harbert
4-37DiscernmentDefeat Dark Order Priest Garrod
4-38Darkness on the RunTalk to Blacksmith Tamur
4-39CondolencesDig a Grave for Lisna(1)
4-40Northern ScoutTalk to Northern Scout Minaki
4-41The Frost Valley YetiDefeat Small Valley Yetis(19)
4-42The Frost Valley YetiDefeat Large Valley Yetis(19)
4-43Raiders in the ValleyDestroy the Mysterious Device(1)
4-44Cause for AlarmTalk to Head Northern Scout Nuse
4-45Taking ActionDefeat Northern Valley Untas(20)
4-46A Crab in the SnowDefeat Northern Valley Anomudis(20)
4-47Northern Scouting Party DutiesSalvage the Mysterious Device
4-48Source AmplifierTalk to Northern Scout Researcher Flo
4-49The Tyrants of the SnowfieldDefeat Ice Lavists(20)
4-50Hopping Mad TyrantsDefeat Northern Valley Elk(20)
4-51The Mayor's WhereaboutsDefeat Dark Order Officer Dezir
4-52Darkness Falls AgainTalk to Prophetess Radienne
4-53The Light of AldernTalk to Beast Deity Parda
※ Progress Quest
4-54Purifying AdrasilTalk to Beast Deity Parda
4-55Nordium, Land of the North WindTalk to Northern Scout Minaki
4-56To NordiumGo to the Nordium Dock
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Chapter 5: Tech Magic Corps

5-1The Frozen DockSpeak to Lighthouse Keeper Delos
5-2Delos's RequestCollect the Hard Shells(21)
5-3Delos's RequestDefeat Sea Cliff Untas(30)
5-4Delos's RequestCollect Snow-covered Wood(5)
5-5Dark LighthouseTalk to Prophetess Radienne
5-6An Unexpected EncounterTalk to Resource Investigator Dougler
5-7Dougler's LetterDeliver Dougler's Letter
5-8Goblin Town InfiltrationDefeat Goblin Guards(25)
5-9Goblin Town InfiltrationAcquire Bone Fragments(15)
5-10Goblin Town InfiltrationDefeat Digging Goblins(35)
5-11Goblin Town InfiltrationDefeat Goblin Shamans(25)
5-12Attack PreparationSpeak to Lighthouse Keeper Delos
5-13The Long WaitSpeak to Lighthouse Keeper Delos
5-14Resource InvestigatorsTalk to Resource Investigator Dougler
5-15Injured InvestigatorTalk to Resource Investigator Deia
5-16Beast Sample CollectionCollect Ivory Pieces(21)
5-17Beast Sample CollectionCollect White Gold Manes(18)
5-18Beast Sample CollectionCollect Grey Manes(15)
5-19Deliver the SpecimenTalk to Resource Investigator Dougler
5-20Encounter LaukesSpeak to Tech Wizard Laukes
5-21Finding Medicine MaterialsCollect Yeti Horns(21)
5-22Finding Medicine MaterialsCollect the Bigger Yeti Horns(18)
5-23Heal InvestigatorSpeak to Tech Wizard Laukes
5-24Nordium Environment InvestigationDefeat Snowfield Hunter Wolves(30)
5-25Nordium Environment InvestigationDefeat Starving Snowfield Hyenas(30)
5-26Nordium Environment InvestigationDefeat Frostfang(1)
5-27Darkness PurificationSpeak to Tech Wizard Laukes
5-28Following the DarknessSpeak to Skardi, the Chief Tech Scholar
5-29The Tech Scholar of VenaheimTalk to Tinkerer Heimdas
5-30Research and InvestigationCollect Snowfield Giant Rat Fluid(22)
5-31Research and InvestigationCollect Snowfield Big Horn Elk(19)
5-32Heimdas's ReportSpeak to Skardi, the Chief Tech Scholar
5-33The Epidemic MediumCapture Snowfield Gaint Rat(31)
5-34The Epidemic MediumDefeat Snowfield Big Horn Elk(31)
5-35MutantSpeak to Tech Wizard Laukes
5-36Heimdas's WorkTalk to Tinkerer Heimdas
5-37Delivering the MaterialsCollect Frosty Mana Saplings(6)
5-38Delivering the MaterialsCollect Bear Gallbladders(22)
5-39Snowfield PursuersTalk to the Mysterious Soldier
5-40Track the Ominous EnergyTalk to Tinkerer Heimdas
5-41Harsh Winter's SongSubdue the Frost Witch
5-42PursuitTalk to Tinkerer Heimdas
5-43Crystal ForestGo to Crystal Forest
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Chapter 6: In the Crystal Forest

6-1To the Crystal ForestGo to Where the Scream Came From
6-2Suspicious PartnersTalk to Tech Wizard Ladek
6-3First AidTalk to Tech Wizard Ladek
6-4Following the Dark EnergySpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-5Pure EssenceSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-6Amplifier DisassemblySpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-7Measuring Corruption LevelsCollect Crystal Flowers(1)
6-8Measuring Corruption LevelsCollect Crystal Flowers(1)
6-9Measuring Corruption LevelsCollect Crystal Flowers(1)
6-10Tech Wizard's LogSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-11Laukes' WhereaboutsSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-12Worsening SymptomsSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-13Rendezvous with LaukesSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-14To Normun BaseSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-15Pressing IssuesTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-16Pressing IssuesTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-17Pressing IssuesTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-18The Enraged AncientsTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-19Pharmacist SeidTalk to Pharmacist Seid
6-20Collect Medicine MaterialsCollect Steel-horned Elk Antlers(55)
6-21Collect Medicine MaterialsCollect Ferocious White Mountain Bear Gallbladders(55)
6-22Collect Medicine MaterialsCollect Snowfield Marauder Rat Tails(55)
6-23Collect Medicine MaterialsTalk to Pharmacist Seid
6-24The Harmful AnimalsTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-25Eliminating Dangerous AnimalsDefeat Steel-horned Elk(55)
6-26Eliminating Dangerous AnimalsDefeat the Ferocious White Mountain Bears(55)
6-27Eliminating Dangerous AnimalsTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-28The Completed MedicineSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-29Pick-Me-Up MushroomsTalk to Pharmacist Seid
6-30Dei's StateTalk to Pharmacist Seid
6-31Faint HopeTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-32The Ancient Who Speaks a Human TongueTalk to Hermit Pharos
6-33Pharos's Strange HobbyTalk to Hermit Pharos
6-34Tear of NordiumSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-35The Queen of the AncientsSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-36Corrupted TalasilTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-37Reuniting with LadekSpeak with the Captured Outsider
6-38Recent HappeningsSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
6-39FarewellTalk to Enforcer Argmiss
6-40Make a PathEscort Dei of the Icesong Tribe to the Venaheim Temporary Base
6-41Back to VenaheimGo to Venaheim Temporary Base
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Chapter 7: Icesong

7-1Wary VenaheimSpeak to the Venaheim Guard
7-2The Perfect GiftSpeak to the Venaheim Guard
7-3The Truth about LaukesSpeak to Skardi, the Chief Tech Scholar
7-4Investigate Laukes's LabReturn to Skardi, the Chief Tech Scholar
7-5The Red FragmentSpeak to Skardi, the Chief Tech Scholar
7-6Clear the Village AreaClean up the Broken Oak Barrels(5)
7-7Research ProgressSpeak to Skardi, the Chief Tech Scholar
7-8Dei's SufferingTalk to Tech Wizard Ladek
7-9To Her RefugeDeliver the Snow Flower Fruit(1)
7-10Suspicious EnergyDefeat Corrupt Frost Giants(75)
7-11The Wary Icesong TribeTalk to Guard Baite
7-12Guard's RequestDefeat Snowfield Hyenas(80)
7-13Guard's RequestCollect Snowfield Hyena Fur(32)
7-14Guard's RequestDeliver the Rat Meat
7-15Guard's Last RequestCollect Dry Branches(5)
7-16To the GuardDeliver to Security Guard Baite
7-17To Icesong Tribal VillageEnter Icesong Tribal Village
7-18To Resolve MisunderstandingsSpeak to Frost Witch Tiffalane
7-19The Supsicious Black CrystalInvestigate the Black Crystal
7-20Tiffalane's AdviceCollect Hyena Odor(40)
7-21Insufficient ForcesTalk to Prophetess Radienne
7-22Orc-occupied TerritoryDefeat Frost Orc Scouts(75)
7-23The Orc ChieftainTalk to Prophetess Radienne
7-24Finishing the JobDeliver the Tear of Nordium to Tiffalane
7-25The Enhancted Water of NordiumTalk to Enchanted Water Keeper Skurd
7-26Tears of Dark EnergyRemove the Dark Energy
7-27Dei's Full RecoverySpeak to Frost Witch Tiffalane
7-28The Exhausted Power of the TearSpeak to Frost Witch Tiffalane
7-29Supplying Purification MaterialsDeliver the Frostblooms to Diarent
7-30Supplying Purification MaterialsDeliver the Frostblooms to Diarent
7-31Purification PreparednessSpeak to Frost Witch Tiffalane
7-32Begin the PurificationDefeat Rampaging Snowfield Hyenas(75)
7-33Laukes's SabotageInvestigate Traces of Laukes(2)
7-34Faltering PurificationSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
7-35Remove the BlockDefeat Small Frostbeard Yetis(95)
7-36A Tribal TraditionPile Rocks(1)
7-37More PurificationSpeak to Dei of the Icesong Tribe
7-38The Great ClashSpeak to Frost Witch Tiffalane
7-39A Poignant SacrificeSpeak to Frost Witch Tiffalane
7-40Two Villages GrievingSend the Message with the Carrier Pigeon(1)
7-41The Village DisturbedSpeak to Frost Witch Tiffalane
7-42A Delicacy of NordiumDeliver to Tribe Member Aphoid
7-43Investigate the Food ThiefDeliver to Tribe Member Fronda
7-44Punish the Food ThievesTalk to Tribe Member Fronda
7-45Hallucinations in the DarkTalk to Tribe Member Reyna
7-46The Brother's LetterGive the Letters to Reyna
7-47Light of NordiumTalk to Beast Deity Parda
※ Progress Quest
7-48Cradle of AdrasilTalk to Beast Deity Parda
7-49To ArevniaGo to Arevnia
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Chapter 8: Between Truth and Lies

8-1Dark Energy in ArveniaInvestigate the Suspicious Village
8-2Finding His WhereaboutsDeliver to Villager Innievan
8-3Finding His WhereaboutsDeliver to Peddler Khervolt
8-4Exploration Town of VolivanTalk to Volivan Guard
8-5An Excuse to FightLecture from Fight-happy Sked
8-6To the Exploration Town of VolivanTalk to Lead Investigator Jade
8-7Farming Is ToughTalk to Awkward Farmer
8-8The Farmer's RevengeDefeat Swamp Mandragoras(120)
8-9Discovering the CampsiteTalk to Investigator Keta
8-10The Silent CampsiteDefeat Corrupt Treant
8-11Messy CampsiteInvestigate the South Campsite Area(1)
8-12The Missing InvestigatorTalk to Terrified Investigatorr
8-13Finding the ColleaguesTalk to Terrified Investigatorr
8-14Coward InvestigatorDefeat Swamp Treant Saplings(120)
8-15The Ominous Dark SignInvestigate the Black Crystal Fragment(1)
8-16A Ray of HopeTalk to Terrified Investigator
8-17Safe ReturnThe Investigator Enters the Village
8-18The Silence of the TreantsTalk to Prophetess Radienne
8-19The Cause of Food PoisoningDeliver to Investigator Keta
8-20Careful PreparationTalk to Lead Investigator Jade
8-21Careful PreparationDefeat Three-Headed Tooth Flowers(100)
8-22The Treants' TrustGive the Gift to the Silent Treants
8-23The Treants' TrustDeliver to Silent Treant
8-24Friend of the TreantsCollect the Refreshing Herbs(3)
8-25Prepations CompleteTalk to Lead Investigator Jade
8-26Where the Magic LeadsDeliver the Refreshing Herbs
8-27An Unknown ThreatTalk to Recovered Sailor
8-28An Unknown ThreatSpeak to Tecanus
8-29Another VictimTalk to Lead Investigator Jade
8-30Time for RecuperationCollect the Blue Calming Herbs(2)
8-31A Suspicious StainTalk to Prophetess Radienne
8-32The Village's SymbolTalk to Lead Investigator Jade
8-33The Old StatueTalk to Lead Investigator Jade
8-34Effective Memory RecoverySpeak to Tecanus
8-35The Way to the Hidden PathTalk to Lead Investigator Jade
8-36The Village WitnessSpeak to Mayor Tiaroni
8-37The Old Woman MediumDeliver to Old Woman Asiella
8-38Trust is EverythingDeliver to Old Woman Asiella
8-39The Power of TrustSpeak to Old Woman Asiella
8-40For LeifelGo to where Asiella Collapsed
8-41Tragic SacrificeSpeak to Mayor Tiaroni
8-42Commemorating AsiellaPlace the Flowers(1)
8-43The Staff's OriginsTalk to Prophetess Radienne
8-44Concern for the MemberGo to Investigator Ruben
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Chapter 9: Dwarven Swamp

9-1Investigator RubenTalk to Investigator Ruben
9-2Eliminate the MutantsDefeat Escaped Mutants(150)
9-3The First Encounter with the Swamp DwarvesTalk to Mean-looking Dwarf
9-4The Mean-looking Dwarf's RequestTalk to Mean-looking Dwarf
9-5The Mean-looking Dwarf's RequestTalk to Mean-looking Dwarf
9-6The Mean-looking Dwarf's RequestTalk to Mean-looking Dwarf
9-7Meeting PreparationTalk to Mean-looking Dwarf
9-8Bog King KruniSpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-9Swamp Elder's PersuasionSpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-10Exiled DwarfSpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-11Stimulating herbsCollect the Red Hovenia Plants(3)
9-12Clean Up the PathSpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-13Instilling WillpowerTalk to Exile Orlor
9-14Where Is The Ancient Book?Defeat Lakeside Shroomlings(170)
9-15Looking for the Ancient BookSpeak to the Dwarven Insomniac
9-16Looking for the Ancient BookSpeak to the Farmer Dwarf
9-17Looking for the Ancient BookTalk to Dwarven Chef
9-18Dwarven Dumping GroundTalk to Dwarven Chef
9-19Looking for the Ancient BookTalk to Dwarven Chef
9-20Looking for the Ancient BookSpeak to the Farmer Dwarf
9-21Looking for the Ancient BookPick Up the Ancient Book(1)
9-22The Reason for Relic RestorationTalk to Exile Orlor
9-23Source of the RumorTalk to the Nearly-Sacrificed Dwarf
9-24Prepare for the Restoration RitualTalk to Exile Orlor
9-25The First OfferingCollect the 10-year Carnivorous Plant Leaves(120)
9-26The Second OfferingCollect the Century Treant Branches(85)
9-27The Third OfferingCollect Millennia Mandragora Flowers(1)
9-28The Relic Restoration RitualDefeat Dwarven Escorts(8)
9-29Coincidental EncounterTalk to the Nearly-Sacrificed Dwarf
9-30Prison BreakTalk to Exile Orlor
9-31The Soldiers' WhereaboutsTalk to Exile Orlor
9-32Fear AwakenedTalk to Exile Orlor
9-33Prepare for the CeremonySpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-34Prepare for the CeremonySpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-35Bog King OrlorSpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-36Preemptive DefenseSpeak to Swamp Elder Aulin
9-37Reuniting with the First Bog KingTalk to Bog King Orlor
9-38The Exchange EnvoyTalk to Bog King Orlor
9-39Farewell to the Swamp DwarvesTalk to Bog King Orlor
9-40To Lars VillageGo to Lars Village
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Chapter 10: The Hermit of Lars

10-1Drunken TruthInvestigate the Body Floating in the Swamp(1)
10-2The Hungry PatrolmanTalk to Patrol Deith
10-3A Mysterious PlantCollect Strange Root Plants(2)
10-4Identifying Edible PlantsFeed Deith Roots(1)
10-5For the WizardTalk to the Bard
10-6The Bard in the SwampTalk to Bard Paul
10-7Food DeliveryTalk to Bard Paul
10-8An Extravagant StageCollect Veasins Flowers(2)
10-9The Raiders in the SwampDefeat Marauder Krodiles(34)
10-10The Suspicious BardTalk to Bard Paul
10-11The Second FoodTalk to Bard Paul
10-12The Wizard in Lars VillageReunion with Dezir
10-13The Transformation of EvilSpeak to Ragged Dezir
10-14Proof of TransformationTalk to Wizard Dezir
10-15Investigate the SwampInvestigate the Perilous Swamp(1)
10-16Beasts Aiming at Your BackLeave Swamp
10-17Unusual MovementTalk to Assistant Hayes
10-18Unusual TracesTalk to Assistant Zyro
10-19Eerie MovementsGo through the Dense Bush(4)
10-20Eerie EvidenceCollect Red Fragment Powder(1)
10-21Something's FishyDefeat Tainted Progs(230)
10-22The Village GuardianTalk to Wizard Dezir
10-23The Mystic Stone's LocationDefeat Tainted Krodiles(230)
10-24The Tainted Marsh WarriorsDestroy Tainted Red Fragments(130)
10-25Tracking the LeaderInterrogate Marsh-dwelling Progs(230)
10-26The Prog LeaderTalk to Assistant Hayes
10-27Tracking the LeaderInterrogate Swamp Naga(200)
10-28The Naga LeaderTalk to Assistant Zyro
10-29Tracking the LeaderInterrogate Swamp Krodiles(230)
10-30The Krodile LeaderTalk to Assistant Zyro
10-31Find the HideoutCut down Overgrown Grass(5)
10-32The TraitorLeave the Cave
10-33A Small ClueGo to Lars Village
10-34The Wounded VillageTalk to Apprentice Wizard Paul
10-35Restorign the VillageCollect Lumber for Repairs(138)
10-36A ClueTalk to Talkative Treant Sapling
10-37Preparation Based on the EvidenceTalk to Talkative Treant Sapling
10-38The End of the ChaseTalk to Apprentice Wizard Paul
10-39Gateway to SkadTalk to Apprentice Wizard Paul
10-40The Light of ArevniaTalk to Beast Deity Parda
※ Progress Quest
10-41Cradle of AdrasilTalk to Beast Deity Parda
10-42Destination of the Dark ShadowGo to the Southeastern Dock
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Chapter 11: The Strong Eat the Weak

11-1Mysterious Land SkadSpeak to the Local at the Dock
11-2Saber RattlingInvestigate the Mercenaries' Belongings(180)
11-3An Unpleasant WelcomeObserve Fleeing Trader
11-4Trace of the RunawayDefeat Mercenary Szyle(330)
11-5The Cloudy Red LightTalk to Kid Fairy Riddle
11-6A Friendly FairyTalk to Garara
11-7Fear and CautionTalk to Village Child
11-8An Unclear DestinationLook Around Desert
11-9A Friendly FairyTalk to Garara
11-10A Friendly FairyInvestigate Garara's Luggage(1)
11-11Check the BelongingsDefeat Dust Spiders(270)
11-12A Sea of InformationFind Garara's Notebook(1)
11-13RogueTalk to Garara
11-14Information TravelsDefeat Desert Szyles(300)
11-15Elusive InformationExamine Another Flyer
11-16Lost InformationRead the Carius Anthem
11-17The Criminal Returns to the SceneTalk to Garara
11-18The Fairy's Information NetworkTalk to Raku
11-19Information Network RequestTalk to Raku
11-20A Discerning EyeSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
11-21The Adventurer's BurdenPut the Collected Weapons in the Box(1)
11-22The Adventurer's KnowledgeSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
11-23Drunken MardellaDefeat Drunk Szyles(270)
11-24Drunken MardellaCollect Mardella Flowers(2)
11-25Information Network RequestAcquire the Weapon Box(1)
11-26An Equivalent ExchangeTalk to Village Child
11-27The Vanished Information NetworkTalk to Raku
11-28Toward Ithar's SanctuaryTalk to Raku
11-29Ithar's First SanctuaryTalk to Garara
11-30Regarding Another SanctuaryInvestigate Atshu's last known location(1)
11-31The Missing PerinkeyCheck for Signs of Perinkey(1)
11-32Food ChainInvestigate Bloodied Iron Bars(1)
11-33Food ChainDefeat Dark Tongue Naga(300)
11-34A Close AssociateDefeat Red Spotted Szyles(270)
11-35Shackles on the NeckTalk to Garara
11-36Release PlanCollect Shackle Key(180)
11-37Release PlanCollect Cage Key(150)
11-38The Captured HostageOpen Atshu's Cage
11-39The Swamp of TraumaTalk to Garara
11-40Mardella's ValueGrind Flowers to Get the Juice(1)
11-41The Fairy's Final HelpTalk to Garara
11-42A Recovered AdventurerGo to a Safe Place
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Chapter 12: The Great Wizard's Path

12-1Atshu's Precious LuggageSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-2An Injured ScoutSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-3Find the MedicineSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-4Treating the ScoutTalk to Scout
12-5A Mishap in the VillageSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-6Lacking TrustSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-7Proof of TrustTalk to Blacksmith Rotson
12-8Proof of TrustDestroy Longtooth Naga Shaman Totems(10)
12-9Deliver WeaponsTalk to Mayor Ergeltz
12-10The Mayor's RequestTalk to Mayor Ergeltz
12-11Not Enoguh MedicineTalk to Healer Isifrin
12-12Clean Water for DisinfectionTalk to Healer Isifrin
12-13Recovering SuppliesTalk to Security Guard Mandel
12-14An Important ClueSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-15Meeting the Scout AgainTalk to Scout Dart
12-16Investigate the Naga CampsiteLook Around
12-17Sacrificial NagaDefeat Dark-backed Naga(271)
12-18Unexpected InformationCheck Situation
12-19Monument Fragment LocationSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-20Finding FragmentsPick Up Dropped Fragments(1)
12-21Another FragmentDefeat Desert Agles(300)
12-22Finding FragmentsPick up Monument Fragment(1)
12-23Trust and ReturnObserve Situation
12-24Ithar's MonumentObserve Situation
12-25A Suprise AttackDefeat Desert Storm Chapakin
12-26Track Down the AglesRelease Villagers(5)
12-27To Agle TerritoryObserve Scout Movements
12-28Explore TerritoryAcquire Cage Keys(30)
12-29RescueTalk to Male Villager
12-30A Race against TimeTalk to Mantanu
12-31Dangerous SituationTalk to Mantanu
12-32Back to the VillageTalk to Mantanu
12-33Remove the ThreatDefeat the Yellow-scaled Naga at the Village Outskirts(272)
12-34Remove the ThreatTalk to Mayor Ergeltz
12-35Not Enough Medicine MaterialsTalk to Healer
12-36The Clue to the Second SanctuaryDestroy Naga Totems(5)
12-37Path to the Second SanctuarySpeak to Female Villager
12-38Path to the Second SanctuaryDefeat Violent Szyles(15)
12-39An Impending BattleSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-40The Second Sanctuary BattleCheck Situation
12-41Another SanctuarySpeak to Adventurer Atshu
12-42BacktrackingGo to Atshu
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Chapter 13: Revelations Unraveled

13-1To The Third SanctuarySpeak to Adventurer Atshu
13-2Preceding FootprintsDefeat Desert Black Boars(270)
13-3Clear the PathDefeat Mammosauruses(300)
13-4The Great March through the DesertTalk Desert Researcher Chuck
13-5StardustCollect Stardust(3)
13-6The Intact SanctuaryInvestigate the Fourth Slate
13-7The Waiting GameSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
13-8A Trustworthy FriendDefeat Desert Hyenas(330)
13-9Access DeniedDefeat Sand Moles(300)
13-10Lies and BetrayalTalk to Prophetess Radienne
13-11The Perinkey's LeapCollect Mole Tails(215)
13-12The Perinkey's LeapCollect Desert Herbs (3)
13-13Araju VillageSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
13-14A Good NeighborInvestigate the Unconscious Dezir
13-15Night in a Foreign PlaceSpend the Night
13-16The Morning BeginsSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
13-17Feather of the Red FragmentDefeat Agle Seekers(300)
13-18Red CorruptionCollect Red Fragments(1)
13-19The Lost PerinkeyTalk to Lectoring
13-20What Has Been LostTalk to Lectoring
13-21The Rookie Security GuardDefeat Desert Rats(330)
13-22The Menacing FeathersTalk to Kupiring
13-23A Good ExampleSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
13-24Night in a Foreign PlaceSpend the Night
13-25The Morning BeginsSpeak to Adventurer Atshu
13-26A ThreatDefeat Szyle Scouts(270)
13-27Red CorruptionTalk to Prophetess Radienne
13-28A TrapInvestigate the Red Fragment
13-29A Familiar ClueTalk to the Three Perinkey Siblings
13-30The Purpose of the OutingDefeat the Szyles and Scorpions(330)
13-31The Separated SiblingsTalk to Lectoring
13-32Red CorruptionCollect Red Fragments(1)
13-33The PicnicTalk to the Perinkey
13-34A Small HandTalk to the Perinkey
13-35Night in a Foreign PlaceSpend the Night
13-36The Morning BeginsTalk to Prophetess Radienne
13-37Tribe of the MoonDefeaet Lunatans(300)
13-38Rescue and EscapeInvestigate Lunatan Totem
13-39The Deceptive TotemBurn Down the Last Lunatan Totem(1)
13-40The Perinkey TotemDefeat Lunatans(270)
13-41Rescue the PerinkeysDefeat Lunatan Captain Ali
13-42The Moon JournalTalk to Prophetess Radienne
13-43Red AbyssCollect Red Fragments(1)
13-44Prelude to the AttackTalk to Prophetesse Radienne
13-45Moonlit AssaultSpend the Night
13-46Petty Thief RiddleTalk to Dezir
13-47The Guardian on the RoadInvestigate the Third Sanctuary
13-48The Stolen LuggageDefeat Sand Riddle Bandits(330)
13-49Red AbyssCollect Red Fragments(1)
13-50A Suspicious RiddleTalk to Garara
13-51InterrogationGo to the Sanctuary
13-52SacrificeTalk to Prophetess Radienne
13-53The FarewellTalk to Prophetess Radienne
13-54The Light of SkadTalk to Beast Deity Parda
※ Progress Quest
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