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Money Farming Guide - How To Make Money Fast
Money Farming Guide - How To Make Money Fast | Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT) - GameWith

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT)
Money Farming Guide - How To Make Money Fast

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How to Make Money Fast Guide is the methods to get money (Gold) in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (PoOT). Guide includes best crops, money farming, best way to make money fast, tips & more!!!

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How To Make Money Fast - Tips

Set Difficulty To Easy

Set Difficulty To Easy

The easiest way to earn money is by switching to Easy Mode. Not only do you get x1.2 shipment money but your stamina also depletes slower, and shops sell items at lower prices. There are tons of benefits and no penalties.

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Sell Higher Quality Crops For More Money

You will get bigger returns for better quality crops. You can increase crop quality by processing your crops with a Seed Maker, then growing a new batch with said seeds.

Enhance Farm Levels At Shrine

Enhance Farm Levels At Shrine

You can raise your Farm's productivity at the Shrine if you've met the specific requirements. An upgraded farm has chance to get ★3 crops even from 0 quality seeds, so aim to upgrade your farm fast for more efficient yields.

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How To Make Money Fast - Start Of The Game (Area 1)

Sell All Town Medals

Sell All Town Medals
How To Get・Title rewards
・Appraise Items

You will receive a lot of Title medals at the start of the game for completing basic challenges. They have no use other than for sale, so ship them all out for money.

Town Medals Sell Price

Sell Onions & Seashells Gathered Near Farm

As farming will take up a lot of time & energy when starting out, consider selling the wild crops gathered near your farm like onions & seashells for fast cash. As an exception to the rule, do not sell wood & ores as they are needed for upgrades & crafting.

Best Way To Make Money - Mid Game (Area 2)

Sell Gems With Jewelry Maker

Sell Jewelry With Jewelry Maker
How To Unlock Mining Lv. 6
Materials Needed Iron IngotIron Ingot ×5
Silver IngotSilver Ingot ×10
White OpalWhite Opal

Set up multiple Jewelry Makers and mass produce gems for the highest money making efficiency. You'll also have a chance to get Diamonds worth 12,000 Gold while farming for materials in the Area 2 mining cave!

Place Jewelry Makers Near Each Other


Makers will only spit out 1 item at a time. If you spread them out, you'll waste precious time trying to gather their items one by one. Group all your Jewelry Makers together so you can mass produce more efficiently.

How To Make Money Fast - End Game (Area 3)

End-Game Money Making Flowchart

Prepare Sprinklers
Buy / gather a lot of green pepper seeds
Create a large crop area with the hoe
Wait for the crops to grow
Process your grown green peppers with the seed maker for more seeds
Repeat steps ④〜⑤ to raise crop quality
Ship out low quality green peppers
Sell high-quality green peppers you don't need

Mass Produce Green Peppers For Massive Money

Mass Product Green Peppers For Massive Money
Tips For Making Good Money By Farming
・Create a large field for crops
・Use Sprinklers to water crops
└Replace with improved sprinklers once you unlock the recipe
・Recommended Ever-Sprouting Crop: Green peppers
・Gradually increase crop quality

Once players unlocke Area 3, mass planting & farming becomes the most lucrative ways to make money. By using ever-sprouting seeds, player can make a huge amount of money at very little costs.

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Large Amount Of Money Per Try

Large Amount Of Money Per Try

▲We were able to make bank with the green pepper method outlined above!

The merit of switching over to farming for money is that the process is more or less automated and you receive one big bundle of money each time. You can out-earn the Jewelry Maker provided you have a big enough farm.

May Take Some Time To Start Up

While this method will reward large amount of money, it may require 4 days or more to start steamrolling, so may not be best for those that need money this instant. However, players should try to make progress towards setting up a massive farming operation.

Make Use Of Farmland Unaffected By Seasons

Make use Of Farmland Unaffected By Seasons
Unlock Conditions Discover over 150 Earth Sprites
└ Get blessings at the Shrine

By getting blessing at the Shrine, you can gain access to farmlands where the seasons don't change. This will reduce hassle as you'll no longer have to swap out crops every season.

Plant Green Pepper For Summer & Fall

For farmlands during Summer & Fall, plant green peppers for the best yields. This crop spans two seasons, giving you an extended amount of time to grow it. This is very efficient for money making!

Proud Of Your Money Making Operation? Why Not Share It?

Have you created a particularly interesting or unique-looking farm? Just want to show off how many green peppers you were able to plant? Come over to the farm sharing forum and post a screenshot of what you've accomplished so far!

Farm Sharing Forum

Money (Gold) - Uses

Buy Items & Upgrade Tools

Buy Items & Upgrade Tools

Money is needed to buy items & seeds from the numerous stores in Olive Town. It is also crucial when upgrading your tools, so always save some money for emergencies.

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Fix Bridges & Facilities

Fix Bridges & Facilities

Money can be used to repair facilities and bridges without providing the materials yourself. Doing so is very expensive, so we don't recommend doing so until you can start farming for money.

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How do you get ever sprouting crops ? Thank you in advance

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