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Beginner's Guide - What To Do First
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Beginner's Guide - What To Do First

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Check out this beginner's guide for A3: STILL ALIVE. New to the game? Find out exactly what to do, rerolling, story unlocks, character growth, limited time events, and more!

Table of Contents

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Do You Need To Reroll?

There Are Few Benefits To Rerolling


Rerolling a character will give you a chance to get accessories as well as Soul Linkers, though you won't be able to roll for 6★ or 7★ using just Blue Diamonds! For this reason, we don't think it's really necessary to do this unless you want to.

Read Our Reroll Guide For More Info

Reroll To Get Soul Linkers

Soul Linkers
Required TimeAbout 30 minutes

In order to start rolling for Soul Linkers, you'll need to first reach Chapter 1-37 of the main story. This means you'll have to play a little bit before you can reach this feature, but Soul Linkers are quite an important aspect of the game so for those of you who are particularly dedicated, it might be worth giving this reroll method a try.

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Advance The Main Quest & Unlock Features

Clear The Tutorial


First, choose your preferred profession, name, and appearance to start off the game. Once you're in the game, tap the Main Quest button in the top left to start automatically moving in that direction. Finishing the main quest will be required to unlock further important features in the game!

すっぴんちゃんTips!Changing your name and appearance will cost Diamonds, so make sure to think it over before creating your character!
・You won't be able to automatically receive quest rewards - you'll have to actually tap to get them!

Unlockable Game Features

Unlocked By Clearing Chapters

When It UnlocksFeature
Chapter 1-12Normal Adventure: Shiland Mine
Chapter 1-12Character Growth Feature: Forge
Chapter 1-37New Feature: Soul Linkers
Chapter 2-16Normal Adventure: Rift Altar
Chapter 5-1Normal Adventure: Black Crystal
Chapter 5-5Normal Adventure: Dark Lighthouse

Unlocked By Character Level

When It UnlocksFeature
Level 3Activity Feature: Monster Codex
Level 8Activity Feature: Titles
Level 15Feature: Teleport
Level 20Feature: Guilds
Level 20Special Adventure: World Bosses
Level 20Special Adventure: Dark Invasion
Level 20Shu Feature
Level 23Appearance Feature: Costumes
Level 28Appearance Feature: Capes
Level 30Feature: Feature: Auction House
Level 30Special Adventure: Forte's Seal
Level 30Special Adventure: Entangled Borders
Level 37Community Feature: A3 TV
Level 40Special Adventure: Dark Presence
Level 45Special Adventure: Resource Battle
Level 60Special Adventure: Conquest
Level 60
Chapter 7-48
Social Feature: Rivals
Level 60
Chapter 7-48
Social Feature: Wanted List
Level 65Normal Adventure: Raid
Level 90Growth Feature: Sanctuary
Level 100Growth Feature: Apostle
Level 100Special Adventure: Adrasil's Trial

※ Red text indicates that said content has some sort of restriction on it, such as time available or how many times you can do it.

すっぴんちゃんTip!Guilds are one of the most important features you will unlock. There is a guild-related event that you can only enter once per day at a specific time, so we highly recommend trying to get Level 20 as fast as possible!
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Some Quests Have Level Requirements


Note that some story quests may have a level requirement attached to them. If you don't reach this level, you won't be able to progress, so be careful!

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Make Your Characters Stronger

Leveling Fast Is Key


There are special rewards for reaching certain levels first! This means that you'll want to ensure you're leveling your characters faster and more efficiently than other players when the servers launch. If you see a side quest appear somewhere, make sure to do it to supplement your exp!

すっぴんちゃんTip!A3: STILL ALIVE is planning to regularly add new servers, so you can try to restart on a new server to get a fresh start and even race for the top, getting all the rewards you might have missed the first time around!
Check Out How To Get A High Ranking In Our Guide Here

Level-Based Rewards

1020,000 Gold
HP Potion (Small)×10
Megaphone ×15
2030,000 Gold
20,000 Mana Stones
Common Earring Chest
Character Convenience Function Package 1 Day Ticket x2
3040,000 Gold
30,000 Mana Stones
Common Ring Chest
4060,000 Gold
40,000 Mana Stones
480 Ether
Soul Linker Convenience Function Package 1 Day Ticket x2
5050,000 Mana Stones
80,000 Gold
Level 50 Rare Armor Chest
6080,000 Mana Stones
120,000 Gold
Level 60 Heroic Armor Chest
70100,000 Mana Stones
160,000 Gold
Rare Ring Chest
80150,000 Mana Stones
220,000 Gold
Lv. 80 Heroic★ Armor Chest
90200,000 Mana Stones
360,000 Gold
Lv. 90 Heroic★ Armor Chest
100300 Blue Diamonds
Heroic Accessory Chest
Lv. 100 Ancient★ Weapon Chest

※ Items in red are rewards with limited amounts!

Character Power Up Priority List

★★★★★Leveling up your character
★★★★Improving your equipment
★★★★Improving your Soul Linkers
★★★・・Getting achievements
★★・・・Acquiring titles
★★・・・Upgrading Shu
・・・・Gathering Monster Cards

Leveling Up Your Character

Click to Enlarge
Level 4 Stats
Click to Enlarge
Level 5 Stats

Player experience can be obtained by the usual methods - defeating enemies and completing quests. When you level up, some of your stats will also increase, making this absolutely necessary for powering up your character.

What To Do When You're Underlevelled

If you're unable to progress the main story because your level is too low, try farming exp by doing limited time quests or the Battle Royale! If you choose to grind out mobs in an area, make sure to do so in a place where you can get a useful Monster Card drop.

Use Enhancement Stones To Power Up Equipment


It's possible to increase the stats of items and cosmetics by using special enhancement stones. The materials required for these stones will differ, and it's also possible for the enhancement process to fail.

すっぴんちゃんTip!If you fail at upgrading something, the gold and materials used in that attempt will be used up. It's also possible to transfer over upgraded stats to a different piece of equipment, so make sure you're constantly upgrading your strongest item.
Check Out More About Enhancement Here

Upgrade Skills As Well

In addition to being able to upgrade Weapons and Items, you can also upgrade your passive and active skills in order to make them deal more damage/provide you with better buffs! This will be another key aspect to upgrading your character, so make sure you don't forget to do this!

Check Out A Full Skill Enhancement Guide Here

Power Up Your Soul Linkers

Soul Linkers
Soul Linkers

You can have a maximum of 3 Soul Linkers active alongside you at any time. It's also possible to upgrade these by using a Soul Linker and Exp Materials. This is a somewhat high hurdle, but the power boost you get from it is worth the price.

Clear Achievements & Rank Up Your Grade


By meeting certain conditions, you'll be able to earn achievements in-game. These can give you various rewards, including experience, gold, and diamonds. You'll be able to raise your overall grade by earning more and more achievements. Doing so will also increase your stats! You can also get A3 Members Points from achievements as well.

Check Out Our Achievements Guide Here

Acquire Titles


Titles are separated in various categories, from Common to Legendary. The higher the rank of the title, the more your stats will increase! Titles give you a boost in stats the moment you acquire them, so you'll want to collect as many as possible. You can only choose one title to actively display for others to see, however.

Check Out Our Full Titles Guide Here

Upgrade Your Shu


Shu are some feathered bird friends that will accompany you and provide you with significant stat boosts! It's definitely worth having one, but upgrading them can be time and resource consuming, so you don't need to prioritize it.

Check Out The Shu Guide Here

Collect Monster Cards

Monster Cards

Monsters will sometimes drop Monster Cards upon being defeated. By collecting a specific amount of cards, you can register a monster in your Monster Codex, thereby slightly increasing your stats. The number of cards required and the stat the increases are different depending on the monster.

Check Out The Full Monster Codex Here

Do Time Or Attempt Limited Challenges

Try A Variety Of Modes

A3: STILL ALIVE features content which can only be accessed during certain times, and which has restrictions on how many times you can play it. For some of this content, you will need a party or guild. Find the exact time when you can enter certain content and take it on with partners to get rewards!

Battle Royale

★★★★★Battle Royale
★★★★Team Battle Royale

Two Types Of Battle Royale

Battle Royale
Battle Royale

Two modes of Battle Royale exist: a regular one where AIs are mixed in with the player population, and another Team mode where you form groups with others to compete. If you're in a hurry, we recommend trying on the regular Battle Royale mode!

Check Out Our Battle Royale Guide Here

Normal Adventures Recommendations

★★★★★Shiland Mine
★★★・・Rift Altar
★★★・・Dark Lighthouse
★★・・・Black Crystal
Normal Adventures - How To Unlock

Prioritize Shiland Mine

Shiland Mine
Shiland Mine
Shiland Mine

Shiland Mine is a dungeon where you can obtain a lot of Enhancement Stones! The dungeon is divided into three floors, with the higher floors having even better rewards. You can also easily clear this mode in auto-battle, so it's highly recommended!

すっぴんちゃんTip!Difficulty levels will be unlocked as your level increases. The limit on how many times you can enter this dungeon is the same for all difficulties, so we recommend coming here only when you unlock the highest level!
Read Our Full Shiland Mine Guide Here

Gather Friends And Do A "Raid"


You can participate in raids two times a day, with a maximum of 5 people in your party. If you clear the dungeon within the allotted time limit, you'll get awesome rewards.

すっぴんちゃんTip!It's possible to do this solo. However, bosses tend to have very high HP, so we recommend going in together with others!
Check Out Our Raid Guide Here

Get Soul Linker Equipment From Rift Altar

The Rift Altar is a mission where you have to defeat enemies all while protecting the Holy Grail. In addition to getting Exp and Gold, it's also possible to get Soul Linker equipment, which is rather limited in terms of ways you can get it. This makes Rift Altar a great place to farm for upgrades!

Check Out The Rift Altar Guide Here

Take On The Dark Lighthouse

The Dark Lighthouse is a mode where you clear a designated mission within a time limit, all while gradually climbing up the tower. You can get Magic Stones and Accessories here, making it a good place to gather items!

Check Out Our Dark Lighthouse Guide Here

Black Crystal

Black Crystal is a mode where you go about purifying a series of crystals strewn about a field. In order to purify them, you'll need Purification Stones, which you can obtain by killing enemies or clearing quests in the dungeon.

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Which Special Adventures To Do

Special Dungeon
★★★★★World Boss
★★★★Dark Invasion
★★★・・Dark Presence
★★・・・Forte's Seal
★★・・・Resource Battle
Check Out Our Special Adventures List HereEvent Times

Times Events Are Held

World BossDark InvasionDark Presence

Dark Presence starts at 20 minutes after the hour. Dark Invasion starts at 50 minutes after. The other dungeons all begin right on the hour.

Defeat World Bosses

World Boss

Several World Bosses will spawn in the world at a set time. In order to get rewards from them, you'll have to kill them during this time window! Gather allies and head out to challenge these bosses when they spawn.

How To Unlock World Boss Maps
Other Conditions
Aldern20Chapter 1-62 Clear
Nordium40Chapter 4-54 Clear
Arevnia60Chapter 7-48 Clear
Skad80Chapter 10-41 Clear
すっぴんちゃんTip!You will need to progress the story to Chapter 1-62 in order to unlock World Bosses. World Bosses also drop Monster Cards, making them a place you should visit as often as possible to power up your character
Check Out Our World Boss Guide Here

Large Scale PvE Battles In Dark Invasion

Dark Invasion is a mode where large groups of players cooperate together to defeat tons of monsters. This mode is separated into multiple phases where you will be trying to protect some sacred artifacts from monsters and bosses.

すっぴんちゃんTip!You'll be able to reserve a participation time for Dark Invasion, making it easy to choose a time convenient for you. The stage is separated by levels - the higher your level the stronger the enemies you face will become.
Check Out Our Dark Invasion Guide Here

Dark Presence - Ranked PK Mode

Dark Presence is a PvP mode where players will be separated into two teams and compete for points. This is a mode where you'll be able to freely attack enemy players.

すっぴんちゃんTip!Just like Dark Invasion, it's possible to reserve a spot for Dark Presence. This is a first-come-first-served system, so make sure to sign up early!
Check Out The Full Dark Presence Guide Here

Content With No Time Restrictions

Forte's Seal
This is a mode where you fight your way to the 5th floor and defeat a boss within a time limit. In order to progress up to a new floor, you'll have to fully clear the one you're already on! This dungeon resets every week on Monday, with one floor unlocking every day! This means that by Friday, all 5 levels will be available for you to access.
Conquest is a Guild-based PvP mode. This mode takes place once a week and lasts 20 minutes. You will defend certain pillars on the map from enemy guilds and try to gain as many points as you can to win!

Things To Do Every Day

Daily To-Do List

Not sure what you should be doing every day? We've put together a handy list of things to do, along with a recommendation rating on what you should prioritize every day!

★★★★★Claim rewards from the Event page
★★★★Claim your free reward from the Daily Shop
★★★★Claim your daily Guild login rewards
★★★★Do "Today's Activity" Quests
★★★・・Join in Guild Festival events
★★・・・Do attempt-limited content
Check Out What To Do Every Day In Detail Here!

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