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Check out our Soul Linker guide for A3: STILL ALIVE. Find out how to get Soul Linkers, how to power up, level up soul linkers, ultimates, skills, upgrading & binding!

Table of Contents

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What Are Soul Linkers?

An Ally To Join You In Battle

Soul Linker
Unlock ConditionClear Chapter 1-37

Soul Linkers are NPC allies who help you fight against enemies by supporting you in battle. They can have a variety of unique abilities, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses that make them more suited for particular game modes.

Increase Stats via Placement Effect

All Soul Linkers have a Placement Effect, which means that when you put them in your party you get a particular stat bonus. You can have up to 3 Soul Linkers equipped at once, which means you can choose what stats you want to boost by bringing the right type of Soul Linker.

Require Vigor To Fight With You


Soul Linkers use a resource called vigor when fighting alongside you. The amount consumed depends on the rarity of the Soul Linker, but it only decreases during combat. Don't fret, however - you will be able to recover Vigor using special potions purchasable for gold (as well as diamonds).

How To Get Soul Linkers

Get From Soulstars


In general, Soul Linkers can be obtained by opening up Soulstars! Different Soulstars contain different types of Soul Linkers. There are of course some exceptions, like Hannemorin, who joins you as a part of the main story.

How To Get Soulstars


Soulstars can be obtained as quest and event rewards, as well as rewards from world bosses or the Dark Presence adventure. In some cases, you can even get them from region quests or check in bonuses, so make sure you do a wide variety of content every day and don't forget to claim your rewards!

Types of Soulstars

There are quite a few varieties of Soulstars available. With the exception of Upgrade Material and Exp Soulstars, there are a total of 4 Soulstars from which you can get new characters.

Varieties of Soulstars
・Character-specific Soulstar
・★1~7 Guaranteed Soulstar
・Area-Specific Soulstar
・All Area Soulstar

・Upgrade Material Soulstar
・Exp Soulstar

※ Red text indicates items you can get Soul Linkers from

How To Power Up Soul Linkers

Methods of Strengthening Soul Linkers

・Equip all 3 types of items on them
・Level them up
・Equip a passive skill
・Level up their Skills
・Equip Attribute Runes
・Upgrade them
・Use Bind to get higher rarity Soul Linkers

Equip 3 Types Of Items


It's possible to equip gear on your Soul Linkers! Each one can equip a pair of gloves, some armor, and an accessory. All of these will increase your Soul Linker's stats, so you'll want to make sure you gear them up ASAP!

Leveling Up Equipment

Note that it's also possible to level up the equipment your Soul Linkers are wearing. Don't forget to do this too!

Check Out Soul Linker Equipment List

Level Up Your Soul Linkers

Soul Linker Level Up

Soul Linkers can be leveled up by using other Soul Linkers as exp materials! A Soul Linker's stats will greatly increase when they level up, so you'll definitely want to get rid of lower grade Soul Linkers to upgrade your rarer ones!

Equip A Passive Skill

Yuo can assign specific passive skills to your Soul Linkers! These passives will depend on the specific "type" of your Soul Linker, and they can be obtained from the Battle Royale Shop.

Read More On The Different In-Game Shops Here

Powering Up Passives

It's also possible to upgrade the level of your passive skills. This can be done by using up Gold and Topaz, which are also obtained from Battle Royales.

Level Up Skills As Well

Passive Skills

Skills are one of the main ways that Soul Linkers deal damage. Just like passive skills, you can use Topaz (obtainable in the Battle Royale mode) and Gold to level these up.

Possible To Swap Skills

From the Soul Linker screen, you'll be able to swap existing skills to one of 5 possible options, though doing so will cost you Diamonds. If you find that your Soul Linker's current passive isn't ideal for them, you should feel free to change it!

Equip Attribute Runes

Attribute Runes

Equipping Attribute Runes on your Soul Linker will increase both your main character and your Soul Linker's stats, letting you deal even more damage. You'll be able to equip a maximum of 5 runes, making for a huge potential stat increase.

Upgrade Attribute Runes

Attribute Runes

It's also possible to upgrade individual Attribute Runes. Doing so is quite efficient and will give you a great return on investment in terms of stat increases, so we recommend prioritizing this!

Upgrading Soul Linkers


By choosing a Rare ★3-4 or Heroic ★5-6 Soul Linker and then expending two of that same type of Soul Linker, you can upgrade your Soul Linker to the next rank! This means that you should be able to easily level up easy-to-get Soul Linkers!



↑ 3 Rare 5★ characters created a 5★ Heroic character with a 100% chance.

By using up 2-3 Soul Linkers of the same rarity, you can have a chance to create a new Soul Linker of a higher rarity. If you fail to get one, your chance of getting one next time will increase, so you'll definitely want to use up existing Soul Linkers to do this!

Soul Linker Type & Recommended Content

Soul Linker Types

Linker Types
Click to Enlarge

Each Soul Linker has its own "type", which determines what kind of content it is best suited for. It's important to choose a Soul Linker which complements your profession as well!

List of Types

Battle TypesMain Activity
ATKPerforms offensive abilities on enemies
DEFAttempts to protect itself and the player from enemy attacks
SUPPBuffs allies, debuffs enemies, and generally tries to produce favorable situations for allies

Soul Linkers Have Recommended Content

Recommended content
Click to Enlarge

Each Soul Linker has a listed set of content for which it is said to be best suited. It's important to carefully not which Soul Linkers are better for PvP / PvE content and choose your party makeup accordingly!

Recommended Content

PvPPlayer vs Player
Content in which you fight other players
PvEPlayer vs Environment
Content in which you fight in-game non-player enemies
RvRRealm vs Realm
Large-scale PvP combat in groups
BOSSBoss battles
PvE content fought against dangerous bosses

Soul Linker Ultimates & Skills

Soul Linkers Have Unique Ultimates


All Soul Linkers will have one ultimate ability which is unique to them. Choosing an ultimate that works well with your class will also be important!

Get One Of 5 Skills Randomly


All Soul Linkers will come with a randomly determined skill, chosen from a pool of 5 possible skills. Even if you don't get the skill you want, don't worry, as it is possible to use Diamonds to reroll your Skill choice later on!

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