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What Kind Of Game Is A3: Still Alive?

Set In A Sword & Sorcery Fantasy World


A3: Still Alive is a high-paced action game set in a dark world in the tried and true Sword & Sorcery tradition. Another key feature of this game is the fact that you'll be accompanied on your adventures by various unique characters called Soul Linkers!

An MMORPG With Open World PvP


One defining feature of A3: Still Alive is its Open-World PVP environment! This means that PvP is constantly enabled in-game, meaning you'll constantly be able to battle with other players you find. There will be little time to relax, as you'll need to be vigilant of enemy attacks!

Comes With An Auto-Battle System

Not the best at action games? Doing something else at the same time? No problem. A3 comes with the ability to toggle auto-battles! Although you do lose some maneuverability in this mode, when fighting against regular monsters, this mode will come in super handy!

Professions Showcase

The Berserker - Garion

A vengeance-fueled berserker who dreams of nothing but avenging his dead daughter.

Berserkers are melee characters that special in close-quarters combat, using axes as their go-to weapon of choice. They command overwhelming power and are a DPS powerhouse.

The Templar - Teon

A templar who lost his memories and standing.

The Templar is on a quest to find out who he was before losing his memories. In terms of gameplay, Templars are tanks that use a hammer and shield in combat. They are highly bulky, boasting excellent defenses and resistances.

The Wizard - Lia

A genius spiritualist who fell for the temptation of forbidden magic.

Joins the cause when her life is saved by Radienne. A spellcaster who uses a ring to deal damage, the Wizard excels at long range combat, bringing high DPS to fights.

The Assassin - Nemes

An assassin-for-hire who was disowned by his family after being falsely accused of a crime.

An assassin framed by his younger sister, he joins the quest to protect those dear to him. Using dual daggers, he engages in lightning-fast melee combat to dispatch enemies.

The Archer - Tierra

The adopted daughter of the leader of a band of righteous bandits who steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Having lost her family and possessions, Tierra strives to help the poor and starving people of the world. Excels at taking out enemies from a long range.

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