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All Animals & Livestock Guide - How To Get & Raise
All Animals & Livestock Guide - How To Get & Raise | Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT) - GameWith

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT)
All Animals & Livestock Guide - How To Get & Raise

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Animals & Livestock provide products to players in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (PoOT). Guide include all animals, product, friendship heart, happiness, products & more!!!

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Animals & Livestock - Friendship, Happiness & How to Raise

Not All Animals Can Be Domesticated

Not All Animals Can Be Domesticated

Though many animals will appear on your farm, only a handful of them can be domesticated and join as livestock. Animals that can be tamed are considered livestock while all others are wild animals.

Take Photos Of Wild Animals For The Museum

You can take pictures of the 21 varieties of in-game wild animals with your camera. Afterwards, you can choose to donate the pictures to the museum.

How To Keep Animals / Livestock Flowchart

1. Fix Broken Coop

BrokenRepair Requirements
Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

To keep animals, you'll need to fix the broke-down facility for that type of animal. The first one you encounter is the broken Coop for chickens in Area 1. More facilities will unlock as you move to area 2 and beyond.

List Of All Broken-Down Facilities & Bridges

2. Tame Livestock Animals

Get Close & TameGive Animals A Name
Click to Enlarge
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There are a total of 13 types of animals available for you to tame. To tame an animal, get near them and Press A. Then, choose to move the animal to a barn or coop & give it a name. The animal is considered tame from that point on.

Note: Some Animals May Have Special Conditions

For some animals, you will need skills levels in animal keeping before being able to successfully tame them.

3. Take Care Of Animals By Feeding & Grazing

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Ring the bell to release animals to graze. Note that animals can't graze outside when there's bad weather
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Feed Animals
Buy fodder sold in the general store and place it in feed troughs or a Silo to feed. Animals will become unhappy if there's no fodder for them.
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Get close to your animals to pet them. Doing so will increase their happiness, so try to pet them when you have the chance.
Milking & Fleecing
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Milking & Shearing
Cows and sheep will give out signs that they want to be milked or sheared. When you see the icons, get close and press Y to milk them or shear their wool.

4. Raise Animal Friendship & Happiness

▼ What Friendship Affects

  • Quality of animal products
  • Breeding
  • Chance to get ultra quality products

▼ What Happiness Affects

  • Milking chance
  • Shearing chance
  • Chance to get ultra quality products
Types Of CareIncrease Amount
Grazing: 1h or moreSmallMedium
Give FodderSmall-
Give High Quality FodderMediumSmall
React to Sign
(Wants to be brushed)
React to Sign
(Wants to be spoken to)
React to Sign
(Wants you to play with it)
React to Sign
(Wants to be milked)
React to Sign
(Wants to be sheared)

Benefits Of Keeping Animals & Livestock

Increases Animal Keeping Skill

Increase Animal Keeping Skill

Taking care of animals by petting, feeding, grazing, etc. will increase your Animal Keeping skill. Increasing this skill provides many benefits.

Benefits Of Increasing Skill Level
・Unlocks new recipes
・Buy new animals
・Unlocks breeding

Gain Products From Animals You Keep

You will be able to get all sorts of products from your animals, such as eggs from hens and milk from cows. Some of them can be used for crafting or cooking to recover stamina!

Check Out The Stamina Guide Here!

Breeding Possible With 2 Animals Of The Same Type

Once you've reached skill level 5 in Animal Keeping, you can start breeding 2 of the same type of animal. Animals you choose to breed can be both domesticated or purchased.

All Animals List - How to Get

All Livestock List

NameSeasonsAppears in
ChickenChickenAll SeasonsAppears From Start
Area 1
CowCowAll SeasonsAppears From Start
Area 2
Brown CowBrown CowAutumnAppears From Start
Area 2
SheepSheepSummerAppears From Start
Area 1
GoatAutumnAppears From Start
Area 2
RabbitRabbitAutumnAppears From Start
Area 3
AlpacaAlpacaAll SeasonsAppears From Start
Area 3
SilkieSilkieAll SeasonsAnimal Care↑
Area 3
BuffaloWinterAnimal Care↑
Area 2
Alpine GoatAutumnAnimal Care↑
Area 3
Suffolk SheepWinterAnimal Care↑
Area 3
Gray RabbitWinterAnimal Care↑
Area 3
Brown AlpacaSpringAnimal Care↑
Area 3

All Wild Animals List - Locations & Seasons

※ Wild Animals cannot be domesticated. Take photos of them to donate to the Museum

All Wildlife List - Where To Find

NameSeasonsAppears in
SquirrelAll Except WinterAppears in Area 3 during the day. Will not appear during Typhoon. Prefers to appear near Trees.
FoxAll SeasonsAppears near forests. Hides during Typhoon or Blizzard.
White FoxWinterAppears near the forest of Olive Town. Hides during Blizzard.
Brown WeaselAll Except WinterAppears during daytime in area 3 when raining. Prefers densely wooded areas.
White WeaselWinterAppears in Area 3 during winter, during wamer hours. Hides during Blizzard. Prefers densely wooded areas.
BearAll Except WinterAppears near locations with a lot of Beehives. Will not appear during Winter of Typhoons.
MonkeyAll SeasonsAppears in area 3 during daytime of sunny days. Prefers locations near a lot of tree stumps
SparrowAll SeasonsAppears close to player's house every morning. Does not appear during Blizzard or typhoon.
OwlAll SeasonsAppears in wooded areas during night-time in area 2 & 3. Does not appear during Blizzard or typhoon.
Blue BirdAll SeasonsAppears near Hydroponics on sunny days. Does not appear if not enough trees are near the location.
GrouseWinterAppears from dusk till dawn near farms with a lot of flowers planted.
HawkAll SeasonsAppears at the beach of Area 2, near the rocks. Hides during Blizzard or Typhoon.
FalconAll SeasonsAppears near Beach of Area 3. Prefers rocky spots.
Japanese Rhinoceros BeetleSummerPerching on trees in area 2 & 3 after noon. Does not appear during Typhoon.
Dorcus HopeiSummerAppears on trees in Area 3 after noon. Only appears near densly wooded area.
Hercules BeetleSummerSeen on a tree near Hydroponics during night-time.
Cabbage ButterflyAll Except WinterAppears near flowers on sunny days.
Swallowtail ButterflyAll Except WinterAppears near locations with a lot of flowers on sunny days in area 3.
Morpho ButterflySummer & AutumnAppears near Hydroponics on sunny days. Sighted near locations with a lot of trees or flowers.
CrabWinterAppears near the beach in Area 2 during daytime. Hides during Blizzard.
MillipedeAll SeasonsAppears near the entrance of Mine 3 when a lot of rocks are present. Seen all year round except during Blizzard.

All Animal Shop Animal List & Price

Animal Shop Store Hours

Animal Shop Store Hours
Open HoursAM 8:00〜PM 6:00
Closed OnTuesday

Animals For Sale In Animal Shop

CowCow3,000GTame a Cow after repairing Barn
Brown CowBrown Cow5,000GTame a Brown Cow after repairing Barn
Buffalo6,000GTame a Buffalo after repairing Barn
SheepSheep4,000GTame a Sheep after repairing Barn
Alpine Goat6,000GTame an Alpine Goat after repairing Barn
Goat3,000GTame a Goat after repairing Barn
Suffolk Sheep6,000GTame a Suffolk Sheep after repairing Barn
AlpacaAlpaca4,000GTame an Alpaca after repairing Barn
Brown Alpaca8,000GTame a Brown Alpaca after repairing Barn
RabbitRabbit2,000GTame a Rabbit after repairing Barn
Gray Rabbit3,000GTame a Gray Rabbit after repairing Barn
ChickenChicken2,000GTame a Chicken after repairing Coop
SilkieSilkie4,000GTame a Silkie Chicken after repairing Coop

How To Breed Livestocks - Breeding Animals

Breeding Livestocks & Chickens

Breeding Livestocks & Chickens
Go to the Animal's Shop
Talk to Patricia

You can also have the option to breed more animals that way you could increase the amount of your products that you can put on the Shipping Box like Eggs, Milk, Wool, Fur & etc.

Breeding Choices

Once you talk to Patricia you can now choose which breeding kit you would like to take. But take note that you can only do breeding once for both the Chickens & Livestocks!

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Claire 1

Thank you so much for this great website, even so shortly after the game was released!

Hint: In the All Livestock list above there are Black Cow and Pink Rabbit missing.
I unlocked the option to buy them in the shop on 1st Winter 1st Year.

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