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Check out this Battle Royale Guide for A3: STILL ALIVE. Find out the rules, rewards, strategies & tips for Battle Royale, weapons, consumable items, Calypsion & Flooded Metium!

Table of Contents

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Battle Royale Overview

Battle Royale
Event DateAlways Available
*One hour of calculation downtime per day
Required Players1 or 3
Limit5 times per day
Main RewardHayren's Essence
Mana Stones
Battle EXP
The Flow of a Battle Royale
1Tap "Start Battle Royale Matchmaking"
2Matching will begin. You can choose your weapon starting here
3Finish choosing your weapon before matching ends
4When the game begins, start attacking and killing enemies
5Pick up enhancement stones and items
6When your weapon levels up, pick the skills you want to learn
7Make sure to change sectors before the timer runs out
8Repeat steps 5-7 while defeating both monsters and players
9Survive in the final sector
10Clear as many Battle Missions as you can
11Get rewards from the Battle Pass and Battle Shop

Two Different Modes

Battle Royale
Battle Royale

Battle Royales have two modes in STILL ALIVE. The first is the regular Battle Royale, which will also include some AI characters in the fight. The second is Team Battle Royale, in which players will form groups and compete against each other. If you're in a hurry and want to get your BR done fast, choose the regular mode!

Fight To Be The Last One Standing

In Battle Royale, you'll be fighting against both real players and AI to be the last one standing. Only one person can come out on top in this mode! Importantly, you'll be using special moves and abilities exclusive to this mode.

Your Stats And Equipment Aren't Used

Battle Royale mode will not bring over your character's usual stats, equipment, or Soul Linkers! Instead, you will have to choose what specialized Battle-Royale only weapons and skills you bring to each fight! This means you will be on a more or less even playing field with others.

Rewards Reset Regularly

Battle Royale

Rewards for this mode will be determined according to seasons, which will reset after a certain amount of time passes. If there's a particular reward you want from the Battle Pass or Battle Shop, make sure you get it before it goes away!

Rules of Battle Royale

Last Person Standing Wins

In order to win at the Battle Royale mode, you will have to be the last person standing in the match! You'll have to overcome many other players and AI to successfully win this mode.

Start At Level 1

Battle Royale

After matchmaking ends, your characters level and weapon level will be set to 1. You'll start with no other skills or items in your possession and will have to work your way up from the bottom alongside everyone else!

すっぴんちゃんTip!When you warp to the stage, the first thing you'll want to do is choose an ability. When you get caught up in the mix of things it can be easy to forget to do this, but make sure you're always learning new skills!

Fight In Several Sectors

Battle Royale

When the battle starts, you will be limited in what parts of the map you can go to. New sectors of the map will unlock over time, so make sure you get to the next area within the time limit! Failure to do so will cause you to take massive damage!

すっぴんちゃんTip!When the next sector opens up, an arrow will appear on your minimap indicating where to go. It will take you a few seconds to open the gate to the next area, so make sure to give yourself enough time to pass through safely!

Battle Royale Strategy & Tips

Choosing Your Weapon

Battle Royale

Battle Royale mode will begin with you having the option to choose from a series of weapons. The weapons will each have a different range and abilities, so make sure you thoroughly understand them all before making your decision.

List of Weapons
NameHow To Unlock
Two-handed Axe of Red FlameAvailable from the start
Freezing SpearAvailable from the start
Typhoon BowAvailable from the start
Dark ScytheAvailable from the start
Hammer of LightReach level 20
Play Battle Royale 5 times
Lightning StaffReach level 30
Play Battle Royale 10 times
Earth GauntletClear Floor 12 of Dark Lighthouse
Finish in Top 10 in Battle Royale 3 times
Steel FortressCheck in a total of 50 days
Defeat 42 Supply Monsters
Melodious HarpComplete Aldern's Monster Codex
Get 28,000 pieces of Hayren's Essence
Misty Dual-bladed SwordEnhance your equipment to +10
Win Battle Royales 20 times
Tsunami CannonPurchase a Battle Pass

Use & Equip Items

Enemies in Battle Royale will drop one of 3 varieties of equippable gear, as well as consumable items. You can hold up to two items at a time and use them by simply tapping on them!

List of Gloves
Drain GlovesHeal yourself for some of the damage you deal to enemies.
Legendary GlovesDamage +20%, Critical Damage +20%, Critical Rate +20%
Courage Gloves (Common)+10% Damage to enemies
Acumen Gloves (Common)+5% Critical Rate
Raging Gloves (Common)+10% Critical Damage
Courage Gloves (Epic)+20% Damage to enemies
Acumen Gloves (Epic)+15% Critical Rate
Raging Gloves (Epic)+20% Critical Damage
Wisdom GlovesReduces cooldown of all skills
Transparency GlovesIncreases exploration range
List of Boots
Boots of Stable Vision+20% Defense and vision range
Wing BootsIncreases movement speed by 50% for 3 minutes
Legendary Boots+20% Defense, +15% Evasion, +10% Movement Speed
Boots of EvasionChanges cooldown of evade ability to 5 seconds
Low-grade Boots of Solidity (Common)+10% Defense
Low-grade Boots of Agility (Common)+5% Evasion
Low-grade Boots of Solidity (Uncommon)+15% Defense
Low-grade Boots of Agility (Uncommon)+10% Evasion
Low-grade Boots of Solidity (Superior)+20% Defense
Low-grade Boots of Agility (Superior)+15% Evasion
Boots of Swiftness+10% Movement Speed
Boots of RegenerationRegenerates HP over time
Silence BootsMakes your footsteps quieter and reduces your warning range
List of Belts
Resurrection Belt: 1 UseRevives you when you die (Breaks after using once)
Belt of Intelligence: 20 UsesIncreases EXP gain by 200%. (Breaks after using 20 times)
Belt of Tenacity: 20 UsesClears you of all status conditions. (Break after using 20 times)
Shock Absorbing Belt (Common): 3 UsesReduces damage taken from enemies by 30%. (Breaks after using 3 times)
Shock Absorbing Belt (Superior): 3 UsesReduces damage taken from enemies by 50%. (Breaks after using 3 times)
Black Hole Belt: 3 UsesChanges the amount of damage you take from all sources to 50. (Breaks after using 3 times)
Resolve Belt: 3 UsesIncreases Max HP. (Breaks after taking damage 3 times)
Belt of Experience: 20 UsesIncreases EXP Gain by 30%. (Breaks after using 20 times)
Lucky Symbol Belt: 20 UsesIncreases Item Drop Rate by 30%. (Breaks after using 20 times)
List of Items
Foresight CompassAfter using the item, shows you the location of the next sector gate to open on the minimap.
Whispering TelescopeDisplays the location of all enemies on the minimap for 30 seconds.
Instant Recovery Potion (Superior)Recovers all HP.
Lasting Recovery Potion (Superior)Gradually recovers HP.
Weapon Level Boost StoneIncreases your weapon level by 1.
Character Level Boost StoneIncreases your character level by 1.
Unlimited Evasion PotionFor 15 seconds, lets you use evasion without a cooldown.
Skill Reset ElixirResets all skills you learned. (Weapon level stays the same)
Large DEF Potion (Superior)For 15 seconds, increases your defense by 50%.
Large ATK Potion (Superior)For 15 seconds, increases your attack by 50%.
Stunning AreaStuns enemies in an area for a set period of time.
Healing TotemSummons a healing totem for 20 seconds which gradually recovers your health.
Timed Bomb TrapSets a trap on the ground. It will explode when enemies move near it.
Transformation Recovery ScrollTransform into an enhancement stone and gradually recover HP. If you attack or damage, the transformation will end.
Warp ScrollLets you teleport within the current sector you're in. (Location is random)
Instant Recovery PotionInstantly recovers HP.
Freezing Spell AreaFreezes enemies in an area.
Lasting Recovery PotionGradually recovers HP.
Elixir of InvincibilityMakes you invincible for a period of time.
Trap-setting DollSummons a monster. When it attacks someone, it explodes.
Invisible CapePlaces you in stealth temporarily. Dealing or taking damage will end this effect.
Sacrificial BombReduces your HP to 1, and deals damage to enemies equal to the HP you lost. Afterwards, your HP will gradually recover.
Elixir of ClarityResets the cooldowns on your skills.
Silence ScrollCreates an area in which skills are unusable.
Dispel All MagicDispels all magic in an area and makes players unable to use active skills.
すっぴんちゃんTip!You can throw away items you don't need to by doing a long-hold on them and dragging them away. There are some items which you won't want to use, such as ones that reduce your HP to 1, so make sure to regularly manage your items!

Strategies & Tips By Map


Sector 1

Battle Royale

Your main goal in Sector 1 will be to kill enemies, pick up Enhancement Stones and level up your character. If you see a Supply Chest enemy (Mimic) on the map, prioritize taking it out! When the alert for the next sector comes up, make your way over there while taking out any Mimics that might be nearby.

すっぴんちゃんTip!Fighting other players at this stage of the game can be quite dangerous. Try to avoid fighting unless you're confident your level is higher than theirs.

Sector 2

Battle Royale
Battle Royale

In places on the map marked with an Eye, you'll find structures called Inith's Torch. You can take over these by standing near them and tapping the button that pops up. Your HP will gradually recover if you stand in an area that you are currently occupying, making these important strategic locations. Continue your Mimic hunting strategy for this zone as well to get more equipment and consumables.

すっぴんちゃんTip!You'll be able to learn a maximum of 4 skills, with new random skill choices coming up constantly. Pick your abilities carefully to create a kit that works well for you.

Sector 3

Battle Royale

In this area, there will be fewer Inith's Torch structures. What's more, enemies will be significantly bulkier and harder to take out. Try to focus on capturing a Light and fighting in its vicinity whenever possible!

すっぴんちゃんPoint!Try to power up as much as you can in this zone. Start heading for the next sector when you have 20 seconds or so left on the timer.

Sector 4

This final area will be an all out free battle with your remaining foes - there are no obstacles or enemies to get in your way. All that's left here is for you to use the skills and items you acquired over the run effectively to take out your enemies. Remember to use not only your special skills, but also your basic attacks as much as possible!

すっぴんちゃんTip!If you see enemy abilities that linger on the floor, make sure to move away from them! Avoiding unnecessary damage from enemy skills is particularly crucial at this stage of the match!

Flooded Metium

Differences from Calypsion
1Flooded Metium consists of 3 sectors
(Calypsion has 4)
2Players start at level 3 with weapon level 2, already having 2 skills
3Players move 30% faster
4Total match time is 5 minutes

Flooded Metium is the newest mode in Battle Royale, added during the January 14th Update. It is separated into three sectors. As the time limit draws nearer, sector gates will NOT close, but if you remain in those sectors your HP will start to go down quickly. You'll have to head to the 3rd sector to battle it out with all the other survivors to win.

すっぴんちゃんTip!Whirlpools will spawn intermittently in Flooded Metium. Stepping on such whirlpools will reduce your character's movement speed temporarily, so be careful!

First Sector

Separated into 5 areas, each area will have 6 players spawn inside it.
Requirements To Advance To Sector 2 (Only One Needed)
The sector 1 timer runs out (70 seconds)
Half of the players in the area have died.
※ This only applies to the 5 separate sectors, not the whole map

The fastest way to get through the first phase is to defeat half of the players in your current area! First you'll want to get skills and defeat monsters, collecting weapon enhancement stones and items. Look for players with low HP and take them out.

Second Sector

Players are funneled into another area where Supply Chests will also spawn.

Enemies in this sector will be more powerful, but will also provide more EXP. This is the only sector where Supply Chests will spawn, so while it is a good idea to go after them, you'll have to really be careful about other players doing the same. If you spot a big level discrepancy between you and other players, keep away from them and focus on monsters first.

すっぴんちゃんTip!This is a good place to level up, given that the amount of EXP you can earn is so high. Power up your character as much as you can before engaging with enemies. Note that if many players are still alive at this point, the entrance to the next sector may be really crowded, so be careful.

Third Sector

The remaining players assemble together in one area and duke it out.

There are no monsters or other terrain obstacles here - all that's left is to fight it out to the very end. You'll need to use your skills and items wisely in this last leg if you want to come out on top. Remember not to just spam abilities, position yourself carefully and use basic attacks!

すっぴんちゃんTip!If you spot an enemy stationary placement skill, make sure to move away from it! Remember that it's okay to retreat and move away!

Battle Royale Rewards

Placement Rewards

The rewards you get from Battle Royale do in fact change according to your final rank in the match. Make sure to spend all the Hayren's Essences you acquired at the Battle Royale Shop later as well!

Battle Royale Rank List

LegendaryMore than 2501 points / Top 30
Diamond Ⅰ2401 ~ 2500 points
Diamond Ⅱ2301 ~ 2400 points
Diamond Ⅲ2201 ~ 2300 points
Platinum Ⅰ2101 ~ 2200 points
Platinum Ⅱ2001 ~ 2100 points
Platinum Ⅲ1901 ~ 2000 points
Gold Ⅰ1801 ~ 1900 points
Gold Ⅱ1701 ~ 1800P points
Gold Ⅲ1601 ~ 1700 points
Silver Ⅰ1501 ~ 1600 points
Silver Ⅱ1401 ~ 1500 points
Silver Ⅲ1301 ~ 1400 points
Bronze Ⅰ1201 ~ 1300 points
Bronze Ⅱ1101 ~ 1200 points
Bronze Ⅲ1000 ~ 1100 points

Battle Royale Rank Rewards

※ The following are Rewards displayed when playing a Berserker.

TierReward, Effect
LegendaryExecutioner of Chaos Costumes
Physical ATK 250
* Stats may differ for other jobs
Lord of Chaos Costumes
Physical DEF 140
* Stats may differ for other jobs
DiamondExecutioner of the Abyss Costumes
Physical ACC 120
* Stats may differ for other jobs
Lord of the Abyss Costumes
Physical EVA 180
* Stats may differ for other jobs
PlatinumExecutioner of the Underworld Costumes
Physical Crit. Success 80
* Stats may differ for other jobs
Lord of the Underworld Costumes
Damage Decrease upon Physical EVA 80
* Stats may differ for other jobs
GoldExecutioner of Darkness Costumes
Physical Penetration 80
* Stats may differ for other jobs
Lord of Darkness Costumes
Physical Crit. EVA 80
* Stats may differ for other jobs

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