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Beginner Tips & Guides - Things To Do When Starting
Beginner Tips & Guides - Things To Do When Starting | Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT) - GameWith

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT)
Beginner Tips & Guides - Things To Do When Starting

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Beginner’s Tips Guide includes efficient starting tips for Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town (PoOT)! Guide includes priorities for day 1 ~ 4, settings, difficulties & More!!!

Table Of Contents

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town - What To Do On Day 1

▼Set your difficulty & character
▼Gather basic materials
▼Explore your farm while gathering wild crops
▼Fix the coop & raise chickens
▼Talk to townsfolk to get tools
▼Sleep before you collapse of exhaustion

Set Your Difficulty & Character


After starting, set your difficulty level and create your character. While you can switch difficulties and character appearance later on, your name, gender & birthday cannot be changed.

Gather Basic Materials

Gather Basic Materials
Lumber Cut trees around the farm with an Axe
Stone & Ores Break stones around the farm or Mines with a Hammer
Grass Cut weeds/grass with a Sickle

Spend the first day gathering materials with the Tools given to you by the mayor. Focus on lumber & iron ore, as they will be used a lot. As for grass, only gather enough to fix the coop.

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Take Out Tools From Inventory


You can take out given to you by the mayor from the tool bag in your inventory. You can also free up space on your toolbelt by storing tools in the tool bag.

Gather Iron From The Cave

Gather Iron Northwest From Farm

Gather Iron Ore efficiently from the mines northwest of your farm. If you can't find the ladder going down, break some stones to expose it.

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Explore Your Farm While Gathering Wild Crops

Your farm will randomly spawn wild crops & seashells daily which you can gather. You won't be using them for recipes in the beginning of the game, so feel free to sell them for gold!

Fix Coop & Raise Chickens

Fix Hen House & Raise Chickens
Essential Materials・Lumber ×20
・Stone ×20
・Grass ×30

Move west from your farm to find a broken coop. You can start using it immediately after you repair it, so try to have enough materials when you arrive here on the first day.

Get Eggs Daily By Keeping Chickens

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By fixing the Coop, placing grass in it & keeping chickens near by, you can get eggs daily, which is super useful early on. You can get 10 grass as a title reward for first getting chickens, and you'll be able to acquire more through farming later on.

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Talk To Villagers To Get Tools

Talk To Villagers To Get Tools

By talking to townsfolk daily, you can raise their affinity towards your character, which can then trigger events. This is especially important if you want to romance certain characters, so talk to them daily.

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Tools Acquired From Villagers

Fishing Rod Go into Marcos's house
Camera Enter the Museum
Leash Go into the pet store after expanding your home

You can get the listed items by entering the location & initiating dialogue with the villagers. The Fishing Rod is especially useful in the beginning as it lets you catch fish, so get it ASAP.

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Sleep Before You Collapse Of Exhaustion

Penalty For Collapsing Due To No Stamina
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▲The penalty you receive when you pass out due to lack of stamina

Your character will pass out if their stamina runs out or when the in-game time reaches 2 AM. After collapsing, you will start with only half stamina & wake up at 10 am the next day. This is a hefty penalty, so avoid over-exerting your character, and sleep when stamina gets low.

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Eat In Town To Recover Stamina

You can greatly recover Stamina by eating in restaurants or hotels in the village. To save gold, eat Main Dishes for the highest total stamina recovery.

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town - What To Do On Day 2 ~ 3

▼Start farming
▼Sell items via shipping
▼Craft "makers" to refine items
▼Make an item chest
▼Complete requests to help the town
▼Get title rewards

Start Farming

Start Farming
Tools Hoe
Watering can
Facilities Watering Hole
Obtained Items Turnip seeds ×9
Cherry seedlings ×1
Turnip ×1 (For Shipment)

The mayor will deliver farming Tools & related items on day 2. As farming and shipping out crops is your major source of gold, remember to start your farm immediately. You can gain extra gold for shipping out Turnips given by the mayor.

Buy Seeds From Shops

To plant new crops, buy seeds from the flower shop. While some seeds are more expensive, you can try out new crops for bigger returns.

List Of Seeds

Sell Items By Shipping

Shipping Bin

Place unwanted items in the shipping box near your farm to turn them into gold the next day. Earn gold by placing your crops & items into the box for shipping out.

See Our Money Farming Guide For More Info!

Buy Shipped Item From Shops

You can buy the seeds of crops you've shipped out from stores. So, aim to ship out at least 1 type of every crop you've found in the field so you can have a stable supply.

Craft Makers To Refine Items

Craft Makers To Refine Items
Click to Enlarge
MakerUnlockMaterials Needed
Logging Lv. 2 Lumber ×20
Mining Lv2Iron ore×10

You can start processing raw materials by crafting "Makers" of the necessary items. These processed new items are essential for upgrades & repairs, so aim to make at least 2 Wood & Ingot makers (each) when starting. It is recommended that you have 10 Wood Makers and 5 Ingot Makers later down the road.

All Maker Machine List

How To Increase Skill Level

You can increase the skills needed to unlock maker crafting by doing relevant activities. For example, cut down trees to increase your Logging skill. Similarly, smashing stones will increase your Mining.

Craft Item Chests For Storage

MakerUnlockMaterials Needed
Wooden Logging Lv3Wood ×5
Stone Mining Lv3 Stone ×50

Store items in Item Chests to free up inventory space. Wooden & Stone boxes can be crafted relatively easily when starting, so make a few to clear up clutter.

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Complete Requests To Develop The Town


You can pick up requests from villagers in the Town hall which will grant rewards if completed. As you can greatly develop the town by completing the Mayor's request, prioritize the Mayor's requests when looking for work.

Get Title Rewards

Get Title Rewards

You can pick up completed Title Rewards from the town hall. These rewards range from ingots, seeds & other items, so remember to visit the Town Hall when you've acquired titles.

Ship Out Town Medals For Gold

Town Medals are part of the Title Rewards. The only use these medals have is to make you money, so feel free to ship them out once you get them.

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town - What To Do On Day 4

▼Upgrade your house
▼Upgrade your tools
▼Fix the bridge to increase farm size
▼Upgrade your backpack

Upgrade Your House

Upgrade Your House
Materials Needed Lumber ×20
Gold 2000G

After you've saved up some gold, gather some lumber & upgrade your home. Not only does upgrading your home unlock new functions such as the kitchen, it also saves time as you no longer need to go to town to cook food.

House Upgrade Guide

Home Improvement - Unlocked Functions

Refrigerator Can store & preserve food
Cooking Craft dishes from the inventory & refrigerator
Shower Recovers a small amount of stamina
BedCan place beds in your home

Upgrade Your Tools


Bring materials to the tool shop to upgrade your existing tools. Upgraded tools deal more damage and have a larger area of effect, greatly increasing efficiency. Upgrade your hammer & axe as priority, as they see the most use on your farm.

Fix The Bridge To Increase Farm Size

Fix The Bridge To Increase Farm Size
Materials Wood ×15
Unlocked Facilities Barn
Rotted Mushroom Log

By fixing the bridge, Southwest from your farm, you can access new areas the next day. This will unlock new facilities for you to use, so gather wood to fix it as soon as possible. While you can spend 5000 Gold to fix it, it is better to save the gold and gather the wood yourself.

Upgrade Your Backpack

Gold Needed 3000G

You can increase your inventory size by upgrading your Backpack at the Tool Shop. This will greatly improve your efficiency, so save up some gold to get your backpack upgraded quickly.

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