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How To Get A High Ranking Guide
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How To Get A High Ranking Guide

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Check out how to get a high ranking in A3: STILL ALIVE. Find out how to get a high CP ranking, rank on a new server, what to prioritize, best way to rank up, and more!

Table of Contents

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Advantages Of Getting A High Rank

Benefits To Getting A High Rank

1Easier to get high rank contribution rewards
2Easier to do Guild content
3Easier to get noticed by other players on the server

High Contribution Rank Rewards


In certain content, including World Bosses, you will get a rank depending on how much damage you deal in that event! This rank will decide the rewards you get, and having fewer top-tier players to compete with means your chances of getting a high rank are much greater! Remember, Achievements and Titles also grant you bonus stats too!

Guild Content

In some Guild PvP content, player power is very important. In some events, only the winning guild will get rewards, so being in a guild with powerful players will be a huge advantage!

Find A Guild Via Our Recruitment Forum Here!

Get Noticed By Others

The higher your rank gets, the more people will see your name. The chance they'll send you a message or friend request also increases dramatically. Getting a high ranking is a good way to gain recognition on your server.

Important Things To Note

1Requires time and money
2Might be harder to find groups at your level

Time & Money Cost

In order to get a high rank, you will have to spend a significant amount of time and perhaps money to be able to level up quickly right when a server opens. You'll be competing with other players, so inadequate preparation may lead to you failing!

すっぴんちゃんTip!If you're serious about getting 1st place, you should be prepared to spend real money. The amount you'll have to spend will largely depend on how many players you're competing against, so there is an aspect of luck to it as well.

Harder To Find Groups

On a server with fewer high level players, it will likely be difficult to find groups for high level content! Content like the Raid and Rift Altar are made significantly more efficient by having a group, so you may have trouble doing them alone.

すっぴんちゃんTip!Even if you have to go solo, it's still worth doing all content with a daily limit cap so as not to miss out on the potential rewards. If you spot a player of a similar level to you out in the world, try messaging them and asking if they're interested in doing group content!

How To Get A High Ranking

How To Get A High Rank


Players will be ranked on several different categories, including Combat Power, Level, Battle Royale, Dark Invasion, and Guild. There are merits to pursuing all of these options, but in general we recommend trying to go for the Combat Power ranking first!

Content Requiring Manual Input

★★★★★Level your character up
★★★★Get and upgrade equipment
★★★★ Do Adventures & Special Adventures
★★★★Get and upgrade Soul Linkers
★★・・・ Farm Achievements, Titles, and the Monster Codex
・・・・ Rank up your Capes

Content You Can Do While AFK/Sleeping

★★★★★Collect Monster Cards
★★★★Work towards achievements
★★★・・Level up
★★・・・Get titles
・・・・Get and upgrade equipment
・・・・Get and upgrade Soul Linkers

Prioritize Leveling Up

Leveling up via quests will naturally give you access to gear with higher CP and is the fastest way to rank up! Above all else, prioritize progressing through your story and doing lost of quests!

Upgrade During Events

In A3, it's possible to open your inventory to do various tasks while auto-battling! This means that you'll want to make the most efficient use of your time by doing things like clearing out your inventory while you're killing enemies!

すっぴんちゃんTip!If you try to do inventory management while in the middle of a story quest, you'll pause while talking to NPCs, slowing your progress. The best time to upgrade/clear your inventory is while doing kill X amount quests!

Prioritize Weapons And Accessories

Your equipment will change at 10 level intervals. However, Accessories don't have a level requirement, and as such are hugely influential to your damage, especially early on. Prioritize getting them! The same can be said for weapons!

Do Adventures & Special Adventures

World Boss

You will want to prioritize content that provides you with gear or Soul Linker dropping Soulstars. Some of this is time limited, so you'll want to make sure you don't miss a single one if you want to keep up with other players and rank highly!

Recommended Content To Prioritize
World Bosses Rift Altar
Forte's Seal Dark Invasion
Dark Presence Dark Lighthouse
Raid Region Quests

Power Up Your Soul Linkers

Soul Linker Level Up

Soul Linkers will also contribute to your overall Combat Power, and can be a huge source of the damage you deal. You'll have a chance of obtaining them from Soulstars you get from various content. Since this is random, you won't want to spend too much time on it, but it's worth doing content that drops Soulstars incidentally just for the off chance you get a high rarity Soul Linker! Don't forget to upgrade and equip gear on your Soul Linker to power them up even further.

すっぴんちゃんTip!Soul Linkers can also be upgraded to higher ranks by expending doubles! This means that even if you don't get a very high ★ Soul Linker, you can still have the chance to upgrade a lower level one if you get multiple copies of it!
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Other Ways To Raise CP


There are a variety of other in-game features which influence your Combat Power, including but not limited to Achievements, Titles, the Monster Codex, and Capes! These will provide small, but eventually significant increases to your power. We don't recommend prioritizing them, but it is worth keeping them in mind and not forgetting about them while you play!

Collect Monster Cards While You Sleep!

Monster Cards can be obtained by killing monsters, and they directly influence your stats. However, since it can take a long time, it's not always the most efficient. If you leave yourself out in the world on automode while you sleep, however, you can get this done in your downtime! Ancient Monster cards in particular require many cards to unlock, so it's best to start early.

すっぴんちゃんTip!It's worth trying to get certain elimination achievements at the same time when farming Monster Cards! It might even be worth forming a party with other players looking to do the same.
Check Out The Monster Codex Here

Recommended Items To Buy

Item / Pack Overview

1Feather of Protection
2Origin of Beginning Pkg.
3Starter Level Up Package (Lvl 10+)
4Strong Start Package (Lvl 40+)
5Teleportation Scrolls
6Character Bag Slots
7Daily Entry Ticket Pack
8Accessory Summons (Until you get 1 of each)
9Soul Linker Summons (Until you get one useful 5★ character)
More Info On The In-Game Shops Here

Boost Exp With Feathers Of Protection


Using a Feather of Protection will let you boost up your Radienne's Protection gauge, giving you a 100% EXP Acquisition bonus! This will be key in ensuring that you level up quickly during the opening parts of the game.

Get Guaranteed Ancient Items


The Origin of Beginning starter pack will give you a powerful Ancient rarity helmet, armor, and gloves. This will dramatically increase your power early on and is quite recommended when racing for the top.

Level Up Skills Quickly


The Strong Start Package will come with a huge amount of passive and active skill enhancement stones, allowing to quickly power up your skills. The stronger your skills, the less time you'll spend fighting enemies, so this is a huge buff.

Reduce Time Spent Not Leveling


Time spent moving to your destination is time spent not leveling. Movement can be a huge impediment to your leveling progress. A good way to circumvent this is to use Scrolls of Teleportation to move around whenever possible! Get as many of these as you can.

Get EXP With Daily Entry Tickets


Content with a limit on daily entries is often a more efficient source of EXP than just regular leveling! This means that the more you can access this content, the better. Buy Daily Entry Tickets to do dungeons more often!

Get Accessories & Soul Linkers


The only way to obtain Accessories early on in the game will be via the paid currency, Diamonds. We recommend getting at least one of each accessory to immensely boost your power early on. Additionally, if you can procure a 5★ Soul Linker early on, you'll be in even better shape.

すっぴんちゃんIf you want to do this without spending too much money, we recommend the Starter Level Up Package! With this you'll get rewards every 10 levels, including not only Diamonds and mid-grade equipment, but also gold and mana stones!

Ranking On A New Server

New Server Event Time

Ranking Reroll
DurationNov 18th - Nov 25th

A3, unlike other traditional MMORPGs, is a game that will regularly be opening up new servers! The main reason for this is to give players who may have missed launch the opportunity to move at the same pace as others and reach high rankings! If you started A3 after launch, it might be a good idea to make a character on one of these new servers.

Rewards For Leveling Up First


Remember, A3 has limited-amount first-come-first-served rewards for leveling up! The first people to hit major leveling milestones (levels 20, 30, 40, etc!) will receive special bonuses. On new servers, these are all reset, giving you a chance to get them!

List Of Rewards

1020,000 Gold
HP Potion (Small)×10
Megaphone ×15
2030,000 Gold
20,000 Mana Stones
Common Earring Chest
Character Convenience Function Package 1 Day Ticket x2
3040,000 Gold
30,000 Mana Stones
Common Ring Chest
4060,000 Gold
40,000 Mana Stones
480 Ether
Soul Linker Convenience Function Package 1 Day Ticket x2
5050,000 Mana Stones
80,000 Gold
Level 50 Rare Armor Chest
6080,000 Mana Stones
120,000 Gold
Level 60 Heroic Armor Chest
70100,000 Mana Stones
160,000 Gold
Rare Ring Chest
80150,000 Mana Stones
220,000 Gold
Lv. 80 Heroic★ Armor Chest
90200,000 Mana Stones
360,000 Gold
Lv. 90 Heroic★ Armor Chest
100300 Blue Diamonds
Heroic Accessory Chest
Lv. 100 Ancient★ Weapon Chest

※ Items in red are rewards with limited amounts!

New Server Rewards

  • Rewards for the first 50 players to reach 100,000 CP!
  • Free 4★ Soulstar for the first player to reach Rank 1 in each region
  • 500 Blue Diamonds, 2000 Feathers of Protection for all players

The above 3 special rewards will be given to players who meet the requisite conditions listed!

Take Part In Special New Server Events

  • Special bonuses on first purchase
  • Diamond consumption events
  • Starter guide missions
  • Server open commemoration events (7 days)
  • Field of Honor (Competition to reach a certain CP)

With the launch of new servers to encourage people to try to engage in rank-up races, A3 is including new events that will help you power up faster. Some of these will include bonus rewards which will let you power up your character faster!

Should You Play On Older Servers?

What, then, are the benefits of playing on an older server? The main reason to play on an older server is if you have friends already playing on that server. In general, it will be difficult to catch up to players who have been on that server from day one, so we recommend starting on a new server so you can get on even footing!

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