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Mine Guide - Tips & All Mine Items
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Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT)
Mine Guide - Tips & All Mine Items

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Mines are locations to gather large amount of ores in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (PoOT). Guide includes mine level, ladders, mining pitfall, ores, mine fishing & more!!!

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How To Mine - Mining Tips & Tricks

Get Ores & Gems Fast At Mines

Get Ores & Gems Fast At Mines

Mines contains large quantities of rocks & boulders for players to break apart, granting you ores and possibly gems in the process. Players can go down mine levels by finding ladders. Descending down gives the chance to find better quality ores.

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3 Different Mines Exist

Mine Map
Click to Enlarge

1 mine exists in each of the 3 areas of the farm. Each mine has a different deepest level and will give different rewards for reaching the bottom-most level. The deeper you go, the better the ore rarity you'll find. Reach mines in new areas by fixing the connecting bridges.

Get Rewards For Reaching The Bottom Of The Mine

Get Rewards For Reaching The Bottom Of The Mine

If you're able to reach the bottom level of each mine, you'll get item rewards as well as unlock new mini-games to earn Earth Sprite Coins. Players should try to reach the bottom of each mine at least once to get these rewards.

Rewards For Reaching Bottom Of Mine

Area 1
10 levels White Opal ×3
Area 2
30 levels Unlocks Lava Cave
┗ Unlocks mini-game for Earth Sprite Coins
Area 3
50 levels Diamond ×3

Get Appraisal Objects From Moles

ObjectsAppears In
Mole Type 1Mole Type 1 Timeworn ObjectTimeworn ObjectMine in Area 2: Appears on levels other than multiples of 10
Mole Type 2Mole Type 2 Heavy ObjectHeavy Object Mine in Area 3: Level 1 ~ 29 (Excluding levels multiples of 10)
Mole Type 3Mole Type 3 Shiny ObjectShiny Object Mine in Area 3: Level 31 ~ 49

Moles are semi-aggressive creatures that start appearing in the mines of Area 2 and 3. If you beat them, they will randomly drop Objects which you can have appraised at the museum for item rewards. Some items can only be obtained through object appraisals.

Mining Level - How To Reach Mine Bottom Level Fast

Mine Level Progression Walkthrough

Break rocks to find ladders
Upgrade hammer as soon as possible
Increase your max stamina to mine longer
Bring food to recover stamina
Avoid Baddie (mole) attacks
Avoid pitfalls (you lose stamina upon falling)

Break Rocks to Find Ladder (Stairs)

Break Rocks to Find Ladder

To go down a level, find the ladder (stairs) located on each level. Sometimes the ladder may be hidden beneath a rock, so crack rocks open with your hammer to expose it.

Tips For Finding Ladders

■ Ladder don't spawn within 1 square of walls
■ New ladders don't appear one square around the ladder you just used
■ Ladder locations are somewhat the same for rooms of the same shape
 └ Exceptions exists for deeper levels of Mines in Areas 2 & 3
 └ Ladder locations change when a day passes
■ Break multiple rocks with charged attacks
■ Don't waste stamina trying to destroy every rock

Upgrade Your Hammer

Upgrade Your Hammer

By upgrading your Hammer at the Tool Shop, you'll get better damage per hit and a wider damage area for your charged attacks. Gather materials and money for upgrades so you can explore more for less stamina!

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Increase Max Stamina For Longer Mining

It's important that you increase your stamina cap to go on longer mining expeditions. For a quick temporary buff, eat a salad dish for an increase in max stamina.

How To Increase Stamina Guide

Bring Food To Recover Stamina Mid-Mining

Bring Food To Recover Stamina Mid-Mining

If you leave the mine in the middle of mining and come back, you'll need to start from Level 1 again. Bring food with you so you can recover Stamina without returning. By upgrading your house to a Log Cabin, you can cook food at your house.

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Beware Of Baddie (Mole) Attacks

Beware Of Baddie (Mole) Attacks

Starting from area 2, Baddie (moles) will randomly appear. When Baddie burst out from the ground, they do an AOE shockwave attack that drains stamina if you're hit. There are 3 types of Baddie with different attack ranges and HP.

Avoid Pitfalls (Appear in Area 3 Mine)

Avoid Pitfalls (Appear in Area 3 Mine)

In the area 3 mine, pitfalls will start appearing. If you fall, you'll go down 1 ~ 10 levels while losing large amounts of stamina. However, if you have plenty of stamina & food to spare, jumping down pitfalls may be a more efficient way to go down levels.

All Items In Mines - Ores, Gems, Fish

Click To Jump To Each Category
▼From Rocks & Boulder▼From Ore Veins
▼From Floor Deposits▼From Underground Fishing

Mine Items - From Rocks & Boulder

Rock TypeSpawn Location / Obtainable Items
Rock 1Rock 1【Spawns In】
All 3 Mines
【Obtainable Items】
Rock 2Rock 2 【Spawns In】
All 3 Mines
Iron Ore
Rock 3Rock 3 【Spawns In】
Area 2, 3 Mine
【Obtainable Items】
Silver Ore
Stone (Rarely)
Rock 4Rock 4 【Spawns In】
Area 3 Mine
【Obtainable Items】
Gold Ore
Stone (Rarely)
Rock 5Rock 5 【Spawns In】
Area 3 Mine
・Level 42 ~ (Even-Number Levels)
・Level 50 (100%)
【Obtainable Items】
Orichalcum Ore
Diamond Ore (Rarely)
Stone (Rarely)
Crystal 1Crystal 1【Spawns In】
Area 2 Mine
・Level 21~ 29 (Odd-Number Levels)
・Level 30 (100%)
【Obtainable Items】
Raw Ruby
Crystal 2Crystal 2【Spawns In】
Area 3 Mine
・Level 21~ 29 (Odd-Number Levels)
・Level 30 (100%)
【Obtainable Items】Raw Sapphire
Crystal 3Crystal 3【Spawns In】
Area 3 Mine
・Level 31 ~ (Odd-Number Levels)
・Level 40 (100%)
【Obtainable Items】
Raw Emerald

Mine Items - From Ore Veins

Mine Items - From Ore Veins

※Break veins open with your hammer!!!

Area 1 Mine

Obtainable ItemsProbability
Iron Ore90%

Area 2 Mine

Obtainable ItemsProbability
Silver Ore50%
Iron Ore20%
Glass Rock10%
Coal Lump10%
Diamond Ore1%

Area 3 Mine

Obtainable Items:Probability
Gold Ore50%
Silver Ore20%
Glass Rock10%
Coal Lump10%
Iron Ore5%
Diamond Ore2%

Mine Items - From Floor Deposits

Floor Deposits

※Dig up floor deposits with your hoe!!!

Area 1 Mine

Obtainable Items:Probability
Raw White Opal50%
Iron Ore40%

Area 2 Mine

Obtainable Items:Probability
Raw Red Beryl50%
Silver Ore40%

Area 3 Mine

Obtainable Items:Probability
Gold Ore85%
Diamond Ore5%

Mine Fish - From Underground Lakes

Coming Soon!

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